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  1. At least we have rights.
  2. You don't make sense... The Behemoth are professionals...
  3. Doesn't the lava world song sound like it's saying "I had normal weekend"?
  4. PLZ DON'T PATCH THE GLITCH YO! Can't we just not download the update/patch though?
  5. wow... that's sucky... did it delete your characters too?
  6. Lovin' it!!! I downloaded all of them... Can't wait for the bear
  7. Nice desktops guys. Some of your desktops have waaay too much stuff. I like to keep it minimalistic.
  8. For the Flame Sword, on the final boss, you have to walk up to the sword and press X and you pick it up. For the Humanoid gun, you can get it from someone on the forums...
  9. All you have to do is press start and exit to map.
  10. Where did you get those wallpapers dude? I want them!