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    Lots of things; Guitar (Electric for 3 years). I like more older music and progressive. I would have to say my top 3 bands are Coheed And Cambria, Metallica, And Led Zeppelin. Basically anything but rap, pop, hip-hop, and country. And that new rock, like Fall out boy.
  1. Artiemas

    Is there ever EVEr gonna be something new?

    1.) Heres an idea. Look at all the other damn threads about more content. WOW! What an idea! 2.) Why bother making a threa dlike this, it's pointless, especially if you're going to insult it at the end. It's an arcade for one. 2, it's 15 dollars. Stop being such babies and wait and see. Patience
  2. Artiemas

    rubber handle sword

    Look at Xelubests website. The thread for it is something like"Castle Crashers Complete Knowledge Database" And to trade the AH Gun, go to the Hoem Castle, go to where you head outside while you are the alien and grab the pitchfork in the haystack at the upper left corner.
  3. Artiemas

    2 profiles on xbox live?

    wow your dumb as a door knob when you buy a game it should be on all your accounts on that xbox (even offline) hes just saying how to still play if your xbox doesnt work for some reason...god some people are ignorant Lets not flame here, kid-o. Keep the insults to yourself. And no, it's not meant to be playable one multiple accounts. Especially a gold one. The way he is doing it, is stealing.
  4. Artiemas

    Characters skills

    I saw them live with Slipknot and many other bands at the Mayhem Festival when they came over to Hartford :3
  5. Artiemas

    Rubber Handle Sword where to find in-game?

    And lets not give people false hope to new comers. "ZOMG IT IS THERE AFTER ALL!"
  6. Artiemas

    Specific DLC level idea! Mods, Please look...

    Adding new levels in a DLC Operation is very rigerous and tedious. It also takes alot of time to work out the bugs, even though you are done making the course in general. =/ Not as easy as it looks in the college commercials for Video Designing.
  7. Artiemas

    Question about Castle Crashers! :D

    And Blue Knights magic does more to the Fire Demons :3
  8. Artiemas

    place where you can store ridable things

    Air combos are better. Called sarcasm <_<
  9. Artiemas

    Best non-knight character?

    He is called the Industrial Knight, or the Fencer (Beat with Indus. Knight to unlock him) The two are excatly the same when it comes to fighting. Those two are my fav, aswell.
  10. Artiemas

    The Painter

    Some lunchbox a kid mistreated perhaps...Or the princess' lunchbox even? Yes, she used a toolbox for a lunch box 3:
  11. Artiemas

    Castle Crashers figurines

    I believe they just ordered another shipment. Should be instock soon or something...
  12. Artiemas

    Rubber Handle Sword where to find in-game?

    No...Fail... Stated multiple times by Dan himself. That X at end of game is just to fool people LISTEN and READ people...Not that hard considering you are on a fourm.
  13. Artiemas

    2 profiles on xbox live?

    No, you stated that you are cheating and stealing. You said that you log into CC with your paid account, log out, change to 2nd acccount, and you are still in Full mode. That's stealing.
  14. Artiemas

    Exclusive Green Knight move

    Because Dan's favoirte colour is green I think. And Tom wanted to keep him unique. Dunno.
  15. Artiemas

    Gray knight thieves!

    I've beat the game multiple times but I still have under 1k 99.9 percent of the time ;_; I spend on potions and bombs...Bombs are always nice to have (Kill Groom on regular with 6 of them...Aslong as they all hit...Make sure they hit....Long story..)