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  1. what's weird about girls kissing? Nothing, for me at least. A guy kissing a guy is wierd though. btw, this reminds me of a song. I kissed a girl, and I liked it, The taste of her cherry chapstick.. GAH!!! I just got that song out of my head....
  2. Ummmm I'll read them! And banned for making me scareded... ( )
  3. BANNED for reading the rules!!!
  4. I dont care oh and banned for asking!
  5. Banned for making fun of my GIF skills!
  6. Banned for OVER 9000 DAYS!
  7. Bbanned for talking about the spoiler!
  8. Banned for double posting!
  9. I like Froglet... and the seal thing... I WANTS TEH SEAL THING!
  10. Could you by any chance help me? I need to get the King's Septer, and whatever the ruber handled sword is... I'll be on soon...ish...
  11. Hi, I'm Cooper, GT is PurpleGrunt. My friend told me about castle crasher about a week ago, so I had to try it out and now its my favorite XBLA game of all time!!!!!! My favorite knight is the Brute, The little seal DLC guy is my favorite animal orb, but until it comes out I stick with Froglet!