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  1. "Cough" "coughpartofkingpackcough" "Cough" "cougheisntcoughthegamecough" "Cough" "coughinthecodingcough" Every DLC character thus far has been in the game's coding prior to the release of the DLC and due to this, the characters were known long before the release of the DLC. What you download is really just unlocking the characters and weapons. I actually knew of every DLC character, weapon, and pet months prior to their release due to leaks related to this. This is also why people believe that there will be no more new DLC, every character from the game's coding is now available. Every character currently available has been in the game's coding since launch, if there were to be any more (i.e. the pink knight), they would have to add to the game's coding, a full-fledged DLC, not just an unlock. The fact that every character is in the coding however, is also why people who have the DLC can play with people who do not. This is also why the DLC downloads are so small, it isn't adding anything, just unlocking it.
  2. I'm sorry but there is a flaw in the logic here. Just because the first 2 DLC packs were in the coding does not mean that they would be unable to add more DLC. They could just make an update, or copy Fable 2 and release a free version of the DLC that unlocks nothing but is required to play online. I'm not saying that they will release another DLC, in fact I find it unlikely that they will, but I''m just sick of people saying that because the King and Necromancer packs were in the coding that there is no way for them to add new DLC. I myself believe and predict that there will be a pink knight, but only as a PS3 exclusive character once the PS3 version is released. And as I said before, as great as it would be, I doubt that the 360 will ever see such pink glory.
  3. Granted, but you never wake up. I wish that I had 160 microsoft points for the new castle crasher picture packs.
  4. Banned for knowing super sadness.
  5. Banned for using the same one 4 times.
  6. I ask him for a drawing but apparently he'd had a bad day, I angered him and he kills me. I drop a plastic spoon.
  7. Granted, but nobody watches it, it gets canceled, and you commit suicide from the grief. I wish that I had a better computer.
  8. Banned for not capitalizing. And for not leaving a secret message.
  9. Granted, but it's poisoned. I wish that I could see the future.
  10. Granted, but you will no longer have Castle Crashers to play it. I wish that I could fly.
  11. Granted, but [ERROR]Missing Text![ERROR] happens. I wish that I could think of something to wish for.
  12. Banned for using a word that doesn't exist.