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  1. i think it should happen....i mean its totally possible....maybe it wont be as multi player...but man is it possible....andddd its like you can take the greatest thing in gaming community to date and TAKE IT WITH YOU ON TRIPS!
  2. haha this topic is turnin into a 4chan post...haha...but yeah i do hope that they dont just give the visorless knight arrows....i mean...would make sense...its not like lifting up your visor would give you special powers...hahah but this is castle crashers...if its not outta proportion then its not good! haha
  3. So i've decided what im goin to be for halloween... im goin to be as you may have guessed already... a Castle Crasher! right now i am deciding to be the green one...1) because green is coolest color, 2) because he IS the koolest Crasher of them all! hahaha sooo come hallow's end i will be postin pictures of my castle crashin RAMPAGE!
  4. i got my ninja to level 99 last night....he's kool and all but not very good. i mean if you like pirates and ninjas, he's great cuz he shoot's shurikens from his bow. but he doesnt have anything special about him. but he's still my favorite character, just because he's a pirate ninja. but i wouldnt use him in like arena's and stuff.
  5. nahh nothing physical...but most of the people there are hardcore fans...prolly bout just as much you are. and more...its the satisfaction of waiting in cold for a piece of greatness with people who truly cherish so also....cuz i know even if i was workin it...i would be there anyways...haha.....they are all sitting in back of my store...TAUNTING me....nawhing on my fingers.....butttt i gotta wait
  6. hahaha yeah come this tuesday i will absent from CC for awhile because fable II comes out and im working at the Midnight launch at gamestop... once we close im goin home and hole-in my self up with that game...hahaha your free to join me tho!
  7. haha well it seems theres no definite win....haha.
  8. does anyone have a prefer for the single play arenas?
  9. haha thnx.... nahh to mee it didnt sound off bad. lol...but i mean the ship starts up high...then goes left to right coming lower every pass....and shooting directly down(granted its shooting aliens, but they die instantly soo close enuf) just like in space invaders.
  10. must just be me then...ha but how's the sig now?
  11. mine? if so how? and what do you mean breaks?
  12. HAHAHA sooo hesa pyromaniac firefighter... oxymoron i'd say
  13. hahaha i just thought of this....any one see the resemblance in the desert end section with the first sight of the hominids, the way the ship moves is just ...if not exactly like the classic space invaders.... just thought i might make an observation if that was the goal.... props to behemoth
  14. Name: Viking Warrior Looks: Long hair and long beard with traditional viking helmet and fur armor, buff. Weapon: Thor's Hammer(or giant battle hammer) Splash:small viking ship sails into enemy(ships gets bigger and badder as skill increases RT-B: Shoot lighting from weapon RT-A:Leaps into the air with weapon over his head ready to slam it down onto the unsuspecting enemy Jump Magic: jumps and thrust weapon forward shooting thor's wrath from it(lighting) hahaha can you not see the potential in that one!
  15. hahaha i dont have the beekeeper yet...but im max'n out my ninja...but i only wish he had ONE thing....the LOG ability....i mean if the bear can have the tornado....why cant i have the log switch technique....answer me that! total unfairness haha but yeah