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    Its also backed by Ed Fries who was formerly in charge of Microsoft Game Studios. He's acting as an advisor to the project.
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    Anyone seen this yet: I have spoken already to a couple of independent devs who want to be on board with this. I must say this is pretty awesome.
  3. Ok I have a PS3 and I don't have a 360. What I can tell you is that PS3 in general is harder to develop for and Sony isn't as friendly to independent gaming companies. This is why it takes longer for games to go to PS3. Eventually the games do go to PS3. If anything and Sony made it easy to develop and port, games would come a lot faster to the PS3. Dan can't just snap his fingers and port a game. Programming for the PS3 is complex. But when something does make it to the PS3 it seems to turn out better in some ways. Look at Castle Crashers. PS3 got a complete version and we don't need to have Alien Hominid to play as the Alien nor do we have to purchase the extra pack featuring the king, necromancer, etc. As a matter of fact the way its worked into Insane Mode is kinda cool. So think about this. When Battle Block Theater DOES come to the PS3, you can bet it will be the complete BBT with all of the extra add-ons that the 360 owners have to pay for separately. Also it could be possible that the version is more polished and set up a little differently. What I will say is that if Sony can devise a program for Windows or Linux which will allow the export of Flash Movies, Games, etc. to a PS3 format, and allow more independent companies to release games on PSN, then maybe you'll see a ton of games flood onto PSN. It's really Sony's own fault for not making it easy to program for the PS3.
  4. Saloon Smackdown is basically the Wild West version of Castle Crashers. So start making your own characters and post what you have. Here's mine (Yes I know they are horribly drawn but I tried): You can also draw stages, bosses, major characters, etc. I plan to come up with more fan fiction when I can if this turns out to be a popular idea.
  5. Yeah I guess you're right because of the rating it would have to carry. But still would be cool nonetheless.
  6. Maybe game 3 is a finished version of Dad N' Me: Although the whole "two games in one" comment could mean Chainsaw the Children meets Castle Crashers. Hence the completed Dad N' Me. Meh I dunno.
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    sarah palin

    LOL I think the Castle Crashers would actually be happier knowing that tricky was under that mask and not Sarah Palin. Anyways nice drawing.
  8. Keep working at it man. Flash is not at all an easy process. I don't know much at all and I suck at animating and artwork but I'm willing to teach anyone to learn the basics or as much as I know. If you're looking at something more advanced like making games that takes a while I'm sure.
  9. For those wondering what we're talking about, we're talking about this level: Heres the Super Mario Fusion version of it:
  10. Thanks man. Yeah I basically work in Flash and make music for fun. I don't do it for glory. If it gives others a couple of laughs or they like pieces of music I've made or even give me their opinions its a cool thing.
  11. hahaha yeah I kinda just made some random ones messing around.
  12. I'd actually love to be able to import these into Soul Calibur 4. Would work well with my Castle Crasher custom characters. However, unfortunately you can only use downloaded music from the PS3 Store.
  13. I loved the some of the puzzles in 'Quackshot' but the action side didn't deliver for me But yeah, the Castle of Illusion stages were amazing I think I remember one level where you had to climb stairs....lots and lots of stairs... And it was pink I don't remember much of it (I was only very little at the time) but I do remember a lot of pink Probably the Toyland Stage. You have to keep climbing all the way to the top and then it turns into slopes once you get to the top and you have to run down them. The spring clown with the boxing gloves is kinda odd but cool.
  14. Yeah I know.....pretty bad. But hey I tried.
  15. There were actually 5 games that featured Mickey Mouse and Donald that were for Genesis/Sega CD: Quackshot with Donald Duck Castle of Illusion with Mickey Mouse World of Illusion with both Mickey and Donald Fantasia Then there was the Sega CD Mickey Mouse game from Interplay Out of all of them the most recognized and admired was Castle of Illusion. The stages in that IMO were incredible. On that note yeah some stages based on some of those with a Castle Crashers twist to them would be rather cool indeed.
  16. A Candyland and Library level would be cool. Kinda like how they have the Candyland/Library level in Mickey Mouse: Castle of Illusion. Also the Milk Dragon is a pretty unique and cool idea they had in that. But for Castle Crashers how about something original and unique. Maybe a giant gummy worm thats really freaky looking or maybe even an Abominable Snowman or something that chucks Ice Cream at you. When I first played the Full Moon level BTW I actually thought there was gonna be Werewolves on it. That would also be a cool idea to have. A level with the Moon with Werewolves and monsters. A Treasury Level would be cool as well.
  17. As others have said its pretty nice work considering you're using MS Paint. MS Paint is very simple and doesn't have all the fancy effects other programs do but if you're really good at shading and that other stuff it wouldn't matter anyways. Take a look at this: Its probably been shown all over the web. But it shows the capabilities that even a simple program like Paint can have. Good Job man.
  18. He doesn't necessarily have to use Photoshop. Theres plenty of free alternatives that are fairly decent. Gimp is pretty nice actually. Then theres Inkscape which is a good Illustrator alternative. Just check around the web. Theres no need to go blowing that much money. Find a freeware proggie that you like and stick with that .
  19. Heres some of my music as well on Newgrounds: Again I know its not much good as its made with midis and soundfonts but hey it was fun to do for a while.
  20. ... /Mario.png This is all not new stuff. I know its pretty terrible. I actually made alot of it in Flash.
  21. Actually its a combination idea between Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (where you jump through mirrors ) and Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (Reverse World But I guess SOTN does have the whole Inverted Castle as well.
  22. haha that would be after the Fun House level. You jump through a mirror and it becomes an inverted world where you fight on the ceiling and you have to fight members of the King's Army while doing so.
  23. Nah some of the people had Mac OSX. I'm actually the only guy I'm sure who uses Linux as opposed to anything else.
  24. I was actually thinking of that as well. Or a Toyland Boss kinda like that.