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  1. love WoW, im thinking ill get back to it again.
  2. love that game,i actually got it for free.
  3. is it a hand? like a cc hand?
  4. Well i was playing 1v100 and it was a little fuzzy so i turned off my xbox for the night. the next morning i got on and it was fine untill i started to play halo, thought i would go away if i joined a game but it didnt. finally i turned it off and restarted it and when it turned on i got the one red ring and it said system error in every language you could think of. what should i do and have any of you had this problem before?
  5. Nacho

    Kay guys.

    it really only takes as long as it does to finish the tutorial which my tablet came with. the only thing that messes me up is when sometimes i click the drag button while im drawing and mess up a bit. otherwise a tablet is easy to use.
  6. Nacho

    Kay guys.

    well of course you have to have all the people in CC in it. Maybe the plot should be the same, save the princess but have some journeys along the way. there should be issues in the order of levels you play maybe. \ Just spit balling ideas.
  7. Nacho


    it only seems to happen with me with the trolls that come out of the big troll. A boomerang will get the person down.
  8. Nacho


    Scribblenauts will be the poop! I am definitely getting this, and the Nintendo conference at E3 was a little hard to get through.
  9. So what you said in bold, does that mean i can draw something and you can put it on a faceplate for my Xbox 360? If so, how?
  10. Has anyone seen the new art portal on Wait im actually going somewhere with this. One of "JohhnyUtah"'s post was ALL of the Castle Crashers people, including the Nec DLC. Would this mean that he got a early copy of the DLC because he's friends with Tom who friends with Dan? Hmmmmm...?
  11. Granted but he rapes you. I wish i had a longboard.
  12. Then that means there will be other items you can acquire like the wings. If im not mistaken.
  13. The behemoth wanted the DLC for free but Microsoft is a slut and wants everything to cost people money.