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  1. I'd have to disagree. You have to buy AH to unlock him!
  2. Heck yeah fencer ftw! He looks awesome. And your picture looks great!
  3. I don't believe there are ANY female playable characters in CC!
  4. Of course they should make more! It's even rumored that they'll be adding a couple more in the DLC.
  5. I'm sure the character is supposed to automatically unlock after beating the last boss. (& watching the credits I believe)
  6. That's a great Idea! Boy I hope they make that comb a weapon. It even looks like it can be picked up! But It' cant!
  7. I'm 19. Looks like the majority of people here are between the ages of 12 & 20. Not that big of a difference. Funny how being around people a few years younger than you can make you feel a lot older.
  8. Sadly, I have no lvl 99's. I have just started playing the game. I would like a 99 so I could fight in the arena. As of now, before the patch, I shall work on unlocking all of the characters!
  9. How about free gold so we can brag about being rich!
  10. Agreed. Mad Machine is fun to fight. & you get to knock that pretty boy prince off the tower. (My vote still goes to Medusa!)
  11. Medusa is definatly the best boss. She's great looking & she turns you to stone!
  12. I'm pretty sure the max level requirement for any weapon is level 20. But I can't be sure seeing as how I CANNOT clearly read the level requirement.
  13. Every time I go to select a new weapon in the weapon frog, the level requirement is in red; just like the back ground. So this makes it nearly impossible to read. Would it be possible to have the color red changed to black or some other color?