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  1. Banned for tasting sea water!
  2. Banned for not having an orange name!
  3. Banned for not realising the whole point of this topic from the start was to ban people for problems.
  4. Chris i was wondering if you could make me a tube with Mario in? Just make it simple with red shirt, blue dungarees and red cap with moustache, ok? ty
  5. Banned for telling someone what they should have banned by picking at your own faults.
  6. Banned for stating the obvious!
  7. Banned for banning someone previously before me, even though you did use a quote box.
  8. Banned for unimaginative banning! (Duh )
  9. Banned for complaining about the use of full stops when you ban people over inconsistency of grammer (also I have a wooly hat and also I was going onto that Dragon Cave thing, thats why i kept logging in and out).
  10. ... and for also not using a full stop at the end of your sentence.
  11. Banned for only just realising that I have found this thread.
  12. Banned for typing in capital letters and for not using full stops at the end of a sentence.
  13. Banned for actually reading all that!