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  1. That was a little to much information... I would post this in Tech Issues though, should have said that when I first posted.
  2. I don't think so, his post said that he wanted to make sure he could buy and play Castle Crashers without having to get the regular XBox360 or higher.
  3. Kelly you are my new hero . Can we be friends for like ever, even though I don't know you? lurker I you for these , but they are to fast and the text is to small.
  4. Wow that is fantastic . I vote Sticky then maybe, but doubtfully, people will stop joining just to post how to level up.
  5. I would highly recomend getting a 20 gig or higher harddrive. I have an Elite and I only have 50 gigs left. Granted I've put most of my games on there so I don't have to listen to the VROOOOOOOOM!! of the 360. I don't know if Microsoft still has the deal on, but they had 3 months of LIVE and a 20 gig harddrive for 30$. If not you can still have fun .
  6. I don't know how to solve this but you could get her live and create her an account. Since she is your girlfriend I'm assuming you'll send a little bit on money on her . By doing this you can bypass the situation, but she will have to restart all her characters
  7. I think they are way overpriced, but you have to consider that they are handmade. Even being handmade I think they should be 10$ each and 40$ for the set. I'm not trying to take away their money, but not many people can just cough up 80$ for some small figures.
  8. Thank you . I don't really pay attention to cut scences so thats why I didn't notice her drop it. Opps.
  9. A sequel could ruin our beloved Castle Crashers. All the new Star Wars games have ruined my love for the saga. I'm sure they will incoperate Castle Crashers and Alien Homonid, as they put a little AH in Castle Crashers. I really hope they something new, adds excitement to waiting. If we knew they were just making an other Castle Crashers, yes we would be excited but we would know what would be happening. By coming out with a completly new game, we can come up with ideas and we are kept guessing at what the game is. I think that way it is more exciting.
  10. That is a really good idea . I think some of your randoms need refining but fantastic otherwise.
  11. Ok so in the Home Castle level I always thought there was a piece of pizza on the ground, as you go up the stairs before the shop area. But I just figured out that it isn't a piece of pizza it is the Orange Princess's hat. YAY I FIGURED SOMETHING OUT THAT EVERYONE ELSE KNEW!!!!
  12. You can never make everyone happy no matter how hard you try. This is a legit point though. I highly doubt they didn't have ideas before making this but I am sure they are taking alot of our input into consideration.
  13. That is a really good idea. I don't think the revive would work very well though. Once you start it then BOOM death from above.