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  1. July 4th 2009 7:35pm man im going to be so off, but who knows. good luck to all.
  2. sad there is no thief but I made one anyway... look at me avatar! Sin for the Win (rhymeing with perfect timing) I might make an animation with my guy now.
  3. I agree with different bodys like my guy I hope cuz the regular assasin looks too plans, come on Dan add some umf. Also a capture the flag mode would be awesome, I would love to see those little guys with flags in there hands running on the screen. I would post more but I got to go.
  4. banned for lending me to believe you did!
  5. banned becuase it was really only for your sig!
  6. granted but kelly has a butt for a face thanks to plastic surgery. I wish the flash animation I finally made was really good and everyone who ever existed wacthed it on newgrounds and it was not blamed or lost and the NG server was not down. (Lol, currupt that without useing death!)
  7. Banned for having no avatar that I could compliment on the other game!
  8. granted but once you get it you find out that Game #3 is just a Trailer! (cuz thats not going to be its name, but if it was that would be an awesome title) I wish I would stop delaying my new flash animation!
  9. banned for not saying emotional instead of emo
  10. granted but your hands fall off. I wish I can not die or be imobilized in anyway.
  11. made it in flash and transfered it to a jpge(or however its spelled) Also I would continue it if I knew if we could make animated sigs, but pretty much he miss it by a long shot.
  12. Granted but you get knocked out with a hammer and forget what it was. I wish I was free from corruption.
  13. banned for having too high a signiture.
  14. Granted your a bunny and a wolf just came and bit your head off I wish I was alive and could not die, parilized, harmed, imobilized, or changed.
  15. the amout of times poeple try saying pi past 3.14 (example 3.145 or whatever comes next)
  16. banned becuase you made them all leave God...
  17. granted but you fall into a coma(your still healthy, just knocked out really) I wish that that my wishes now and forever can not be corrupted
  18. hey im adding anyone here that I havent hope to play you guys soon.
  19. im adding you guys cant wait to have an eat off.