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  1. Banned for using the longest word in the English language.
  2. Has the Random Post Thread really reached 1,036 pages? That's pretty intense. And game three is no longer game three? Block Theatre, huh? Crazy stuff.
  3. Oops, my bad. At any rate, if I hear another Tingle comment, I will jump out of the computer screen and strangle someone. These jokes have just become unbearable. Just reading through the "Free Speech" topic made me sick of the joke. Though I can't believe Blob and Rabbity were banned, even if only temporarily. This is something I never foresaw. There it goes again. Hide!
  4. ClayKid started it. Wrong. He one who caused the lock, by testing the mods, by posting a Tingle picture against their warning. This started it: I like it. Tingly feelings for everyone! .lol. Goes to show that lot's of our everyday problems start out as only harmless jokes.
  5. Banned because I haven't logged in for.....
  6. ClayKid started it. Hm, I didn't know the clay people and the fairies were in allegiance. At least this shady Tingle character has left.
  7. lol, I thought that movie was pretty good, but never once did it's similarities to that movie cross my mind. Probably because I haven't seen it since I was six. But poor Michelle Rodriguez. She's died in every movie/T.V. show I've seen her in.
  8. Woah. The Random Topic was locked? What other crazy shenanigans have I missed? (directed toward Babbit of the Rabbits, so as not to get 'off topic' ) There was quite a lot of tingling. Tingling, huh? Sounds... intimidating. What was it that brought on the arrival of the dude who thinks he's a fairy?
  9. Woah. The Random Topic was locked? What other crazy shenanigans have I missed? (directed toward Babbit of the Rabbits, so as not to get 'off topic' )
  10. Banned for having a Pokemon as a avatar instead of Tingle. EDIT: Oops. Posted that before I'd read that Tingle has caused trouble somehow on the forums. ? Though I'm not sure how.
  11. The only Bomberman I've ever played was Bomberman64. I remember playing mutli-player on that all the time, but I also remember never being able to beat the first level for some reason. It was a tough game for a seven year old.
  12. If you want to leave, leave... but I can assure you here no one wants you to leave. Though no one here will also ever be able to change your mind (part of what makes you a likeable member here is the fact you would never change your mind on any given subject even if the truth was slapping you in the face). You're one of the coolest members here, but right now you're just whining. I haven't been around in a while due to the fact that whenever I do log on, there is too much going on to keep track of... (though not everything that goes on here is all that interesting) I'll agree with you that forums aren't what they used to be... but if you want to leave, than just do it. What you said up there reminds me of Comp0 constantly nagging about how bad the forums were and still hanging around. All you're doing is stirring up drama... And sometimes these forums can become more dramatic than an episode of Lost. lol, basically what he said. ^ Do something everyone will remember rather than whining about it.
  13. Banned because "You're Banned!" is no longer the longest topic. What sort of apocalypse is this?
  14. 700?!?!? Last time I was here this topic was only at five hundred and something. Are the signatures still undefinable?