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  1. LOL ONI


    Can't wait for a fully working online experience. My buddies and I all want to start Crashing Castles on insane mode instead of the game just crashing. Now just need to wish for some free DLC >.>
  2. Wow, seriously it was a wish, not an OMG GIMME THIS NAO OR IMMA GON COMPLAIN! It was meant to be a cool idea, so stop wasting your time telling people off. I've been reading these forums for awhile and when anyone has an idea there are loads of people that attempt to nag them right out of it. Not to mention the OP never complained about the game not working. I personally think that the addition of customization would make the game more personal, and could make the game more enjoyable to playthrough, looking for more items to add to your character, which is what kept me playing initially.