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  1. I dunno. First he's commenting on something of mine I believe and I laughed when I read it. I totally did not put 1 and 1 together when posting that picture, but he opened my eyes xD
  2. At the moment, I'm am playing a couple games. Guild Wars 2 Dead Space 3 & Kingdoms of Amalur: The Reckoning.
  3. A lot of Sonic games receive a lot of hate, but I love every single one I play, even though I do have problems with some of them. It's sonic. My first game I ever played was Sonic the Hedgehog at the age of two back in 1992. Favorite bad game would have to be... I'm not really sure. I don't tend to hold favorites. Hunted: Demons Forge got some negative feedback, but I thought it was a blast. The Cursed Crusade is another that was enjoyable, at least in co-op, and I liked that a lot. Oh, then there is Fable III. Loved that game. Hated Fable II. Crackdown 2 was an absolute blast. Love that game a lot. Splinter Cell Conviction was really fun, but compared to the other games, it let me down, but I still enjoyed it it with a friend. That's just a few for me. I didn't list any under-rated games, as those don't always get negative comments, but usually just overshadowed by bigger releases. I could list so many under-rated games I am in love with as well. c:
  4. So I was posting pictures of some of my Guild Wars adventures (Mainly to get my friends interested.) There is a Dynamic event, featuring a Shadow Behemoth. While posting, I called it a "Behemoth" and moved on. I had not even considered my actions... I'm sorry Dan T-T http://img109.imageshack.us/img109/7527/danpk.jpg
  5. As far as I know, no one has reveived a code yet, and about viewing the private forum, you probably just aren't added to the forum beta memberz group, which will happen in time. tl;dr: just wait. I got no problem waiting, I was just stating where I stand so far for the OP.
  6. I've gotten an email stating I was selected, but I haven't gotten an email with any beta code. I also have yet to get in (Or find) the Private Forum. I could just be blind, but that's where I stand at the moment.
  7. I am extremely excited for BBT. Will it beat out CC? Like some others have said, time will tell. I personally am looking for the witty humor to come with BBT. On the DD note, I played it for about an hour, then bought Crimson Alliance and beat that game outright. I didn't have much fun with DD, though I did enjoy it more with friends. It's a big time co-op game, and I think that's the only way it shines. My two cents though.
  8. As others above me have said, no sequel plans for any The Behemoth games. Besides, BattleBlock comes out soon (hopefully)
  9. THE FORGOTTEN KNIGHT HAS FORGOTTEN Haha, that is actually pretty funny
  10. Yeah, it's an old one. and the first costumes got the blue knight a copy of Castle Crashers for free since he didn't own it ^.^
  11. Would rather use my old topic, than create a new one
  12. Here I am again, posting pictures from Anime Iowa 2011. Now, this year we got way more photos taken then the last time we did the Castle Crashers. More people recognized us and we even got on stage in from of 2000 people. I will post more when I am able, but for now, here is three. You can compare with my current signature, but I will probably change it soon
  13. I am a dude! I and yes they are great costumes. We are revamping them for next AI. I think we are adding our own spin to them as well as including animal orbs. Should be exciting. And presents you say? I love presents
  14. Yep got a code in the PM, and she loved the Cosplay I did
  15. I love that idea! DLC Idea thread for sure