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Found 180 results

  1. Hello! This is a Battleblock theater custom heads thread post all your battleblock theater styled heads here! Yes they need to be BattleBlock theater styled in order to post them here for the people who want it easier to locate some of these. But here comes the fun part! Every week (I will try to stay consistent) I will count up the amount of posts with the most likes and showcase them (with the creator's permission) up here and they will stay up here (I will continue to add more weekly winners). All types of artists are welcome no matter how skilled you are. Also Constructive criticism is allowed and please don't just like a person's head on how well its drawn; like it on the IDEA. And for the people who want to download your wonderful work post a download link or a pic so people can save as it to advertise what you've made to the world! Don't be shy post today! (I also apologize if I've posted this in the wrong section I did not know where to put it if a mod could move it to the correct place I would greatly appreciate that)
  2. Well, me and my friend picked up BBT since it was on the summer sale and was really looking forward to playing the coop story, since id seen so much gameplay of it.. But when we started up the coop story mode we encountered a strange problem.. He was hosting the game, but whenever I picked up a gem or yarn, it would dissapear, like I had gotten it, but then not count towards the grading and gift shop pool resulting in almost minimum gems and a C rank... The only time we could get all 7 gems plus the yarn, was when I went out of my way to let him get every single one of the them since he was the host.. It seemed like a very strange issue to me and looked it up, thinking it might be a common problem, but turns out I cant find a solution anywhere.. So please, if anyone could help elaborate on what might be happening to cause this, id greatly appreciate it ;
  3. all the heads are made by tracing them in pencil. Then tracing them in marker and coloring them. then cutting them out. Current heads: Star Alien Knight Behemoth Chicken Furbottom Winston Donuts Toast Rose Cat Control Lava Lamp Tiny Monkey Manbirth Wheels Steamroll Victim #1 Gerard Sausage Siren Duck Shark 25% Off BLOCKeteer 50% Off Boot Moose Fat Kid Snail Triple Threat Hatzilla Buckle Your Pants Giraffey UPDATE 1: Swapped Furbottom and Behemoth Chicken Spots UPDATE 2: Added 50% Off, Boot and Moose UPDATE 3: Added 6 more heads
  4. This could apply with any Behemoth game, but I would like it the most if it happened with Castle Crashers. So I was cleaning out my closet the other day, and I came across a book called "The Art of Halo". It basically shows a behind the scenes look into the art of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2. I was wondering if this would ever happen with a Behemoth game, out of curiosity. Or, better yet, a book giving us a behind the scenes look at the game development of all three games out currently. Would anyone else like to see this?
  5. When we first revealed The Final Five for BattleBlock Theater, our avid BBT players did not miss a beat. The completionists in them cried in agony for the final slot to be filled and truth to be known. Well, we’re here to tell you today that we’ve been telling you the truth all along. The 6th prisoner is a myth. Meet the Final Unicorn. Born out of myth & legend, only the purest of heart may chance upon an encounter with this majestic creature. And as legend has it, the unicorn usually makes an appearance in a world where belief in magic was in danger of failing altogether. Not sure how this plays into that, but we’ve also been told unicorn meat is quite the delicacy. This most graceful soul can be yours to roam the Theater once you’ve proven your skill within Sir Furbottom’s Features. Make your set of prison friends complete and get The Final Unicorn before it becomes a whisper of the past. Thank you to all of the BattleBlock Theater players who have been with us since the game’s release. And thank you to those who joined us at later dates! Don’t worry, we’re doing encore releases for all of our special unlocks, so you’ll get another chance to grab the star prisoners. Finally, here is our updated Prisoner Chart with all the possible BattleBlock Theater unlocks!
  6. (There isn't a playlist promo topic for BBT Steam yet, so I thought it might.... maybe go here?) Playlist Name: PDA Games Co-op Author: Henryo To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Alien Hominid's first console release, I recreated the first fifteen PDA Games levels (Gamecube version) and brought them to BattleBlock Theater! Reconstructed as accurately as possible, these levels should provide all of the frustration and fun that PDA Games once did. Here's a link to the Steam Workshop page: Enjoy!
  7. My theory on how the evil hat that Hatty where's by me. So the cat guards are aliens they looked like brown furry aliens but didn't look like a cat yet until they went to earth on there ufo's and picked up some rocks what they didn't know was the rocks were cursed and then they took cloth and a belt. They found a person- they chopped him up then burnt him to ash they the made a hat with the items they found the cloth, cursed rocks, belt and the ash of a person. Then a alien found a stick and a cat he put on the hat and then hit the cat with the stick then the alien shot into the air and shot lightning at him and all the aliens, which turned the aliens into cats with tuxedos weapons and hats. But the one that was wearing the hat turned into furbottom then the hat passed on an every time one master died they burned them and there souls then compressed the ash into the hat now remember the hat had souls of the dead and cursed rocks compressed in it then it completely killed his new owner it made him always be crying he never moved and his eyes were always open no one was sure if he died so they kept him then thing happened they escaped (the prisoners with Hatty) into there boat and left and you probably know the ending of the game.
  8. I uploaded a playlist to the Steam Workshop around 12:00 P.M. USCT today, and not only was it given an "Arena" tag even though it's a solo adventure, but I also cannot play it myself when I go to Community Theater and click on "Playlists I Created." I did participate in the BBT Beta, but I uninstalled it when told so that shouldn't be an issue. Maybe I can edit tags and I'm just not so good at this Steam Workshop stuff? Please reply ASAP. Thanks!
  9. Hello Behemoth community! I have made a goal since New Years to write a story based on BBT (and I finally started)! I wasn't sure if this fit under fan art :3 But I will make posts with two chapters at a time. There will also be six or more chapters, so I will keep everyone updated! I will just make posts each time I post two new parts of the story. So with a happiness, here is my first two chapters! (Please comment for suggestions and stuff!) Battleblock Theater A tale of friendships, trials, and gems… By Hatty117 Chapter 1: At the Place in Which I Wish I am Not Everything had gone so well for the past few days, and not a single thing went wrong. But, everyone had not fathomed the storm that was bubbling and gurgling up ahead. Hatty Hattington, a man that was never upset, who never said no to giving away his ice cream, and most importantly, would never betray a friend, sat on a chair in the bright sunlight, letting it absorb into his pale white skin. The skies seemed to be slowly growing darker as the S.S. Friendship trecked on further into the endless sea. Hatty, after fallng alseep for a bit on the ride, woke up upon hearing the sound of lightning crack the dark blue abyss. Startled and a little scared, Hatty said quickly; “W-what’s going on my dear friends? I heard lightning, and the quick following thunder afterwards.” The array of friends on the ship also looked to be in quite a scared state, so as well as he could, Hatty reached over and gave everyone a hug. Hatty could tell the felt more calm after that. “Trust me, nothing is going to-“ Hatty was stopped in mid-sentence, the lightning cracking inches away from their boat. All of the lovely and peaceful friends were now starting to feel a tightness in their throats, and a swelling of tears in their eyes. Hatty, although just as scared as everyone else, mustered up the courage to smile at some of the youngest passengers. “Everything will be fine. I-“ Suddenly a wave bigger than their boat came crashing down on the surface of the S.S. Friendship, shaking the ship, and almost pulling all of the passengers off the ship. Hatty did a head count, and made sure that everyone was there. “ Thank goodness you are all here! I don’t know what I would do if I even lost one of you!” The skies seemed to be clearing, but a few people, and mostly Hatty, were still jumping out of their pants to get away from the storm. “Full speed ahead!” Hatty yelled, gesturing his hand to move. The S.S. Friendship creaked as the gears began to move faster than their usual pace, and Hatty sighed a beautiful sigh of relief. No one is gone. Nothing bad will happen. Its just a bit a stormy day… Thought Hatty to himself, making sure not to talk aloud in attempts to not scare the passengers and friends any more than they are. Then, as many stories have foretold, the eye of the storm can be very misleading. The lighting came rushing back, the seas with their awful salt, and a gigantic whale all came at once, confusing and terrifying the many friends on board. Suddenly the waves splashed harshly against the side of the boat, shaking it, and sending friends and passengers alike into the black hole that was the sea. Hatty yelped and reached a hand out, holding onto as many friends as possible as the ship rocked to and fro. Hatty gathered all of his strength and squeeze who he had with him in a tight hug, and didn’t let go, his throat tight from anxiety. Hatty, only for a split second looked up at the sea, and noticed they were going full speed at an island, and the S.S. Friendship would surely crash. “Hold on!!” Yelled Hatty in the kindest way he could yell, keeping a tight grip on the few friends he had left. The moment the ship crashed seemed to go to fast to understand, but so slow like a dream. The tip of the S.S Friendship crumpled under the weight and velocity of the ship’s forward motion, then the sides cracked, wood and metal shattering and flinging itself into the air, and all the friends that Hatty had been holding so dearly flew from his grasp, and slammed into the island. It was like flying, but hitting the deep brown, damp sand was not escapable. Hatty’s eyes closed shut as he prepared for the landing, and not even a count of three could have made this landing hurt less. Hatty slammed into the rocky, sandy beach, and felt everything swirl and glide across his vision. He had just enough energy to look at his left, in which an entrance was. Unbelievable large, beady-eyed cats came stomping over with ropes, and Hatty’s vision soon failed him. Everything was dark… Chapter 2: In Need Hatty’s eyes felt like they had sand-bags attached to them, so opening his eyes was quite the workout. He soon realized that he was not on the sandy beach, and in fact, not alone at this very moment. He felt numb from the impact on the hit coming off of the S.S. Friendship, that was no longer a ship at all, but a pile of wood to burn a fire with. Hatty saw two pairs of beady eyes, black as the night sky, staring at him in which he guessed was in waiting. Finally, Hatty groaned, and the abnormal cats jumped a little, and took out a hat. This hat, this hat they held in front of him, seemed to be glowing a deep red, and it illuminated some negative vibes. “…Hurry! Put hat on little person!” Said the first of the two huge cats. Hatty, finally coming to his senses knew that this hat was not a good thing to be wearing for any reason what so ever. But, as he began to squirm and wriggle against the other cats grasp, the tightness around him became tighter. Hatty yelped and cried, hoping someone would save him. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a little man with horns and a little beard starting at the tip of the chin, blocked by bars to where he could be to save Hatty. The hat was lowered down onto Hatty’s head, and it seemed to be a perfect fit. Then, the orange, evil, cat let go of Hatty and tears became a constant stream down his face. The red aura around the hat had enclosed his entire body, and he started to float in the air. The young friend who Hatty had seen in his last few moments before doom broke loose, hid behind a giant water well, in hopes that the cats, and the now crying Hatty, would not find him. But, as soon as he hid, and stepped on a creaking floor board. The heads of the two enormous cats and the floating Hatty turned in his general direction, and spotted him shivering in the corner near the water well. The cats both stomped over, and yanked this poor fellow by his arms, and carried him over to a place unknown, deep into the chilling air. Finally they arrived at what looked like a fancy brig, made for fancy prisoners. The cats unlocked the door, and threw the poor, confused, little man into the cell. He landed hard on his back, and he thought that surviving a ship crash was enough pain at the moment. He gazed around the room, and noticed a bed. The bed looked filthy, and dusty, but he crawled over to it anyways, and tucked himself, starting to sob a bit. What will happen to Hatty? Will we ever get out of here? What trials lay before us?? Thought the new Prisoner, finally starting to lull off to sleep. To be continued... ((P.S. I tend to make my stories a little sad by accident... I hope this story isn't to sad ;m; ))
  10. As it is our first week of BattleBlock Theater on Steam, we have created a few playlists for the community to enjoy as we take our time enjoying your homemade playlists to feature in the near future. Here's what is available on Furbottom's Features currently: Solo Playlist: WeLoveYou Co-Op Playlist: WeLoveYouBoth Arena Playlist: FightForOurLove Here are a couple screenshots of the Solo playlist in Furbottom's Features: Until we change up the Furbottom's Features Solo or Co-Op playlists, you'll have a chance to unlock Behemoth Chicken prisoner at the completion of all the levels. Good luck playing! We'll keep you updated in these forums when there's an update to the Features!
  11. Hey Y'all, Just in case you haven't already heard through our blog posts, here are all the activities for Launch Day, May 15th: -10:00AM PDT: Launch of BattleBlock Theater on Steam (Windows and Linux) + Castle Crashers Steam update to include the Can't Stop Crying Pack -10:30AM PDT: Reddit AMA (Link will be posted tomorrow) -3:30PM PDT: Our Twitch Stream with Dan Paladin, Will Stamper, Larry Bolden and me (Megan Lam) Plus there will be plenty of chances on the internet to enter contests! I hope you're just ask excited as I am! EXCITE EXCITE EXCITE
  12. Our team is headed back to Raptr for another helping of Raptr Q&A, but this time with a live streaming event! Dan Paladin (Co-Founder/Art Director), Will Stamper (Narrator for BBT), Larry Bolden (Compliance Specialist), and I, Megan Lam (Community Captain) are taking over the Raptr Twitch channel on Monday, May 12 from 2:30-3:30PM PDT to demo the upcoming Steam version of BattleBlock Theater; we’ll show you what’s new and improved! Then right after the stream, Emil Ayoubkhan (Project Manager) and Ian Moreno (Production Coordinator) will join us to answer all of your BattleBlock Theater or Behemoth-related questions on the Raptr Q&A page. You can start leaving your Qs in the Raptr Q&A page HERE — and if you “Like” the questions you want answered the most, we’ll try to get to those first! Make your questions count as we’re giving away free five Steam copies of BattleBlock Theater, Behemoth swag (Cat guard dog toy + raccoon key chain combo), and 500 Reward Points to the best questions asked (as determined by Raptr staff). Hope to chat with y’all on Monday!
  13. [4/11/2014] Team Power: the Fossil Fuel of Tomorrow. Literally. For some reason, cooperation and grim death seem to go hand-in-hand in BattleBlock Theater. Well, maybe not "grim" death: I know a few cats who'd agree that some prisoner's make the funniest face when they explode. COOP Feature Team Power by o0oLEAFYo0o Luckily for you actors out there, this week's entry is the exception to the rule: if death is a bigger part of the production than is desired, you should probably go out and find yourself a less murdery partner. Or, your partner might want to go out and find a less murdery you. Still, even the most pleasing of partners will have a tough time getting this performance down perfectly: I dare you to get all A++'s on what o0oLEAFYo0o has on offer. Based on my experience, my first tip is to choose a partner who isn't me. So what tripped me up, you ask? Well, let's just say that some berries are pickier about being picked than others, which is frustrating because you just gotta know that those are the tastiest ones. You'll also have trigger laden puzzles aplenty begging for your attention, and while some playlists are flagged as cooperative for reasons unknown, Team Power is waving that cooperation flag like it's only one Bridge Block bridge away from a safe place to tinkle. I hope you enjoy this week's offering; while your power-team powers through Team Power, my team will be powering up the BattleBlock Theater arcade here at PAX East 2014! 8 (wait, 8?!) BattleBlock Theater cabinets are here this year, not to mention the Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and Super Soviet Missle Mastar machines! You can never have too much power, especially when BattleBlock Theater things go BOOM! Making it's comeback to the Theater, we are re-releasing BOOM! to those who finish either the solo or co-op Furbottoms Features this week! Don't miss out on getting this prisoner unlock because it's the bomb (har har).
  14. On March 4th, 2014, we officially revealed that Hatty, his friends, and the S.S. Friendship would be colliding with the interwebz…and now the official Steam Store page is up--so we're officially official! Check out the new store page --> HERE Join the official BattleBlock Theater Steam Group --> HERE In case you already forgot, New Features of the Steam version: Weapon switching! Players can now switch between a primary and secondary weapon in game! New Cat Guard enemies throughout Story Mode. Steam Workshop integration for sharing user created levels. Steam Inventory integration for trading! This allows users to trade and sell weapons, prisoners, gems and yarn via Steam. X input, Direct Input, and Keyboard/Mouse support. And lastly, the beta registrations close on Friday, March 21st in the morning! So please register now if you haven't already. Here are the minimum specs that we just posted: System Requirements Minimum: OS: Windows XP Processor: 3.3 GHz Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: 512 MB DirectX: Version 10 Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
  15. So, I was wondering if there was any way I could reset or restart my game on battleblock theater, I couldn't help myself because I had heard it was a great game and I wanted to play it with my friend, so I got about halfway into the story and was wondering if there was anyway to restart or reset my game.
  16. Yup. Just as the headline states, we stopped the registrations earlier today! We've reviewed all the registrants and sent out emails to all accepted Beta Testers. Please check your inboxes and spam folders to see if you were selected. Sometimes mass emails do not arrive right away, but all Beta Testers should know by the end of the weekend. Thank you again to everyone who signed up, even if we weren't able to accommodate all registrants. We appreciate your interest in helping us out and look forward to everyone playing the game soon. -Megan, Community Captain
  17. I wasn't sure if I should have posted this in "Technical Issues," or here, but I picked here. So, I registered for the BBT Beta and got the confirmation email saying that I was in fact going to participate for the beta, but I figured out around this time that the cruise I was going on over spring break took up the exact days that the beta covered. Knowing I couldn't participate, and resisting the temptation to get the beta anyways, I unsubscribed to the email, just like it said to. Now, I have heard that the Behemoth is reconsidering their start date for the beta, so I was wondering if maybe, just maybe, I could get back into the emails and participate?
  18. Boom! Zwoosh! Ker-pow! Solo Feature Zaplosion_V6 by Swirly Kalen What did you think a Zaplosion would sound like? Buzzzipew POW!? I actually like that one. As you can see, perseverance was key to Swirly Kalen's success in making an amazing playlist. They had not one! Not two! Not four... or five... But SIX! There were six iterations of this playlist to reach level design bliss. So, let's go ahead and pat Swirly on the back, because they deserve it! In this playlist, there will be plenty of mechanics and sequences that will leave you saying "Wow, that was cool! Now I need a bath," because of how incredibly unique they are. There will be moving duck platforms to traverse deadly spike traps, one time boat sequences to reach that A+ yarn, and frog bombs. Please don't make me talk about the frog bombs. This week's re-release is good ol' Toasty Toast. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a flock of toast catch fire with one swoop from a laser beam. That, my friends, is the essence of Zaplosion. [FEATURED SOLO 21-MAR-2014]
  19. Hey Guys and Gals, A few of us are in Japan for BitSummit (check out our posts on our blog and instagram if you haven't seen it already!) so we are on different time zones with the team back home in San Diego. Just a heads up that we're still updating the BattleBlock Theater Furbottoms Features with a new Arena and re-releasing a prisoner, but it will just be happening a little later today. Thanks for your patience! <3 Megan
  20. I like many others have not completed getting the purple bar,but have managed to get all the star heads so far.In the amount of time it took and my experience all together makes me wonder about a future head or accomplishment achieved by such a purple bar.I have doubt in the false peace I have in battleblock theater at the moment and wonder what is to come?If your still wondering what this topic is about,it's about the future of battleblock theater and if you think your star heads are safe.You have to remember they're still prisoners manipulated by evil cats.
  21. BattleBlock Theater has been nominated for another award! Yippee! And interesting enough, it's another award from the AU. Loving that the Aussies appreciate us. Thank you to Capsule Computers for recognizing our hard work. If you want to see other nominees for their Game of the Year Awards, click HERE. Also, there's still some time to vote for us in the IGN AU awards. IGN Australia: BLACK BETA SELECT AWARDS 2013 Nominated Categories: Best Original Game, Best Indie Game Voting will continue until the end of December
  22. Hello everyone!! I want to start off by saying that I love Battleblock Theater, a lot, and I am so thankful that The Behemoth made this spectaculiar game! So in a way of thanking The Behemoth for making BBT, I want to draw them a comic! Basically my idea is to draw the comic in the eyes of a prisoner, who is thrown into chaos in the Theater. While completing every stage, he sees Hatty is in trouble, and wants to rescue him! So this comic is about this Prisoner's journey, and how he will use his wits to save Hatty Hattington and all of his friends. I need help though!! I want to come up with names for the main character. Or maybe I should just leave him as Prisoner? And I need everyone's thoughts on the idea! Because I don't want to make this comic if I am not allowed to (because I want to use The Behemoth's art style). And just thoughts in general are great! Thank you everyone for your time! Hatty117 (I hope I can post this! I looked through the forums and didn't see anything on a comic, so I hope I am allowed to post this!)
  23. What is so attractive about BBT is something that not all of the hot games have today. This is something that not many game developers keep much attention to. When a game is made, the game devleopers of other game series usually focus more of the actual game and focus too much when they're putting too much effort into something that's probably old. That's like beating a dead bird with a rock. For 7 years. The developers of BBT found an important aspect of a game that isn't paid much attention to by many other game devs. It's something other games do not have. In fact, it's two things. One is simplicity. The simple plot of BBT is shining which leads to the other aspect I'll explain in another piece of text. The actual game is simple, but it has so many possibilities coming out of it. This is what I mean by "BBT found an important aspect of a game that isn't paid much attention to by many other game devs" because other game devs try to keep it fresh and pay too much attention to that. Let's take a shooter game for example. Graphics are insane, games are full of complicated mechanics, etc. while BBT relies on its simplicity because the graphics are simple and understandable which puts less effort into them. When it's understandable it's good. The other is humor; and yes, other games have humor but do not compare to BBT. The plot is twisted and weird which adds to its humor and makes it fun. An actual fun game compared to an actual seriousness in a modern game as of today. It makes it stand out. It also balances absolute seriousness because.. there is none! What devs don't realize is that a non-serious game can also be a good game as well: maybe even better. To conclude, it's like a scavenger hunt. BBT relies on having a fun and a simple game of a scavenger hunt. They find all the items with a simple way to find them: just looking for them. Other games tend to overcomplicate their ways when the questions are just "the room the thing in is the opposite color of black" so basically BBT knows it's the white room while others tend to overthink and completely go off-target.
  24. EDIT: We've just announced the winners! Congrats! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this years contest A Brilliant Costume & Decorations (ABC&D) Halloween Contest! In past years, we have held our annual Costumes & Carvings Contest. This year we're going to expand the accepted entries a bit and including Halloween decorations in general, including pumpkin carvings. We want to see the most brilliant Behemoth themed costumes and decorations. Costumes of prisoners from BattleBlock Theater, dressing up your porch like Medusa's Lair in Castle Crashers, holding an elaborate Alien Hominid party--We want to see anything you may come up with. Anything that may get us to say, "that's bloody brilliant!" To enter this contest just post a photo of your BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, PDA Games, or Dad ‘N Me or other Behemothy creation in this thread on our forums. (Post reply in comments below with your pictures) On the night of November 4th this thread will be locked, so get your entries in by then! We will review the entries and on November 8th we’ll select at least three winners in each category: Costumes and Decorations. Judging will be based on creativity, hilarity and/or spookiness. Prizes will include the winner's choice of BattleBlock Theater Duck Shark t-shirt or Castle Crashers Bitey Bat Hat. The most important thing is to have fun and please be respectful to other contestants. Can’t wait to see all the creatively crafty entries! Rules n stuff: --group entries are allowed! --your entry must be your own creation (or your group’s, parent’s, family’s). --if you won in a previous year, you can’t win again with the same entry. So try something new! --you may enter more than once Need ideas?? Check out all the frighteningly awesome entries from the winners of our last Halloween contest HERE!