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Found 180 results

  1. We've re-featured the playlists below and brought back Mr. Bobbins! Unlock this prisoner by heading to an online area of the game (like the Arena Features!). Aleatorio by Digox10 (XBLA) kings of madnes by Demon-01 (Steam)
  2. Hello hello! I've decided since I have been drawing a lot of Battleblock and Castle Crashers fan art, I might as well share with you guys! Not too long ago, I've started playing Castle Crashers with some friends on steam. I was so excited to pick up Hatty on there, I played with him as my knight. And that provoked some interesting conversations as we played along. The Castle Crashers Saga: Hatty Has a Tough Time Speaks for itself. The Only Kiss that Matters In the end, they set me up with Orange Princess. I had no idea what she looked like. "Was she everything you hoped for?" my friend cackled. "That and more." I replied. Colors got a bit wonky in that. Dndndnd No dnd sheet for Hatty. Frosty I ended up loveing this boss. So I just had to draw him. Some More Frost King I really loved his design! What a goober... Stay Puff My mother seems to think Hatty is some cute little Marshmellow man. SO.... The Saga Continues Just recently started playing with some other friends, and one of my buddies claimed Hatty and I decided to play as a normal knight. More interesting conversations ensue... Battleblock Doodles: Two Comics While my friend and I were playing (as Rigel and Svelt) sometimes I would decide HATTY IS NOT WORTH THIS. Then I would change my mind later. Doodle Page is filled with Hatty, a younger Hatty, and some humanized Hatty. Please pardon the Yung Venuz that snuck into that page. UnderpantsTale style I was just scribbling out a ton of characters, and Hatty made it in. Hallow Halloweenington some festive Hatty's as different monsters! That's not nice! Hatty just having some problems with the hat. Young Hatty and Reggie just some of them as kiddos. Mad Hattys Just doodles of a fusterated Hatty Sir Hattington looks snazzy as a knight! Now you might ask yourself MISSYZERO, WHY DO YOU HAVE SO MANY DRAWINGS OF THAT BLOCKHEAD? Well, for awhile, I ran Askhattyhattington on tumblr. It's still out there. But I am off on another ask blog. So here are some animated snippits I would love to share with you! BBT Gifs: Touch the hat DONT TOUCH THE HAT Weenie arms are not good for throwin stuff Good Luck! Grandma Cat She takes care of Hatty on the blog There were different cats on the blog, and Grandma Cat was one that showed up often just for funsies. Actually smiling Hatty This has four gifs Of Hatty and crew trying to escape. The Gangs all here!!! LOOM Fight for Love! He's a Puppet too Someone threw Pocket Sand.... SS Friendzone BoI crossover For the low low price of 200 gems... Friendship is Magic WARNING: Flashing colors. Spooooooooky And finally Just in case you don't feel like clicking the links, this is the only one you need to see! (And if its too big, I will stick it under read more!) I have more, but that's all I just wanna get out there. I wanna thank The Behemoth for making great quirky games that I can play with my friends! I look forward to Pit People. Who knows, I might have more art to share soon too!
  3. Last weekend, we brought back Blocketeer for players who complete Furbottom's Features! We've also updated the following co-op playlists so you can play these levels to unlock this prisoner. Co-Op Feature: For The Behemot by Arfaras Monde 1-1 by Kohana
  4. Written by Erin Coop Feature: Monde 1-1 by Kohana Difficulty: Beginner A walk in the laser and buzzsaw filled park. Playlists of this difficulty will be a smooth experience with interesting ideas more than relentless challenge. These will generally be easier than the original Story mode campaign. You know, Mr. Furbottom always intended his theater to be a family affair. No really! Back in his day, before the weapons and prisoners moved in, BattleBlock Theater was a place where moms, dads, sisters and brothers could all enjoy some acrobatic theatrics. And while the life of a cat is short and not terribly nostalgic, Kohana has created a playlist that harkens back to those good old days of yore. Yore what? You'll find out! Oh, okay... here are some screenshots to tide you over. One of the other nice things about playing coop levels that are less likely to frustrate you is the freedom it gives you to frustrate each other! Arm yourself appropriately for all future engagements by bringing with you this upsetting fellow... Oh! And there might have also been something about a certain Castle Crashing game having an anniversary last week, or that a grand Remastering of said game is making news later this day... Intriguing! [Featured Playlist 4 September 2015]
  5. This week we bring back the Boot for players who complete Furbottom's Features! We've also updated the following solo playlists so you can play these levels to unlock das Boot. Solo Feature: Dead Friend by IMPOSSABLANK (XBLA) Ambitious - Chapter 1 (Solo) by TheJArago (Steam)
  6. Time to hit the Arena Feature this weekend! We've re-featured the following playlists and brought back The Final Unicorn for the final days of 2016! Unlock this prisoner by heading to an online area of the game (like the Arena Features!). Basket Soccer By Agentp93 (XBLA) TouchyBlocky by Ten_Tacles (Steam)
  7. We've got extra holiday visitors in the theater this weekend! Get Moose and Santa now by heading to an online area in BattleBlock Theater! For a very limited time only!
  8. For 2 weeks only, get Troll in BattleBlock Theater when you complete the Furbottom's Features! (Or just find them on the internet. 😜) Co-Op playlists re-featured for the next month: "Adventure PL" by ps3guyguy (XBLA) "catty catty" by Puszkoslaw (Steam)
  9. Woohoo! It's Friday! We've brought this Arena playlist back in Arena Features and we've unlocked several prisoners in honor of the Pit People Early Access Announcement. If you don't have these already, you can unlock these special prisoners on XBLA AND Steam by heading to an online area in BattleBlock Theater: The 3rd Special Unlock is specific to each game platform. (XBLA Only) (Steam Only) All of these unlocks were based on characters from all of our games, so it seems appropriate for this occasion! Here are the original descriptions of each Arena playlist: random levels by SHANKKMAKER (XBLA) SuperHiperMegaL by Albertrivers (Steam) Happy playing!
  10. Winston is back in BattleBlock Theater! Finish the Furbottom's Features to unlock him as your reward. The Solo Features were just updated last Friday, December 9, 2016! Here are the original descriptions of each playlist: Road Not Taken by ps3guyguy (XBLA) Castle Crashers (Battleblock Theater version) by Derp (STEAM)
  11. Get Ms. Pump in BattleBlock Theater when you head into an online area of the game. She'll appear in your Star category in the Player Setup menu. While you're in the game, check out the re-featured playlists in Arena Feature! Here are the original descriptions of each playlist: oh baby by Rested Hero SquaredCircelFun by Ten_Tacles Happy Furbottom's Fridays!
  12. We’re hosting another Halloween Contest this year (our 9th annual!!) and we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with! To enter our contest just post a photo of your Behemoth related costumes or decorations in this thread (reply below). Behemoth related games include BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, Alien Hominid PDA Games, Super Soviet Missile Mastar, or Dad ‘N Me. You could even do characters based on our current game in development, Pit People! This thread will be locked on November 2nd at 5PM PDT, so be sure to get your entries in before we close the contest. We will review the entries and on November 4th we’ll select three winners for each category: (1) Costumes; (2) Decorations. That means we’re giving out 6 prize packages! As always, judging will be based on creativity, originality, and hilarity or ability to inspire fear. Prize packages will include a Pit People Fighter tee and commemorative Behemoth pin (available only at PAX shows we exhibit at), plus your choice of Alien Hominid HD, Castle Crashers, or BattleBlock Theater game code (if you already own all three games, then you can give it to a friend!). Rules: Group entries are allowed! (Note: One prize per winning entry is awarded) Your entry must be your own creation (or your group’s, parent’s, family’s). Only new costumes and decoration entries will be accepted (entries that were submitted in previous years will not be eligible). Cosplay images are acceptable as long as they weren’t entered in a previous contest. Decorations can include pumpkin carvings, special treats, or other decorations in or outside of your abode. You may enter more than once. Need ideas?? Check out all the exemplary entries from the winners of our last Halloween contest HERE!
  13. Heya, everyone! Decided to post a few of my fan artworks on here. Though, I'm only going to post the ones that are(mostly) related to the official stories of the BBT/CC games. o3o Just to let you know, the listings are going to to go oldest to newest; while you can see the improvements and progression I've been going. One last thing, I don't take requests nor commissions. If I do, it would be extremely rare, and could happen at anytime. These are the art pieces I've worked on long before I got my tablet. >3> Just Hatty, plain and simple Hatty putting on knight armor Hatty in danger! Oh dear... Hatty's soul gets taken away by the hat Hatty walks into the BattleBlock Theater alone after ship crash Hatty and friends eating cookies! Yum... ... Now I want some! Corrupted Hatty firing the red laser These art pieces are the ones I made with my tablet. First tablet image of Reginald First(colored) tablet image of Hatty Looks like that Hatty made a derp! Oops... Hatty and Reginald are a little green... >3> Then again, it was St. Patrick's day. Oh dear, Hatty and Reginald breaking the fourth wall! Reginald stuffing his face with a slice of cake(BBT birthday and Easter) - Part 1 Part 2 Corrupted Hatty collecting a special gem Hatty and Reginald busts Corrupted Hatty sitting on his throne, looking at a special gem Bonus! Corrupted Hatty staring at you Hatty celebrating Christmas... A little too much? >3> Or maybe just want a kiss under the mistletoe? Last but not least, I had a little fun doing a crossover between BBT and Crypt of the NecroDancer... Somewhat. >3>; I've decided to post a couple art pieces that represents the characters from BBT, but not the official stories of BBT nor CC. I'll promptly remove this part if they're not allowed here... If they are allowed, I'll add in more! Also, there are warnings to indicate what kind of content the art pieces have... So, you've been warned! That's all I'm going to post here unless you guys want to see more. Though, the other pics I made doesn't represent the official stories of BBT nor CC... And some do have blood, death and maybe gore in them. Unless the pics I made are approved to stay up on here(or not), you can find them on my tumblr if you desire to see them. :3 Hope you enjoy the pics! X3 - Soldjermon
  14. Username: icekiimo level: Point Grabber info: Point Grabber is my arena playlist with a multitude of game types, also a 2 time arena feature, 9.5k downloads (at the moment) and I ask you to promote it just by telling you're battleblock friends maybe? Thanks~! -icekiimo.
  15. [Note: This solo playlist was originally featured on November 28th, 2014, but we took it down early when we featured the Monster Playlists. We want to make sure to give players another 2 weeks to play it, so here it is again! Previous progress was not saved, so you would need to play to the end if you are looking to unlock the new special unlock.] Original post written by Mason (Nov 28, 2014) Happy Furbottom’s Friday everyone! Our creator is having his second go round here in the Features. Signature insane physics based hazards and push-block shenanigans are ready and waiting in full force for this week’s playlist. For this one, the creator really pushes the edges of the game’s mechanics, requiring expert handling of your controller to continue. These challenges can appear complex, but they remain fair and, better yet, fun! Solo Playlist GiganticBlock by QuirkyTurky Difficulty -Expert: Expert difficulty playlists will be challenges even for BattleBlock veterans. These levels are put together with no regard for the safety of your prisoner. Innovative and deadly exercises await inside these demanding levels. Doubly so on Insane Mode! *A special note regarding Prisoner unlocks: Remember you can complete either Story mode Furbottom’s Feature to unlock this week’s featured Prisoner. If the Solo Feature is too hard, try Co-Op and vice versa! You can even recomplete current Feature’s you have already played! There are creative uses of all kinds of tools and blocks in this playlist. Wings, boulders, trigger blocks and gum blocks must all be mastered simultaneously in order to carry on. It pays to stop and smell the roses, or better yet, smell where all the grenades and lasers are coming from before proceeding. What do you mean you can’t smell lasers? Well, the grenades will have to do then. You can’t smell grenades either? Hmmm--this is going to be more difficult than I thought. The Thief robs the spotlight this week. Finish Furbottom's Features solo or co-op playlist to capture this bold bandit. [solo Feature Nov 28 2014 & 1/9/2015]
  16. Welcome to Zumbee's Drawing Request Center! This is a place where you can request pictures to be drawn by me. I draw everything on actual paper so I'll upload all the pictures from my iPhone. Here's an example of a drawing:
  17. The following is a fan theory about how Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and and Battleblock Theater relate to each other in regards to continuity. The following may also contain spoilers on any of the three game The Behemoth's version of Earth is a parallel version of our Earth with the key difference being the omnipotent divine creator in TB's Earth (their God) is a cosmic bear know as Honey Hug who creates creatures and allows them to live in order to entertain and eternally slaves to him. Now, Battleblock Theater takes place before both Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid. After Honey Hug created Earth, he craved spectacle and sacrifice, which frightened the only sentient creatures HH created, felines. The felines, or cats if you will, lacked the coordination to appease HH, but HH spared them of death, instead creating a new race of being, Humans to appease him. One human in particular, Purrham Furbottom, was told by HH to lead the cats in their attempts at sacrifice. He was given a special hat to show his dominance/dominion over the cats, and created an illuminati-type organization to control the goings-on in the world and insure HH didn't obliterate them and was appeased. So, Furbottom was the head of this cat organization, and would very secretly and (as humanely as possible) capture people to entertain HH in the theater, and when he was bored of them, be murdered. Furbottom and the cats lived very happily, because HH was being properly appeased and allowed them to prosper. However, one day Furbottom croaked (specifically he s*!+ himself to death) and the cats panicked, who would lead them and keep HH from showing his wrath? They were deemed unfit to lead already, but they soon became aware of one of Furbottom's secrets, the hat was actually a military weapon, constructed to fire a laser so powerful it could destory HH, bite the hand that feeds, free them of their chains. However, the hat could not be properly used by the cats, so for years they continued to to capture prisoners, although now in a violent way. This angered HH, and made him get up from his metaphorically literal bed in the cosmos and journey towards TB Earth to destroy all of his creations in a fit of rage. The cats then frantically tried to put the hat on their prisoners, but started noticing the hats actually sucked in the souls of those who wore it. Eventually, after the events of BBT ensue and Hatty is rescued (during the ending cutscene), his soul finally had the last of itself sucked out of Hatty's body and into the hat, which in turn had been so filled that it exploded and activated its lasers, which was able to nearly kill HH and incapacitated him for many years. HH, barely alive, limped back further into the cosmos and ended up in a coma-like state to recover. The same laser as before (from Hatty's hat) also destroyed a spaceship piloted by an alien passing by. Enter Alien Hominid. So now Hatty's souless body is at the bottom of the sea and Alien Hominid crashes in the USA where the events of Alien Hominid ensue, all the while their wrathful god, Honey Hug, is still incapacitated. After Alien Hominid escapes, he goes back to his home planet and brings all of his race back down to capture the beefy FBI produced Alien. While there, they looked around and saw how much damage one Alien could do to this unprotected society, and decided to enslave humanity. Many years later, HH recovers/regenerates and sees how these Aliens have now become children of the Hominid instead of worshipers unto himself. In his rage he decided to unleash a nuclear holocaust sorta deal on the Earth, destroying most everything with few survivors, most of which being Aliens. The few survivors rebuild society in a Medieval-type way, seeing how most technology was wiped out by HH. Sidebar: Thinking he destroyed everyone already, HH abandons this Earth for new ventures seeing how there is presumably nothing more there to entertain him. Due to the radition/magic/whatever to call Honey Hug's power, some inhabitant's genes were altered a la the NBC show Heroes, granting them magical abilities, some use for good, some for evil, then the events of CC happen after a pre-emptive strike by the evil to the good, yadda yadda. After the events of CC, the large concentration of magic/whatever by The Wizard fight attracts HH as he discovers that civilization indeed still exists, and lives in blasphemy towards him, so he decides to finish this once and for all. Fearing their imminent demise, the heroes/knights team up with the alien who survived their feud in the desert level to construct a time machine powered by the Alien's technology and the knights' magic. They travel back in time to the days of Battleblock theater, where they make the following adjustments to the timeline: Furbottom is saved (Hence his status as a secret prisoner in BBT), however the time machine malfunctions while their, instead of transporting the Alien, Knight and Purrham it ages them by decades (Hence Furbottom's middle-aged appearance when unlocked as a playable character). Being so different, he is not recognized by the cats and promptly imprisoned, along with the Alien and the Knight. The events then follow as usual since Furrbottom is still presumed dead by the Cats, however since he is not dead he is able to free Hatty's soul at the last second at the boat. Though Hatty then became a friend to all once more, this still left HH to destroy them all, so Purrham sacrificed himself to detonate the hat and incapacitate HH as before, now that they are free of HH and the cat's control, they use the technology of that time to fix the time machine and go back into the future with Hatty, only to find that history had repeated itself since Purrham still fulfilled the prophecy of shooting Honey Hug. However, now in the future (back in CC) Hatty and the alien come to help the knights fight with their abilities from different times (hence the BBT compatibility pack and the AH character you get in CC if you owned the game), In the end, they defeat the wizard but use the Alien's weaponry with the laser hat and obliterate HH once and for all, leaving the knights, villagers, aliens and others to rebuild civilization and live in peace. Leaving anything open for Game 4 after, before, or during these events. THE END. Now of course, this is all crazy speculation and probably completely untrue, but if you can't tell I love BBT and TB"s other games enough to try and find the connection, so please leave comments citing whether or not you agree or disagree with these possibilities or just find it interesting, ya'll have a merry day now! P.S. thanks again Behemoth for all three of these quality titles, we love you
  18. Did you know I have a youtube? No? Well check it out! Here! I make tons of content for Castle Crashers, Battleblock Theater, and more! Those are just a couple, check out my channel and see all the content I create! Thanks, subscribe!
  19. I create levels and stuff on BBT and have fun doing so. I'm pretty good at it (not like 8Bitten though) and I've been fed up with a few other games, so haven't been building as much as I should, but will eventually get back to it. I think I should take a small step forward since I've had these levels in my bio for a while and havent said anything about them. I felt like making some kind of public creation journal so everyone can see what I'm making if they really are interested. So here's a few pics of my upcoming playlists Selgnirp and KaizoBlock. -Selgnirp -KaizoBlock I would take pictures of the full screen but I only have an ipad to take pics with, and that makes the files way too big to post, so yay... But yeah. I'll hopefully upload Selgnirp soon, and KaizoBlock will take some time to test and upload. I'll say when I'm done and have uploaded them though
  20. HECK YA! Our favorite game is now a year old! Let's celebrate this with BUCKLE YOUR PANTS!
  21. Spoiler's btw... So at the end of Battleblock Theater, after the buckle your pants song, Hatty ends up in the bottom of the ocean, and the glowey red hat lands on his head and turns glowey green, for some reason, and then shoots a shoop da whoop lazor up into the sky, and a giant bear in space is hit by the blaarg, thus starting the story of pit people, the game that comes out in TBA... Now that leaves a junk load of questions: Why did the hat go all glowey green? Why is there a giant bear in space? Why was the hat glowey red in the first place? Why hasn't my canker sore gone away yet? This will ALL be answer in Pit People! But thats just a theory, A GAME THEORY, the end...
  22. My theory on how the evil hat that Hatty where's by me. So the cat guards are aliens they looked like brown furry aliens but didn't look like a cat yet until they went to earth on there ufo's and picked up some rocks what they didn't know was the rocks were cursed and then they took cloth and a belt. They found a person- they chopped him up then burnt him to ash they the made a hat with the items they found the cloth, cursed rocks, belt and the ash of a person. Then a alien found a stick and a cat he put on the hat and then hit the cat with the stick then the alien shot into the air and shot lightning at him and all the aliens, which turned the aliens into cats with tuxedos weapons and hats. But the one that was wearing the hat turned into furbottom then the hat passed on an every time one master died they burned them and there souls then compressed the ash into the hat now remember the hat had souls of the dead and cursed rocks compressed in it then it completely killed his new owner it made him always be crying he never moved and his eyes were always open no one was sure if he died so they kept him then thing happened they escaped (the prisoners with Hatty) into there boat and left and you probably know the ending of the game.
  23. Hey everybody, the Mods and I have been discussing the recent influx of threads about players who scam others over trading. With help from some of the folks up at The Behemoth, we've decided on our course of action for these kinds of posts. Due to the potential issues that are tied to it, blacklists with the intention to alienate other players will no longer be allowed. This applies to all forums, not just BattleBlock Theater. Any list of gamertags or usernames meant to shame the people in it will be removed. This is in part because of the problematic behavior that may result from name and shame, which some of you may have already seen taking place. It's also because we don't want to risk blacklisting an innocent player over word of mouth. We would rather assume that everybody is innocent instead of starting a witch hunt for anybody who is called out. We obviously don't encourage scamming, and any thread that helps players to avoid being scammed will continue to be encouraged, as long as it doesn't hand out names to avoid. In addition, we will also remove any stories users post about scamming other players as well as any posts encouraging/teaching other players to scam. It's okay to discuss how scams are played out as long as it is purely to warn other players to avoid it. Any sort of bragging about scamming other players is heavily discouraged. So, just to recap: NOT ALLOWED: Posting any gamertags or usernames of players to shame or avoid, especially in a list. Posting stories about scamming other players. Teaching other players to scam, or encouraging them to. ALLOWED: Teaching other players how to avoid being scammed. Sharing stories about being scammed (without naming names). Posting lists of gamertags and usernames, as long as they're done with permission from the users. Keep in mind that we won't be deleting just any username lists. We realize there are threads listing peoples' usernames for the sake of finding players online or listing their birthdays, and these will continue to be openly accepted. We mostly just want to avoid any future naming and shaming on the forums. If you see anybody doing so, just report them and we'll handle the rest.
  24. Start playing here: What do you get when you cross an adventure-y co-op level and a good old fashion ball game? This playlist! Okay, so that joke wasn't all that good. (Wasn't even a joke, really.) But this adventure competition makes you want to destroy your friend so hard that... Wait, you have to WORK TOGETHER?!?! Yep, you heard it right, in Puzzle Ball you're thrown through mind binding challenges and one descision that you have to make: Work with your friend, or take the prize for your self. Most of these challenging levels won't let you just take the ball and go in for the slam dunk. First, you might need to "Set Up" the match by solving a few puzzles. Oh, and keep a look out for strawberries! They're hidden in a few levels and a fun little present if you happen to do an act of friendship for your enemy. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and and kill your friend... and then help him... and then beat him... or lose- It's up to you! NOTE: About 90% of these levels don't work very well with bots. The "fake blocks" sort of mess with their AI. Here's some gameplay footage of the first level: