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Found 180 results

  1. The new update has been released making ti so Mac can now download and play the game enjoy!
  2. "It's gonna be a ton of fun!" Battleblock Theater is the best game ever, on the planet. But, have you ever asked yourself, "Is there a way I can make this game the most fun, ever?" Yes, you can. And here's how, in just 7 easy steps. (NOTE: This is NOT a guide to beating the game. This is a guide to having the most fun as possible!) STEP 1: Plan it This guide is mostly for people new to Battleblock, but returning users can use it, too! Something I do recommend is either resetting your data, using another account, or just trying the whole thing again. (Not resetting your data, and just playing campaign again.) Once you've chosen one of these, you can start planning. Yes, even though some people think otherwise, you can plan fun. Choose a night that you can play -- I recommend weekends, of course. Make sure your friend (yes, it's almost essential to have a friend to have the most fun in BBT.) can come that day. Of course, make your play space is comfortable, and no one will interrupt. Set up some snacks, sitting on the couch playing video games can get you hungry. Obviously, grab some drinks. Soda, chocolate milk -- pretty much the best drinks you can find. STEP 2: "Kill your friend and grab the jem!" Friends are almost essential. I recommend playing on XBOX 360, mainly because instead of being huddled in front of a computer, you can sit back and be relaxed. I definitely do not recommend online play. Why? Maybe you want to actually have full communication, instead of relying on mics. Plus, you can share those snacks you set up. Besides, friendship shouldn't be over screens, your friend should be with you, and should interact face to face. STEP 3: Choose your mode What will mode do you like the most? I don't recommend level editing if your going for a night of fun and laughter. (unless the levels your making are completely ridiculous.) Here are the top 3 things to do: 3. Complete it all This is only for advanced players. Have you finished the campaign? Cool! You earned the prize of awesomeness! Want to earn the prize of awesomeness beyond comprehension? COMPLETE IT. For example, unlock all the heads, unlock all the star heads, beat all the time levels, buy all the weapons (which you probably have already done in the normal campaign) or beat insane mode. This is a very fun task to do with friends, me and my friend pulled an all-nighter doing it, and we still aren't finished. 2. Arena This mode is great for a group. Unlike campaign when you can only have up to 2 players, you can have up to 4! It brings out your competitive spirit, and it's a ton of fun! I highly suggest ball game, it's my personal favorite! 1. Campaign My friend and I spend countless nights of laughter and rage completing the campaign. It's great to do with friends. Here's some tips: Don't skip the cut-scenes unless you've seen them before, they're super funny. Don't play some levels while your friend isn't. If you didn't get the campaign done in that one night of fun that we planned in step 1, plan another one! Invite your friend for more amazing fun! Plus, it's much better to play together! STEP 4: Don't take it to seriously This is quite possibly the most important step. Don't play BBT so you get a perfect A++ score, play it for fun. Now, if you get something like a C then that's completely unacceptable. Go back and do the level again. Just kidding. Play for the fun, not the grade. Sure, a little challenge or friendly competition is alright, just nothing to a point where your playing the same level millions of times until you get a perfect grade. You died? So what! You're rewarded with big laughs and, of course, a funny quote from the narrator. Feel free to push your friend into the spikes, he/she won't mind. STEP 5: No rush Battleblock Theater isn't fun at all if you rush through it, skipping cut-scenes, punching your friend because he/she is going to slow. DO NOT RUSH IT. You'll be sad when the story of friendship will be over. Make the most of it. Who cares if you and your friend are stuck on one puzzle for a half an hour, all that matters is that you're having fun! Like I said in step 3, don't play when your friend isn't. It's better to play levels together! STEP 6: Additional Settings Here's some helpful settings to better your experience. You can set how common the narrator speaks! I recommend Blabbermouth, because if this is set on, the narrator speaks more! Have fun laughing at his funny comments! (You can do this for the crowd, too! The higher the setting, the more they clap for your amazing deaths!) I also suggest subtitles, so you'll never miss a joke in the cut-scenes! STEP 7: Plan another night! The title says it all: do it again! Try to make the most of Battleblock Theater! Conclusion So, just so you guys know, I CANNOT tell you how to have fun. These are just a few tips that a lot of people I know use! I hope all find these helpful, and, if you have any ways you like to have fun with your friends, let me know! BONUS ROUND Let's have some more fun! Fan Vs. Vacuum Cleaner Credit goes to Jamma003! You and your friend should do something stupid. Ad least once in your friendshipy quest, have one friend have the vacuum, and the other a fan, then use them at the same time. Epic things will happen.
  3. Last Friday, April 3, 2015, marked our 2nd anniversary for BattleBlock Theater (BBT)! Our puzzle platformer started on XBLA and is now available for Windows & Linux via Steam. Here was our first launch trailer when it released in 2013: Since then, we've grown our numbers to over 4 million players of BattleBlock Theater! Thank you so much to all of the players for supporting us by purchasing a copy of the game and to all the fans who dedicated time to create levels, fan art, costumes, etc. It made all those years of development worth it. Happy 2nd birthday to our game baby! Now, we'd love to hear who your favorite BBT star prisoner character is and why. We've already released all of our special unlocks--all of Hatty's friends. (And we're still re-releasing them each week because we keep acquiring new players!) But just in case you need to remember their names, here is our Battlepedia of special prisoners. We'll randomly choose 5 winners from the entries and send them a Hatty tissue box cover (currently expo exclusive). The sweepstakes can be found HERE. Owning a Facebook account isn't necessary, but you will need a valid email address and be sure to include your favorite STAR PRISONER & REASON. <3 Thanks again you lovely chickens.
  4. So, I noticed probably about 2 weeks ago, that in BattleBlock Theater, I haven't gotten all of the lights lit on the light panel. Apparently, each one of those lights represents an achievement, but I have all 30 achievements -- 400 MSP -- in the game. To make sure, I checked each mission to make I wasn't missing anything (I've earned an A++ on every single level, Solo/Co-Op, Normal/Insane), but I wasn't. I figured that what I was doing was the wrong way to light that first light up, but soon found out that it was a bug. I was then told to make a thread here, in the Technical Issues forum. Here are some screenshots of my game to help give you an idea of what has happened: If someone could let me know what this is all about and might be able to help me out, please tell me. Thanks.
  5. Hey Y'all, Hopefully you follow our Facebook pages or our Twitter, but if not then I'm here to give you a heads up that we have two big things that end tomorrow: Castle Crashers Steam Sale - Ends 10AM PST on 1/16/2015 75%OFF the original price Part of Steam's Daily Deals BattleBlock Theater Postcard Sweepstakes - Ends 4PM PST on 1/16/2015 Enter to win a postcard signed by Dan Paladin & Will Stamper Info needed: Name, email address, and list one thing you like about Game 4 from what you've seen so far Restrictions: Ages 13+, one entry per person, valid & true responses only Good luck to all who enter! We will be drawing 5 winners at random. -Megan Community Captain
  6. Hello. Just about an hour ago I was playing Battleblock Theater with a friend on private server. She left from the computer for some time and left the game, I decided to leave the game on for some reason (just busy with other things). When I got back on to turn it off, someone else was in the game. He had a default rectangular face and no gems or yarn. I freaked out and left the game. When I checked my global ranking, I was at 0 and it shows that I'm using the rectangular prisoner. Last time I checked, I was somewhere between 1100-1200. I spent a lot of time ranking up and need help, or at least an explanation. Thank you.
  7. Available on Furbottom's Features starting 12/12/2014 Our Level Design team has concocted content for your consumption. When we were developing BattleBlock Theater, we built the level editor into the game not only for the community, but for occasions like these to continue creating official playlists by us and sharing them with our fans for free. This holiday season, XBLA players have another chance to download the monstrously packed solo and cooperative playlists made by The Behemoth. On Steam, PC & Linux players will get to play it for the first time ever!! We're highlighting it in Furbottom's Features so that you can download the Momentum Monster and CoMentum Monster for FREE in BattleBlock Theater. Yes, official Behemoth-made content created just for you! Load up your full version of BBT between 12/12/2014 and 1/9/2015 to download the playlist from Furbottom's Features. Complete either playlist between that time to get the special prisoner unlock: THE MONSTER. Starting 1/9/2015, the playlist will be found in the Community Theater and the prisoner will no longer be attached to the completion of those levels. Learn more about how to use the level editor to create your own levels that could be future featured! Check out our forums for all the tips: XBLA - Steam - **Please note that all cats in this video were not harmed. Also, cats in this video are from the XBLA version of the game. Both versions of our felines are lovable!**
  8. Post written by Mason Happy Furbottom’s Friday everyone! Hope you ate all of the food and stuffed your little faces full of delicious, vegetarian meat-gravy stuffing. Let’s celebrate our bout of self-gorging with a post Turkey Day Quirky Turkey Playlist guaranteed to make you...smirk---ey?* *Disclaimer - Smirkeying is not guaranteed. Solo Playlist GiganticBlock by QuirkyTurky Difficulty -Expert: Expert difficulty playlists will be challenges even for BattleBlock veterans. These levels are put together with no regard for the safety of your prisoner. Innovative and deadly exercises await inside these demanding levels. Doubly so on Insane Mode! *A special note regarding Prisoner unlocks: Remember you can complete either Story mode Furbottom’s Feature to unlock this week’s featured Prisoner. If the Solo Feature is too hard, try Co-Op and vice versa! You can even recomplete current Feature’s you have already played! Our creator is having his second go round here in the Features. Signature insane physics based hazards and push-block shenanigans are ready and waiting in full force for this week’s playlist. For this one, the creator really pushes the edges of the game’s mechanics, requiring expert handling of your controller to continue. These challenges can appear complex, but they remain fair and, better yet, fun! There are creative uses of all kinds of tools and blocks in this playlist. Wings, boulders, trigger blocks and gum blocks must all be mastered simultaneously in order to carry on. It pays to stop and smell the roses, or better yet, smell where all the grenades and lasers are coming from before proceeding. What do you mean you can’t smell lasers? Well, the grenades will have to do then. You can’t smell grenades either? Hmmm--this is going to be more difficult than I thought. You’ll have to get in the groove to complete this week’s playlist. For you, this garreted groove-meister is great at gallivanting around gladiating guards, guaranteed! Lava Lamp is released for a limited time this week, just don’t touch the glass after leaving it on all night.
  9. Well, i saw that some guys has the same problems that i have... but i can't find a good way to solve this problem on other topics I played 2 times already, on both of them I saved my progress, but when I try playing again, they are all gone. The first time that I closed the game I thought it was only happen once. But today I played and saved the game, without closing everything, just going to menu. When I tried to play again, the same problem appeared :/ My gems are there, the character is the same, but i have to do all again. There's some way to fix this bug? I really liked the game, but i don't really want to play all the stages again over and over :/ All my levels were A++ and i really have no patience to do it all over again, several times. Please, help me :/
  10. So I wanted to know what all your Favorite games by the behemoth are. So I set up this Poll to figure out Enjoy the Poll
  11. This summer is going to be hot and Steamy with all these sales going on. What better time would it be to go on a multi-player adventure and fight with some barbarians, trolls, and catfish in Castle Crashers? Or if your heart seeks mystery with your battles, then you could check out BattleBlock Theater. Get BattleBlock Theater at 50% off until June 30th. Get Castle Crashers at 75% off until June 30th. The two DLC packs are also discounted! As an added bonus, BattleBlock Theater has some special rewards as a part of the Summer Adventure on Steam! Crafting the Summer Adventure badge gets you 1 in-game item (crafting the foil badge gets you 5 items!) These items are both tradable and marketable. Start crafting now before you lose this chance to get these three BattleBlock Theater special unlocks! (The rules HERE.) Spread the good news to your friends and family before they find out that you knew and you didn’t even mention it and then they’d be like, “oh, no you didn’t!” Mmhmm. Don’t be like that. Be the hero.
  12. Hello EVERYBODY! After a while of missing copies and stuff I FINALLY re bought BBT,I'm well on my way to completing it BUT my problem is I need someone to play it with,I know that its fun to play by yourself but I want to have LOADS of fun. If you want to play with me add me on steam username: Potatofarm71
  13. I dont know how many people know about this but as I was replaying Battleblock theater at the end where your getting back on the ship you can notice that the fat kid from alien hominid is present with a gun firing bullets. Heres a picture I have never seen this been reported so i thought ill tell some people. It also looks like the CC art style.
  14. We missed doing this last year but we're happy to be celebrating Halloween with you this year! Will you be having a night of knights, prisoners or aliens? Want to test your mad carving skills and take it to the max, Behemoth style? To enter this contest just post a photo of your BattleBlock Theater, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, PDA Games, or Dad ‘N Me or other Behemothy creation in this thread on our forums. On the night of November 4th this thread will be locked, so get your entries in by then! We will review the entries and on November 9th we'll select at least three winners in each category: Costumes and Carvings. Judging will be based on originality, hilarity and craftsmanship. Prizes will include Behemoth T-shirts, figurines, and other fun goodies to add to your Halloween swag. The most important thing is to have fun and please be respectful to other contestants. Can't wait to see all the creatively crafty entries! Rules n stuff: group entries are allowed! you entry must be your own creation (or your group’s, parent’s, family’s). if you won in a previous year, you can’t win again with the same entry. So try something new! you may enter more than once Do not post comments on the entries in this thread. I'd like to keep this thread to just entries, so it's easy for us to find the entries. This discussion thread was be created so you can discuss ideas, thoughts on people's entries (Respectful posts that aren't insults!), post questions, etc. Need ideas?? Check out all the frighteningly awesome entries from the winners of our last Halloween contest HERE!
  15. Anyone can enter and here are the rules! : - Quiting will result in a disqualification - I will be refferee unless I am playing in that round where someone else will ref - Any weapon is allowed exept Snuggle Bubbler weapons. Zane can still play though - Best 2 out of 3 - Add your gamertag in your post - Day will be either the 20th, or 21st or (most likely) both - Time will be roughly 5:25 - 9:30ish PST - I will post the winners and losers of each round in this topic - (If you can, will Morg make the banners like the Smash Tournament?) - Side-basketing may or may not be aloud - I will accept 16 or so competiters Have fun, and get training!
  16. Even the word “hopeless” has the word “hope” in it. And if you rearrange the letters it spells “peeslosh!” – BattleBlock Theater Narrator As we first mentioned in our Twitch stream with The Creatures, we want you to send us your “Peeslosh” moments in BattleBlock Theater (or any game made by The Behemoth) so we can feature it in a future Twitch stream! Send about 15-60 seconds of video with your game-play and feel free to add commentary. If we like it, we’ll show it on a future Twitch stream and give you a shout out. Email your clip to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com or post them in the comments below if you feel comfortable sharing it publicly. If you didn’t catch our silly explanation of “Peeslosh” Moments in our last Twitch stream then you can check it out now: Happy playing! Looking forward to seeing your videos!
  17. GT: Pratt dog20 ________________________________________________________________________________________ Looking for unicorn willing to give 15 yarn and 700 gems add me if interested ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S Moding Glitching and scamming are not acceptable and you will be reported note I will be recording while trading with you but I wont post it to yt twitch or anything unless I give it to behemoth ________________________________________________________________________________________ ADD ME AND MSG ME IF INTRESTED ________________________________________________________________________________________ Stay Sexy my friends
  18. Hello My GT is Pratt dog20 I am on xbox360 and I am looking for the cecil starhead willing to buy it for 350 gems if interested send request and message saying deal also I will be doing starhead giveaway when I get all starheads if you give me the cecil you may end up getting it or even more heads back ________________________________________________________________________________________ P.S NOTE ALL TRADES ARE RECORDED FOR MONITERING PURPOSES TO PREVENT HACKERS GLITCHERS AND SCAMMERS! ________________________________________________________________________________________ Will Also throw in 21 yarn ________________________________________________________________________________________ GT Pratt dog20
  19. The results are in! After we went through over 90 playlists made by the community (good job to everyone!), our judges have finished selecting the winner of the Arena Playlist Creation Contest for both Steam and XBLA. Winners will be contacted via email so we can send them an autographed Hatty Hattington bust and their playlists will be featured this week in BattleBlock Theater! Without further ado…here is the winner for Steam and honorable mentions, with descriptions by Mase and our level design crew: Steam Winner Game of Kings – by Hexadoodle Checkmate. Dramatically, this playlist was the last playlist we saw when judging the competition. Just like the pivotal move in a chess match — you know, besides stalemates or dumping the pieces on the floor — this playlist bested its competition through cunning design and execution. Each level within this playlist is creatively themed around chess, its pieces and their movements. You’ll be chopping wood throughout this full complement of friendly game modes. A book-win for Hexadoodle! Steam Honorable Mentions Gold & Glory (Grab the Gold Maps) by Cautious Plastic Grab the Gold is a silly game with silly rules won by silly people. Designing levels that take advantage of this game mode’s unique characteristics is no easy feat. The creator of this playlist pulled off 15 great Grab the Gold levels in a row! Great use of the Steam Workshop with a professional presentation cemented this playlist’s honorable mention. Hatty Cup 2014 by KLJF22 One of our judges called this the “best set of Ball Game levels he’s ever played.” This creator implemented well-polished and inventive use of mechanics on each and every pitch! This playlist contains a well maintained soccer field theme on every level which really makes you feel like Pelé Beckhamington, the greatest ball game prison competitor that ever was! GOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLL! Duckshark Arena by Obama’s Mama A crackerjack collection of levels using every game mode, all featuring Ducksharks! Many stages actually look like Ducksharks! The final level is the definitive Duckshark Arena! There’s Ducksharks and Lasers and chaos and Ducksharks! This playlist is really fond of Ducksharks– and in the case of the preantepenultimate playlist, we are too. For this week, we’re featuring the winning playlists and giving BattleBlock Theater players a special unlock befitting of this occasion: Purrham Furbottom! All you’ll need to do is load up the game and go to an online area to unlock this gentleman. (Now, go play this Arena Feature! The designer worked hard on them and deserves your audience participation. Go on now…)
  20. July 4th weekend we’ll be at Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin, TX and you’ll be able to meet us at Booth 131! We’re bringing out all of our big titles in our big arcade cabinets: Alien Hominid, BattleBlock Theater, and Castle Crashers. These cabinets were specifically designed by our producer, John Baez, and custom built in-house by our crew for shows like RTX. Come experience our games with the retro feel of a joystick and huge buttons. (Your fingers will be delighted!) And if that isn’t reason enough to come say hello, then we will do our best to entice you with our high quality game merchandise. Some of the highlights include our “Game 4?” tee and never before seen Hatty Hattington bust! For a more complete list and prices, check out the details below: SHIRTS $20 W = women’s sizes available Skeleton Battle (W) SS Friendship (W) Pooping Deer (W) Tofu (W) Game 4? (W) Cat Guard HATS $15 Aviator Cubano Duck Shark Plush Raccoon Plush Bitey Plush CASTLE CRASHERS FIGURINES $20 Blue Knight Red Knight Green Knight Orange Knight Pink Knight 4 Pack $60 CASTLE CRASHERS CHARMS $5 Chicken Cardinal MonkeyFace Giraffe BiPolar Bear Troll Bitey Pazzo Rammy KEYCHAINS $5 3D Knight Flat Knight Behemoth Chicken Alien Hominid Hatty Thief Red Knight Blue Knight Green Knight Orange Knight Pink Knight Necromancer Racoon Barbarian Cat Guard OTHER Chicken Plush $20 Cat Guard Dog Toy $10 Cat Guard Piggy Bank $20 Necromancer Wallet $15 Castle Crashers XBLA Code and Medallion $15 Hatty Bust $15 NOTE: All merchandise and games shown are subject to change. We plan it out to the best of our abilities, but sometimes stuff happens. Amirite? Let us know what you look forward to most from our booth at RTX! Leave us a comment below!
  21. When I finally finished my Playlist in battleblock theater for the arena play contest I uploaded it and its gone! I came here for instructions to see if I can find it in the community theater but nothing was there I searched my name and playlist name but nothing appeared. you guys can try. My playlist is Epic Arena or Epic arena and my gamertag is ProAM1999
  22. Hello Prisoners, today I am introducing you to my new game: The Head Version Game! What to do:take a released star head (ex. I see You) Just take components from others heads and your own ideas, and mix them into a new head Rules: Don't copy others Don't Use photoshop (unless it's a small component not like an entire head)(you can use either the regular or a blank, and move the character onto the blank and start that way Be respectful to others creations Don't use Hatty Extras That can help you:You can use your own heads (even the ones from like last year) I will choose the head you have to edit when 5+ say "I'm in" means you have 2 days to work then when I say times up, post it.Then there will be 1st 2nd 3rd, then I choose another, and so on.Also if you participate alot in it and there is a head that look hard, you can say "I'm out" and you can skip until the next head.Also I might use custom heads from the internet. Well, here is the head.Say I'm In to be able to draw the head for the comp. Good Luck! Head:Scuba Steve
  23. Can’t believe the crushing excitement and playable insanity of our upcoming Ball Game Steam tournament? Us either! But don’t worry, you sensitive creative types — we haven’t forgotten you. Starting today, we’re accepting submissions for our BattleBlock Theater Arena Mode Playlist Creation Contest! Anyone 13 or older can submit their original XBLA or Steam Arena Mode playlists for consideration. We’re accepting playlist submissions from July 15th to August 15th. The very best playlists for each platform (as decided by our panel of judges) will be awarded grand prizes or honorable mentions. The grand prize will be some awesome BattleBlock Theater merchandise signed by our Level Designers, as well as immediate and exciting recognition as an Arena Mode Feature in-game. Honorable mentions will also receive incredible BattleBlock Theater merchandise, and consideration for future Features. There will be one grand prize per platform (so that’s two total — one for XBLA and one for Steam), as well as two additional honorable mentions per platform. To read all the important info and to register your Arena playlist, go HERE. Good luck!
  24. I saw a similar post here: (and tried everything there ) I'm having the same issue even though I followed everything on that post. I'm using x360 emulator and it works fine for castle crashers and on steam's big picture. But it wont work on battleblock theater :/ I'm using a gamemaster 337 with the emulator I copied the .exe and .dll files into the Battleblock theater folder, started the app, closed it, and started up the game but it doesnt recognize my controller when it says press any button, nothing happens.. I didn't use the mouse to start the game, only the controller, and it still doesn't work.. I'd really love some help on this issue ^-^
  25. EDIT: Tournament is now over! Here are the winners: Watch live: BattleBlock Theater hit One Million leader board entries today! (Huzzah XBLA & Steam community!) Add that with the World Cup excitement and we’ve got a fitting time to hold our first BattleBlock Theater Steam Ball Game Tournament! Anyone 13 or older can register and we’ll be accepting up to 60 registrations before July 9th. All registrants must be available on July 10th between 9AM-5PM for a qualifying audition round (don’t worry, we’ll schedule a slot with you ahead of time!) and available for the entire Tournament period of 3PM-5:30PM on July 16, 2014. The grand prize will be a mystery prize + some awesome BattleBlock Theater merchandise. Mystery prize will be revealed on our live Twitch stream of the Tournament on July 16, 2014 — so even if you don’t join the tournament, make sure you mark your calendars to watch! For those of you who are interested in registering, get all the info on the official BattleBlock Theater Steam Ball Game Tournament page HERE.