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Found 180 results

  1. Post below what playlist (solo, coop, or arena) you would want to be see featured next or possibly very soon! After a few people have casted their vote below I will make a thread containing all the ones for everyone to vote for! (It's ok if you pick your own ) I would say (not out of selfishness) my solo adventure playlist "Road Not Taken" because I spent 4 months creating it, adding every detail I can, adjusting certain obstacles, and replaying many countless times and put good effort into it and would like to see it featured one day
  2. I'll edit the poll as more star heads get introduced, but what is your favorite right now? For me, it would be the donut. Who does not like donuts?
  3. Does anyone have any stories of themselves or anyone you played with who was very nice? I'll go first to get the ball rolling. Today, a guy in the trading booth gave me two rare star heads. For free! Sad to say I didn't catch his GT though.
  4. Hey I was wondering... If maybe... Possibly... Someone could... Play my coop adventure playlist Mis Adventures which is currently featured and/or my solo adventure playlist Road Not Taken and record themselves playing it with commentary (and facecam optional) No one has to, it's okay, I just want to get a feel of how other people would play one's playlist and the creator seeing how it is and get a feel of what's good what's bad and what needs changes in the future. So if someone could record themselves playing one or both of my playlist with commentary and facecam optional I would be so thankful and totally in your gratitude, thanks
  5. New Blog Format! Howdy y’all! So if you haven’t already seen our new layout to the blog, head on over and check it out! You can now sort through our posts by clicking “Development” or “News.” Your "forum ID" has also mystically and awesome-ly morphed in a Behemoth Community ID, which you can use to post comments on Blog posts. Please feel free to log in and post a comment to our Blog articles when comments are on. 2013 marks our 10th year and we've posted a video to our blog that's a quick recap of all of our games thus far! From Alien Hominid, to Castle Crashers, to PDA Games & Super Soviet on iOS and finally this year to BattleBlock Theater. It’s been a decade of The Behemoth games and we want to thank you! SALE! Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers on Xbox LIVE are 50% OFF! BattleBlock Theater on Xbox LIVE is 33% off! In addition to the new blog this week and new video upload, many of you may have already noticed that all three of our Xbox LIVE arcade titles are on sale this week! Woohoo! You can get Alien Hominid HD and Castle Crashers for 50% off, and BattleBlock Theater all for 33% off the original price until September 16th. Not only is this because we want to thank you for 10 years, it is also because this week is our very own Dan Paladin’s birthday. So please say “Happy Birthday” to our fearless leader and thank him for dedicating 10 years of his life to The Behemoth with his art. To many more years to come! Find out more on our blog, and watch our recap video!
  6. Ahhh, August 26th. Smack dab in the DOG days of summer. A day that officially recognizes man's best friend. According to national... institutes. Of America. And such. (Seriously, guys. Check it out.) We're puppy people at The Behemoth, so we're celebrating National Dog Day by bringing back Dan Paladin's bestest buddy! ... No, we're not sending Will Stamper to your doorstep. *coughcough* We're hooking y'all up with Winston! Starting from today through next Tuesday (September 3rd), simply boot up BattleBlock Theater and enter the Furbottom's Feature section to unlock Winston. No playlist completion required. Pop him on your Prisoner noggin' and send those catguards flying. Then celebrate with dog biscuits, and hugs from your favorite furry friend! Though if you don't have a canine companion handy, don't worry. We've got lots of pics of the real Winston and our whole fuzzy family on the official Behemoth Instagram for you to enjoy. Happy National Dog Day, everyone! Snap up Winston before he's gone... through September 3rd!
  7. Hello there! I'm looking to trade my Alien and Castle Crasher heads for other special heads that I don't have, those are... Gerard Lava Lamp Cat Control Toast Winston Furbottom Behemoth Chicken The ones I do have are... Tiny Monkey Steam Roll Victim #1 Wheels Man Birth Donut Rose Sausage Duck Shark 25% Off Prisoner BLOCKeteer Siren So if you are willing to trade me, reply to this post and let me know or even message me on Xbox Live. Gamertag: DylanSmithies And remember, buckle your pants.
  8. Five years ago, we released our second game title: Castle Crashers. It started off on Xbox LIVE, then a couple years later it was on PlayStation, and most recently we joined the Steam community. Thanks to the support of our fans we were able to reach over 4 million downloads across the three different platforms since 2008! It has both motivated and allowed us to continue pursuing our dream of making original content for games. For the super fans of Castle Crashers and our recently released Xbox LIVE title, BattleBlock Theater, we have unlocked a special prisoner just for you! This spottiest of animal orbs is being released into the puzzling world of BBT: That's right, it's Giraffey! All you have to do to get him is sign in to Xbox LIVE and boot up your full version of BattleBlock Theater. Once you’re in the game, click around a bit in the menus and Giraffey should unlock for you. Our devblog announcement post is here!
  9. Hello, this is my new solo story/adventure playlist I've been working on very (very) slowly since round about the game was released back in April. It consists of the standard story format, 9 adventure, 2 finales, and 3 encores along with a secret bonus level hidden in level 6...or is it? I guess you'll have to find out for yourself by playing it. There isn't really a set difficulty for this playlist, some of them are easy while are few are challenging. The A+ times were made by playing the level through and recording my time, so to get all the strawberries you'll have to beat my best. The playlist name and my gamertag are below. Playlist Name: Cat Chaos My Gamertag: Toby 5125 Playlist Type: Solo Story Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my playlist.
  10. There’s a Triple Threat coming your way! This week, we’ve pulled out another three special prisoners for BattleBlock Theater! Why you ask? Simple answer: Because we love you. Long story: Back in 2002, Dan and Tom’s flash version of Alien Hominid was first birthed ontoNewgrounds. The date of birth was August 7, 2002. And yes, that was earlier this week! So we’re going to bring you one of the characters of Newgrounds: Fatkid! And we were planning on giving you a freebie anyway, so you’ll also be getting Snail when you log in. Get those two for the next week (until August 15th) just for signing in to Xbox LIVE and loading up the full version of BattleBlock Theater! Finally, the third special prisoner released this week will be Triple Threat! Yup, it’s almost like you get three prisoners in one. This bad boy–or girl, we’re not sure–is unlocked when you finish either the latest solo or co-op playlist in Furbottom’s Features. Get through all those levels and you achieve greatness. Happy playing, friends and fans! (Oh and happy birthday to our favorite [gun]friendly alien!)
  11. Hi Guys!!!!!!!!!! Post all of your ideas for battleblock theater here I will go first: I think that there should be a setting where the host can lock the gift shop so that you wont be trapped tradding for 2 hours.... also i think that there should be a free for all setting so its no teams basicly that would be really fun for King of the hill,Muckle,and Challenge! POST YOUR WONDERFULL IDEAS HERE
  12. Last night I was lamenting the absence of BBT on PSN analyzing the BBT character chart Dan Paladin once posted in a topic: (the line crosses the already liberated star heads) I could be wrong, my ideas could be completely incorrect, but what if... If you look at the number of missing characters in the chart, you'll conclude there's 63 character spots left. Taking away the ones already given to us generously by the Behemoth team, we're left with 36. Every friday, a new head is distributed, sometimes even three. Let's suppose they stick to the one head every friday standard, in 36 weeks they'll have released all heads (unless they decide to give away more than one) - still, we're forgetting something, the rumored DLCs. A month has approximately 4 weeks, if they occupy 36, another 9 months will be required for the completion of the chart shown above. Supposing 2, maybe 3 DLCs will be available in the near future, we're left with a year and a half of direct content for BBT exclusively on the Xbox 360. My Prediction: We can only hope BBT content for other platforms in some time close to a year and a half or more/less (according to how fast things proceed). In the meantime, I'll patiently wait playing Castle Crashers xD
  13. I bought the game Alien Hominid Game about 2 hours ago. I played it for 5 minutes to check it out and it worked fine. After that I played Battleblock where I found an invisible player, either he's a hacker or a glitch in the trading booth. Soon after, I went back on Hominid and the game doesn't work! The main menu is blank and if I click the large X button on the control it comes on for a second. Anyone know what happened?
  14. Welcome, to BattleBlock Theater, Now showing Caturday Night performed live. Each showing is recorded live and available for purchase in the gift shop. Brought to you by the director of rent stage sensation, MindBender! Unfortunately due to a print shop error there is no official script so all performers will be ad libing. Auditioning new performers now. Over the top fun can be had on Caturday Night so long as you keep your wits about you and look for the pieces to the puzzles. Gamertag: KMKHunter Playlist: Caturday Night Type: Solo Adventure Comments: Any and all thoughts appreciated. Weither its "Awesome playlist" or "This one part is eating my soul"! I can and will take feedback into account when/if any revisions take place. Note: My goal for this set was challanging but not difficult. Each trick has its own quirks which can make them hard or easy depending on how you come at it. I tried really hard to make it fair and to make sure there was no random troll deaths. Also tried to make everything skill based without the need for having insane luck to make it through. No walls of lasers or invisible block "surprise got ya" moments here. (Edit to come later for further details)
  15. Hello, fellow citizens of the BBT community! You may have not noticed yet, but Behemoth has announced this week's new heads! Here's the post if you missed it. But, although i'm sure my previous thoughts were correct, I do have a question about the... THE AMAZING FANTASTIC DUCK/SHARK/THING HEAD! *Ahem* Anyway, the post said this would be released on the 17th, on the "unofficial first night" of the San Diego Comic Con. I, myself, have no idea when that is for starters. But, what I really want to ask, is how will this head work? Will we have to come on BBT at a certain time and receive it as an exclusive head? Or will it be available until the end of the week? It's not a big deal anything, but i'm just curious.
  16. As promised, we’re bringing you two special prisoner unlocks this week in BattleBlock Theater! The first one will be unlocked right when you sign into your Xbox LIVE account and roll into the full version of BattleBlock Theater. Yes, just for playing you’ll be getting Steamroll Victim #1! Victim #1 will be available for the next week so log in soon before it’s gone! Then when you’ve got a bit of time to run through the new solo or co-op playlist in Furbottoms Features, you’ll get Gerard as a reward for completing the whole playlist! And you can look forward to playing with or against another Gerard because, as Aaron puts it, ”you get two of ‘em in a room together so that the head-butt/high-fives can finally commence!” Gerard is available until the next Furbottoms Features playlists are updated.
  17. Hey all Im a bit new and glad I can start making threads now. Wondering if anyone was up for playing Battleblock Theater. Anything and everything is fine whether it be a normal run-through for those who just got the game or those looking for an insane co-op partner. Even those who want to run furrbottom to get the heads that get released every 2 weeks or possibly doing some player created content or some of the competitive modes. Either way Im fine with any of it. I am looking for an insane co-op partner personally but it would be nice to have more than 1 friend who plays regularly. I should mention that I dont really have a working mic at the moment so it may be difficult to communicate but I plan to get one very soon. I also have Castle Crashers if anyones interested in playing that aswell.
  18. What does it mean to be an artist at The Behemoth studio? Our newest artist in the development team, Eric Haddad, will go into detail about his process as an artist who worked on BattleBlock Theater: Introduction Oh, hello internet – I mean, people on the internet. My name is Eric Haddad. I’ve been in the art department at The Behemoth for about two years now. I’ve worked mostly on BattleBlock Theater (BBT) but also provide support for any other art needs for the folks here. Today, I’m here to talk a little bit about the art production on BattleBlock Theater and a little about what it’s like working on a project that isn’t in the same art “style” as I would normally work in. Read the rest of this entry on our devblog »
  19. Just in case you didn't catch this piece of news, you still have another day and a half to get a prisoner unlock just for signing in: It’s summer. The time when we lose our focus because we’re catching too many rays–or wishing we were. Being resident San Diegans, we’re all about having that summer fun. So as a special start to the summer, we’re going to have another prisoner unlock every week of July 2013 (this includes those Furbottom’s Features unlocks) and you can add these new star prisoners to your list of BattleBlock Theater buddies. Let’s start off the summer by giving you Wheels! Just sign in to Xbox LIVE, access your full version of BattleBlock Theater and within minutes the prisoner will unlock in the game!
  20. Hey Battleblockers! I had an idea for a new customization feature that i emailed The Behemoth about. I had the idea of unlocking items that u can equip on your back like the trophies many of u already have. I would love to have this feature and i know many of u guys do as well. How awesome would it be to have like a Golden Hat item to keep on your back if u get enough of them in the levels! Or maybe even a backpack! If u want this in the game i highly recommend leaving positive feedback because i told the Behemoth i was making this topic. See you all in the Arena! Reckreational signing out!!!
  21. I am trying to buy the winston head. I have the variety of every head except Winston, and not to mention the amount of gems and yarn i have amassed. I can meet nearly every request. However if you read this post soon after it is posted it is possible i cannot trade until i have XBOX access. You can message me here or add me via XBOX. GT: McNastySlayer. Thank you for your time and offers.
  22. I've been looking for the Winston and Toast heads for a while, but (as expected), nobody wants to trade them. I realized I have an unused 400MSP code lying around, so I figured I might as well use it for something. Under some circumstances, I may sweeten the deal (include gems, more points, etc.), but I'll likely only add more points for Winston. If you're interested, include which head(s) you're offering and your gamertag. There is no obligation for me to scam you, as I would likely be banned for doing so, making obtaining the heads moot. If I do not give you the points (though I promise to), you may report this happening to the proper authorities and (of course), cite this thread as evidence. The code will be given to you via message on Xbox Live, and/or via PM on the Behemoth Community Forums by request..
  23. Today, we salute all those who have helped birth a child, or manbirthed anything they’ve viewed as their child. If you believe you are a father, then happy Papa Day to you! If there’s any reason you may be a father of some kind, we salute you. And to show you our appreciation as children of the world, we are giving all fathers (or anyone who has the full version of BattleBlock Theater because we don’t discriminate, yo), a new prisoner unlock for today and the rest of the week. Our gift to you: Manbirth. All you have to do is sign in to your Xbox LIVE account, load up the full version of BattleBlock Theater and BOOM SHAKALAKA you have Manbirth. Note: If Manbirth does not pop up immediately, try going to Furbottoms Features to trigger the unlock. You won’t need to complete the Furbottoms Features to get this prisoner. Happy Father’s Day!
  24. We’re excited to announce that our friends Mega64 will be joining us on our next Play with the Devs live Twitch TV stream next Thursday! We’ve and are happy to have the chance to bring them to our studio for a super two hour long episode where The Behemoth and Mega64 team up to duel the gaming community! Yes, Rocco, Derrick, and Shawn of Mega64 will be pairing up with Dan, Aaron, Kyle and Megan of The Behemoth for an epic battle in BattleBlock Theater. We’ll host the games under Mr P Furbottom and Mr H Hattington and play the newest Arena features playlist against random teams of fans. Join us in the chatroom, watch us play or play against us on June 27th! Play with the Devs w/ guest star Mega64 Date: Thursday, June 27th, 2013 Time: 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m PDT For our first hour, we’ll be doing some local game play with the Mega64 guys and then opening it up to the community in the second hour. So you can watch us battle each other and find our weaknesses before you go up against us! Location: Our Twitch TV channel
  25. Well you’ve read about our fabulous experiences working with Will Stamper, now read Will Stamper’s experiences being fabulous (My words, not his. Don’t want to take away his street cred). We asked him for yet another favor: to write on the subject of working with us at The Behemoth for BattleBlock Theater. He’ll give you his history with Dan Paladin, talk about developing the cinematics, quips & scripts, he’ll give you a few tips if you’re an aspiring voice actor or looking to work with one, and he’s even given us a list of equipment he uses. That’s like giving us the whole secret recipe!! Note: We’ve run the original post through the cleansing machine so it remains family friendly but we think there’s still plenty of Will Stamper flavor in the post! Edited sections have been marked in red. Anyway, we give you: Will Stamper: Hello my precious treats! It’s me, the narrator of BattleBlock Theater, Will Stamper. I’ll be gunning for comprehensive here, so grab a coffee or something…this might get a bit long. That’s what she ANYWAYS don’t feel obligated to read the whole thing, you won’t hurt my feelings. Okie dokes, let’s – WAIT – since I’m far too familiar with the flavor of my own foot, I’ll go ahead and drop a safety net over the Behemoth right now and take full responsibility for everything said below this point. You know, just in case stuff gets weird. For example, if I were to say: “Don Cheadle touches dude’s butts in his spare time”, it would be MY opinion, not The Behemoth’s. And for the record, it’s unlikely that Don Cheadle touches dude’s butts in his spare time. However, I’m far beyond speculation on this matter; my research will continue, and I will not stop until I’ve uncovered the truth. Will working at The Behemoth studio. Major street cred points for this pic. Read the rest of the entry on our devblog HERE.