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Found 180 results

  1. The topic states the obvious, but I am curious about the price since I haven't seen much about it anywhere else. Also, since the Alien Hominid PDA games came with extra content, will BBT possibly have same scheme? Input, please!
  2. Take your time to make this game even more amazing then what we have seen so far....That is pretty much it. P.S Can we get a new "Profile" for an inmate anytime soon? P.S.S Love you all keep up the good work.
  3. Hey Behemoth Chickies, Happy Halloween!! We wanted to share a picture of an awesome costume that was made for one of The Behemoth team member's son. Behold! BattleBlock Theater prisoner number ???? ! I don't think they've revealed this information yet. Perhaps his file is still classified and locked in the vault. We do have a sneak peek at his mug shot though: Father and son made the head with some mesh that was painted red and black+white for the face. With the help of Anna the Red, they also got an amazing cat plush to go on top. Props to Anna for such a pro job! Don't forget that you still have until November 4, 2012 to enter your photos of the Behemothy creations you've come up with! Post your photos of your costume and pumpkin carvings for a chance to win some prizes. Go here to post your entry. We hope that you are all having a safe and fun All Hallows Eve! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures.
  4. Just wondering if The Behemoth was going to be there or not thats all.
  5. [Edit] This contest is now closed. Please return to forums the week of May 8th to vote for your favorite story entry out of the 10 finalists! Aspiring writers (and professional writers) this is your chance to flex your finger muscles and type up a short story for cool stuff! Choose 2 knights as your protagonist or antagonist (main characters) and create a short back-story for those characters. (Green knight, Red knight, Blue knight, Orange knight, Grey knight, or Pink knight) You can write in any style that you want. However, please check for grammatical and spelling errors before submitting. We will not edit it for you! Rules: Entries must be 450-550 words in length. No more and no less. You must e-mail your entries to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com The deadline to enter will be May 1st, 2012 at 5pm PST. Up to 2 entries per person only. Anyone can enter! Finalists will be selected that weekend and posted on The Behemoth Community Forums on May 8th. *Active forum members will get a week to vote for their favorite story. Writing will be considered purely fictional and will not serve as an official story for those characters. Winners will be announced by May 16th and prizes will be distributed shortly after. Winners must be okay with us reblogging the story (linking it to Twitter, Facebook, Google+). A total of 5 prizes will be given away: Your choice of Castle Crashers on XBLA / PSN America or a BattleBlock "**Duck Shark" T-shirt (Tee only available at trade shows!) *Active forum members = members with more than 5 approved posts. Newly registered members are unable to vote in the polls and must wait for approval from moderators before posts are visible. **Check out Duck Shark in the opening cinematic of BattleBlock Theater!