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Found 36 results

  1. Post your xbox one gamertag here and find people to play with! Have fun!
  2. Earlier today, the Behemoth released their first trailer for Pit People. Thoughts? Edit: Something's wrong with the URL, I don't know what's wrong :/
  3. As of today, I have completed 4/15 levels on my first co-op playlist, and I want to know what kind of puzzles people want to see in a co-op playlist. If you want to test my levels, (if you're not already) you can add me as a friend on Xbox Live.Gt - xDerpySquid11x
  4. If you could have one piece of The Behemoth's merchadise, what would you get? I would get the 10 year aniversary shirt, since it has a lot of characters from all of there games (except PP), and overall is a shirt celabrating a great occasion.
  5. Yesterday at E3, Castle Crashers: Remastered was announced for Xbox One this summer. Thoughts?
  6. Hello, Behemoth friends. Recently an update for Steam has been added. It makes you pay for mods in the Steam Workshop. 75% goes to Valve, and the rest to the creator. In my opinion this is downright unacceptable. The Steam Workshop is supposed to be a place where creators can share their mods freely with others. So, if you agree with me. Please sign this petition for the good of the Steam community. At the point of this we need 3,045 people to sign. For the good of all of us who want to have fun playing free mods. Please sign this:
  7. In BBT, one of my new years goal is to get in the top 100 on the global leaderboards. I have been wondering if anyone has any gems they don't care about, anywhere from 5 gems to +100 gems, anything will help. Thanks!
  8. Last night, I was watching a YT video from a friend of mine named slippy5 (on xbox) or slippy318 (on YT), and while he was fighting the catfish he made a point that really made sense. You know how the catfish is the bear's god? The knights killed it. And then they killed his followers. That doesn't seem very nice, they're animals. And then once you get to the Wedding, you kill the groom while his son (I think the cyclops is the son) is in the bathroom. You killed the groom during his wedding. Yes, he did steal the princess, but still that just isn't nice. Then, you kill his son. Twice. You even kill aliens. They could have all been wiped out! (I am not pointing out flaws in the game, CC is tied for my best game ever!) Anyways, I hope it made a little bit of sense, and go check out my friend's channel, he was in the Tournament of Champions!
  9. Original Post Okay, since this year's awards have been slightly off-track for their course, I'm taking over to get the last couple of voting rounds complete. Thanks to Cat Guard for his hard work up until now! (-Chris) New Schedule for Voting: Jan 9th - Jan 12th: Voting round to limit every category to 5 nominees Jan 13th - Jan 16th: Final voting (to be submitted via PM) Jan 17th: Announcement of Winners! Here is the (slightly updated) awards list: Voting is now over! Thank you to everyone who voted! Your 2014 Award Winners are: Congrats to all the award winners (and thank you for the Mod of the Year award )! Hopefully we see even more enthusiasm during next year's awards. Thanks again to everybody who nominated, all the nominees, everybody who voted, and (of course) the award winners!
  10. Coming soon to Battleblock Theatre is... Monster Island! I hope you enjoy the adventure! It's action packed and really cool! Coming soon to your nearest Battleblock Theatre game! GT: RedHotSword3256.
  11. There have been some great playlists, and here is another! This is my 3rd announced playlist after the Hall of Pain, and Merry Fistmas. This will be my first solo playlist and my first adventure playlist! If you have made a adventure playlist, feel free to give me any tips(or if you were creative enough to make a duckshark playlist)! The release date is before new years eve! See you there! [roughly 37.5 ducksharks are harmed in the making of this playlist]
  12. Every now and then I look at who is online, and it says sera. Nothing happens if I try to click on it, and if l look at members named Sera, the closest is someone who hasn't been online in months. What is this? Is it like a missingno thing?
  13. Post your wish list or What you want for your birthday or the holidays on this topic! Personally I want a PS4 I have 200 dollars saved up but I need 200 more so close yet so far!
  14. Do you want to know what else hurts? Getting kicked in the testicles. At school, someone kicked me really hard there and I fell on the ground after it. You ever been kicked there? (only boys can really answer, but girls can still post here)
  15. Grab your eggnog, and put on your santa hats! First up, is Halloween. Once that is gone, we have Thanksgiving! And what is next for most people? Hanukkah? No! Its CHRISTMAS! My second playlist, aswell as my second arena playlist is being created and will hit (battleblock) theaters on ??/??/14. It is a Christmas themed playlist with crummy names like my hall of pain playlist. I want to thank MeltedCow for talking about holiday themed playlists that turned my brain to a lightbulb. If anyone has suggestions, tell me... well, here! This is a work in progress playlist and I am currently working on the first level. Thank you all for the support as I was making my H.o.P. playlist! Speaking of eggnog, we need an eggnog thread..... - Michael
  16. As of 10:23 pm PTS on 10/19/14, Hall of Pain is now out! Featuring 15 Arena levels to kill your friends in! 5 Ball Game, 2 CTW, 3 Muckle, 1 Soul Snatcher, 2 CTH, 2 Grab the Gold, 15 fun! I began this playlist in the middle of summer before the contest and had fun making it. Have fun and I will be hosting games of it every day! Hall of Pain Now In a Theater near you Have fun killing your friends!
  17. Congratualations Chuckola Films! All 3 of you now have +1,000 likes! (I did Grant's 1000!) Not only is getting 1,000 posts hard, but 1,000 likes?!?!?!? That is AMAZING. That means over 3,000 times, someone clicked 'Like' for y'all. Well, congrats for being the first 3! And that you are all in Chuckola Films! How coincidental! Wonder who will be the 4th? Great Job You Guys! - Cat Guard/Michael
  18. Anyone can enter and here are the rules! : - Quiting will result in a disqualification - I will be refferee unless I am playing in that round where someone else will ref - Any weapon is allowed exept Snuggle Bubbler weapons. Zane can still play though - Best 2 out of 3 - Add your gamertag in your post - Day will be either the 20th, or 21st or (most likely) both - Time will be roughly 5:25 - 9:30ish PST - I will post the winners and losers of each round in this topic - (If you can, will Morg make the banners like the Smash Tournament?) - Side-basketing may or may not be aloud - I will accept 16 or so competiters Have fun, and get training!
  19. So... yeah! Im doing art again and am only using MS Paint and will do some Pixel Art. Not right now but maybe soon I will take requests as long as I get credit. Some Behemoth Stuff, some other stuff Reminder: I put around 15 min each and will do it around 3 times a week. Trust me guys, this is actually my stuff hope you all enjoy! - Michael/Cat Guard
  20. Anyone remember my Hall of Pain thread? Well im almost done and I want to invite people to private matches to see if you guys have any tips. Send me a friend request (xDerpySquid11x) and message me if you want me to invite you. This is my first playlist and im no 8Bitten so I kinda need help. Thanks! - Cat Guard Edit: when I look up hall of pain, it just shows wrestling crud. Hall of Pain Coming to a Theater Near You
  21. Hi guys! We have many successful threads like RPF, Music, and many others...... but what are you guys and galls eating right now? Im eating a corndog... im trying to make a successful topic guys... help me!
  22. Hay Guys! Today, (9/26) is my birthday and also my 4 month aniversary! I have made a thread (similar to salt on toast) where you can say what you don't like about me. Or you can say what you do like. Please keep it PG, and have fun. Im the bday gurl. even though im a guy......
  23. I have decided to turn over a new leaf. For too long I've peed in buckets, and spat on my fans. As your New Bieber, I promise I will only pee in buckets, twice an hour, and spit on hobos instead. I have no reason to spit on fans, and I can only hope you will see me as I am now instead of who I used to be. ~Hate, Justin Bieber