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Found 36 results

  1. Hi guys! We have many successful threads like RPF, Music, and many others...... but what are you guys and galls eating right now? Im eating a corndog... im trying to make a successful topic guys... help me!
  2. As of 10:23 pm PTS on 10/19/14, Hall of Pain is now out! Featuring 15 Arena levels to kill your friends in! 5 Ball Game, 2 CTW, 3 Muckle, 1 Soul Snatcher, 2 CTH, 2 Grab the Gold, 15 fun! I began this playlist in the middle of summer before the contest and had fun making it. Have fun and I will be hosting games of it every day! Hall of Pain Now In a Theater near you Have fun killing your friends!
  3. Anyone remember my Hall of Pain thread? Well im almost done and I want to invite people to private matches to see if you guys have any tips. Send me a friend request (xDerpySquid11x) and message me if you want me to invite you. This is my first playlist and im no 8Bitten so I kinda need help. Thanks! - Cat Guard Edit: when I look up hall of pain, it just shows wrestling crud. Hall of Pain Coming to a Theater Near You
  4. Hay Guys! Today, (9/26) is my birthday and also my 4 month aniversary! I have made a thread (similar to salt on toast) where you can say what you don't like about me. Or you can say what you do like. Please keep it PG, and have fun. Im the bday gurl. even though im a guy......
  5. I have decided to turn over a new leaf. For too long I've peed in buckets, and spat on my fans. As your New Bieber, I promise I will only pee in buckets, twice an hour, and spit on hobos instead. I have no reason to spit on fans, and I can only hope you will see me as I am now instead of who I used to be. ~Hate, Justin Bieber
  6. Welcome friends, foes, and felines, to my arena discussion. You have seen the Hall of Dudes, but have you seen The Hall of Pain? I think not. I am nearly done making my first playlist and arena playlist. This playists hosts favorites such as: Ball Maul, Crush da Brush, and many, many, more. I am looking for tips from some of the all time greats, such as: our Furrbottom Features veteran: 8Bitten, ps3guyguy, our 2014 XBLA Arena Playlist Contest Winner: MeltedCow, our designing overlord MisterrQuentin, and many of our creative level designers. This playlist was made for the arena design contest but alas, I took a vacation. Why rush something that had potential? Thank you and expect this playlist in the near future. Hall of Pain Coming to a (Battleblock) Theater near you.
  7. Who needs waifu when you have lil bub?
  8. Put/Say whatever you want about Chuck. Maybe a joke or a meme or whatever floats your boat.
  9. My theory on how the evil hat that Hatty where's by me. So the cat guards are aliens they looked like brown furry aliens but didn't look like a cat yet until they went to earth on there ufo's and picked up some rocks what they didn't know was the rocks were cursed and then they took cloth and a belt. They found a person- they chopped him up then burnt him to ash they the made a hat with the items they found the cloth, cursed rocks, belt and the ash of a person. Then a alien found a stick and a cat he put on the hat and then hit the cat with the stick then the alien shot into the air and shot lightning at him and all the aliens, which turned the aliens into cats with tuxedos weapons and hats. But the one that was wearing the hat turned into furbottom then the hat passed on an every time one master died they burned them and there souls then compressed the ash into the hat now remember the hat had souls of the dead and cursed rocks compressed in it then it completely killed his new owner it made him always be crying he never moved and his eyes were always open no one was sure if he died so they kept him then thing happened they escaped (the prisoners with Hatty) into there boat and left and you probably know the ending of the game.
  10. So... as we all know now, the boss was a hoax. As much as I would love to take the credit for it, I can not. The most amazing hoax of the year goes to... Backup Sidekick!! Thank you, Backup, for letting Undead Ninya and myself be your inside guys. It was his idea that sparked this whole thing. And thanks to SWag Bbq/Hazard for becoming our outsider to help push the rumor further. What started out as fun in the forums turned into a really big positive. Everyone started looking for insane co op partners and enjoying the game again. Some of you are now higher in achievements or A++ ratings. Congrats to you! The thread blew up faster than I could possibly imagine. In ONLY 2 days we blew up any other hoax imaginable, and people were so unsure what to think that confirmation had to be asked from DanP himself. I had big plans for Honey Hug and a nice ending that everyone would have loved, but I just couldn't keep up. Thanks to everyone who joined in and made it what it was. Chris, nice with pointing out my background in design. I didn't go to school for video editing, but I guess I should add it to my resume... and maybe actually update it. Mr. Hatty, I was impressed when you found the cat guard faces. I purposely used video instead of images to make it less likely to be discovered. Nice! Ultanoka, your Chocozuma's Revenge (as Derekis put it) was hilarious! hahaha To everyone else, I was happy to see people doubt and question or have fun. We were all saddened when the thread took a bad turn. That's not what we intended at all. If anything, I was motivated to see more people play the game again and actually work on their insane level. We did connect with a few of you and built the bridge from forum friends to xbox live friends. So for the few of you that added us, thank you! We hope to see you online. And also, sometimes people do things for the lulz. I did not join this hoax for the laughs... I did it because both the forums and Battleblock was starting to feel dead to me. I had achieved everything I ever wanted in the game, but I didn't want to be known as the top leaderboarder... I wanted to become a legend. To show no hard feelings... here is a video I put together to show how it was done.