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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone unfortunately Iv been quite busy and completely forgot about last Furbottom Fridays. Well...not necessarily. I was about to unlock the free prisoners but I was unable to unlock the Boom prisoner due to time constraints with some projects I have going on that cause me to be on a very strict schedule. Would anyone be willing to trade this prisoner for 100+ gems or some standard prisoners? I have I think 114-116 gems total at the moment. Any help would be much appreciated.Thanks. Edit - Now that the new feature is available I now have more gems to go towards the Boom prisoner. I now have 217 gems total and Im willing to use them all in a trade for Boom. Also my gamertag is pr0fess0r b4c0n which I forgot to mention when making this page. If anyone is interested please add me. Im also missing Toast, Donuts, and the alien but I dont think anyone would be willing to trade those (atleast for anything that I have that Im willing to trade)
  2. Hey everyone hows it going. Im looking for someone who would be willing to log onto BBT when the new furbottom fridays gets released. Usually I run solo and only do 1 playlist but Iv realized that Im missing out on gems (Im almost done collecting the common heads but I still need a bit more of the cylinders) and I figured that I should be doing the co-op maps aswell. Iv been searching for about an hour or possibly 2 hours for someone to go through with but all Iv come into contact with were star head beggars or trolls (the ones who actually play but instantly block your path and just keep killing you trying to make you mad. So Im looking for someone who could log on for these playlists every 2 weeks with me and play to unlock the upcoming star heads. I also havnt completed co-op insane yet as I havnt really been too active on the game aside from furbottom's considering I can get pretty busy and Im sure my previous partner has already beaten it by now and isnt interested anymore. If anyone is interested though leave a reply with your gamertag (or you can add me: pr0fess0r b4c0n)
  3. This coming Friday we’ll be putting up the first user playlists to get featured on either Story (a.k.a. Furbottom’s Features) or Arena! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re making this week into Furbottom Fridays’ Kick Off Week! Read more about the special unlocks this week: