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Found 74 results

  1. Reminder: The Furbottom's Features will remain the same until the end of the year, so you'll have all winter break to get the Monster! Originally posted 12/12/2014 Prepare Yourself for a Momentous Performance! Just about any BattleBlock Theater regular can tell you that each and every week we uphold a tradition first put in place by the great P.Furbottom, something we fittingly call, “Furbottom’s Features”. We choose one playwright from the Community Theater and place one of their creations on high as an example of great stage design… or playwriting…or level design–really, whatever you want to call it. It’s a really great thing that we love to do, where everybody wins and has fun and is happy. But, uh, this week we aren’t doing that. Instead, as a gift we made especially just for everybody, we would like to present two playlists from The Behemoth… now on Steam for the first time! Featured Solo/Coop Playlists: “MomentumMonster” and “ComentumMonster” by Mr H Hattington (On XBLA) Difficulty Level: Expert This is not your mommy’s playlists – this is for the rage in “outrageous”, the ouch in “ouch-this-hurts”. Think hard, play quick, and don’t give up. Above all, remember that victory is that much sweeter when it’s drenched in sweat and tears. But do not be discouraged by the monstrous moniker! (Hard to hear after we built it up so much, huh?) Well, while not quite easy street, the levels found within are far from the most fatal your prisoners could face; those of you who have faced Story Mode might look to Chapters 6 and 7 for a hint. Also, by “Comentum” we actually mean momentum, but we did, like, a thing where the name begins with “Co” instead of “Mo”… so that it sounds more like Cooperation. In case that wasn’t clear. What should be clear is that you can find both playlists in the Community Theater just like previous Furbottom’s Features, and each is full of the gems and yarn we know your heart desires! Which is why you shouldn’t expect a simple, left to right affair either: your prisoner may be asked to think outside of the box, which is tougher than it sounds for someone who is always being forced to live inside of one. Thankfully, the subtlety timed manipulation of triggers and teleporters can save you from the not-so-subtle buzzsaws and explosions. Should you prove fleet enough to defeat either playlists’ finale, a triumphantly tri-horned prisoner will be freed to do your bidding! The special unlock to go with these Monster Playlists has been fittingly dubbed “THE MONSTER.” And you know what, that could totally work out fine for everyone… I don’t know why doing someone’s bidding always has to involve evil. Send your Monster out to fill the world with color in “Color the World” mode, or “Grab the Gold” mode and invest it in your local community. You can also load your Monster down with grenades and make him uppercut everyone he meets in the face. And then we’ll find out who the real monster is, won’t we? Finally, if you’re already feeling intimidated by this playlist then we’ve got a present that should help. Launch BattleBlock Theater to unlock The King from Castle Crashers. Putting a shiny crown on your head will always make things better.
  2. Available on Furbottom's Features starting 12/12/2014 Our Level Design team has concocted content for your consumption. When we were developing BattleBlock Theater, we built the level editor into the game not only for the community, but for occasions like these to continue creating official playlists by us and sharing them with our fans for free. This holiday season, XBLA players have another chance to download the monstrously packed solo and cooperative playlists made by The Behemoth. On Steam, PC & Linux players will get to play it for the first time ever!! We're highlighting it in Furbottom's Features so that you can download the Momentum Monster and CoMentum Monster for FREE in BattleBlock Theater. Yes, official Behemoth-made content created just for you! Load up your full version of BBT between 12/12/2014 and 1/9/2015 to download the playlist from Furbottom's Features. Complete either playlist between that time to get the special prisoner unlock: THE MONSTER. Starting 1/9/2015, the playlist will be found in the Community Theater and the prisoner will no longer be attached to the completion of those levels. Learn more about how to use the level editor to create your own levels that could be future featured! Check out our forums for all the tips: XBLA - Steam - **Please note that all cats in this video were not harmed. Also, cats in this video are from the XBLA version of the game. Both versions of our felines are lovable!**
  3. Post written by Mason Happy Furbottom’s Friday everyone! Hope you ate all of the food and stuffed your little faces full of delicious, vegetarian meat-gravy stuffing. Let’s celebrate our bout of self-gorging with a post Turkey Day Quirky Turkey Playlist guaranteed to make you...smirk---ey?* *Disclaimer - Smirkeying is not guaranteed. Solo Playlist GiganticBlock by QuirkyTurky Difficulty -Expert: Expert difficulty playlists will be challenges even for BattleBlock veterans. These levels are put together with no regard for the safety of your prisoner. Innovative and deadly exercises await inside these demanding levels. Doubly so on Insane Mode! *A special note regarding Prisoner unlocks: Remember you can complete either Story mode Furbottom’s Feature to unlock this week’s featured Prisoner. If the Solo Feature is too hard, try Co-Op and vice versa! You can even recomplete current Feature’s you have already played! Our creator is having his second go round here in the Features. Signature insane physics based hazards and push-block shenanigans are ready and waiting in full force for this week’s playlist. For this one, the creator really pushes the edges of the game’s mechanics, requiring expert handling of your controller to continue. These challenges can appear complex, but they remain fair and, better yet, fun! There are creative uses of all kinds of tools and blocks in this playlist. Wings, boulders, trigger blocks and gum blocks must all be mastered simultaneously in order to carry on. It pays to stop and smell the roses, or better yet, smell where all the grenades and lasers are coming from before proceeding. What do you mean you can’t smell lasers? Well, the grenades will have to do then. You can’t smell grenades either? Hmmm--this is going to be more difficult than I thought. You’ll have to get in the groove to complete this week’s playlist. For you, this garreted groove-meister is great at gallivanting around gladiating guards, guaranteed! Lava Lamp is released for a limited time this week, just don’t touch the glass after leaving it on all night.
  4. Just this weekend, you guys updated Furbottom's Features during some sort of XBLA maintenance. It's been a few days since then, and Furbottom's Features still hasn't seemed to update yet. Is it because this maintenance is still ongoing or something? It doesn't seem like it is. Is this because of my Xbox?
  5. Hey guys, look what I found! Coop Feature: Fun co-op v.2 by reridse I love it when we not only see coop playlists with some bona fide, A-grade coop, but when the playlist is stuffed to its theatrical gills with ideas I wish I'd come up with first! reridse has created some sequences that will challenge you and your partner in ways you'd probably never expected, including some of the most nefarious applications of toast I've had the pleasure of witnessing. Fresh and never dull, here are some highlights from early on in the playlist... Finally, as a reward for going head on into these challenges, we give you Blocketeer! Now you can jet through more BBT levels with this special prisoner! And when you sign in to BattleBlock Theater and hit up an online feature, you'll also be unlocking Moose! [Coop Playlist 25-July-2014]
  6. (Written by Aaron) Featured Arena: IDK by Absorbing Beatle Absorbing Beatle may not know what they have, but we certainly do: this week's Arena Feature! Ball game is one of those arena types that often benefits from a simpler and balanced layout, as the mode itself has enough nuance to keep things interesting. IDK embraces this level playing field, but isn't afraid to mix it up; note the key use of puzzle blocks, rewarding players who can truly keep their head in the game! Here are some ideas of what lies ahead: Finally, in lieu of real food and fireworks, we're celebrating this Fourth of July weekend with some Sausage and Boom! [Featured Arena 4-July-2014]
  7. (Written by Aaron) Football (or Soccer, I 'spose) may be all the rage on some of the larger continents out there, but here on the Isle of The Behemoth, we are a bit more captivated with an alternative that is both cuter and more deadly: Footbasket! Featured Arena: Footbasket by Bloofus Just in time for the July 16th BattleBlock Theater Ball Game Tournament (viewable at Twitch.TV!), Bloofus' foot-focused opus is full of fun and original takes on the classic "Ball Game". Don't be scared off by some of the more death-laden courts found early in the playlist; as things progress, the path to the basket will become complicated by everything from rocket packs to fluffy ferdinands. With so much stage magic going on, you may find yourself scoring less often, but each score you do make will really and truly count! And now a sneak peek behind the curtain! Finally, in lieu of real food and fireworks, we're celebrating this Fourth of July weekend with some Sausage and Boom! Happy Independence Day!
  8. (There isn't a playlist promo topic for BBT Steam yet, so I thought it might.... maybe go here?) Playlist Name: PDA Games Co-op Author: Henryo To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Alien Hominid's first console release, I recreated the first fifteen PDA Games levels (Gamecube version) and brought them to BattleBlock Theater! Reconstructed as accurately as possible, these levels should provide all of the frustration and fun that PDA Games once did. Here's a link to the Steam Workshop page: Enjoy!
  9. I uploaded a playlist to the Steam Workshop around 12:00 P.M. USCT today, and not only was it given an "Arena" tag even though it's a solo adventure, but I also cannot play it myself when I go to Community Theater and click on "Playlists I Created." I did participate in the BBT Beta, but I uninstalled it when told so that shouldn't be an issue. Maybe I can edit tags and I'm just not so good at this Steam Workshop stuff? Please reply ASAP. Thanks!
  10. I been playing this game for about 4 months and beat it, but every time i beat furbottom's features i don't unlock a head, i re-do them, i strive for A's, and i lastly try online with friends and they unlock them. Why can't I unlock any heads on it???
  11. [4/11/2014] Team Power: the Fossil Fuel of Tomorrow. Literally. For some reason, cooperation and grim death seem to go hand-in-hand in BattleBlock Theater. Well, maybe not "grim" death: I know a few cats who'd agree that some prisoner's make the funniest face when they explode. COOP Feature Team Power by o0oLEAFYo0o Luckily for you actors out there, this week's entry is the exception to the rule: if death is a bigger part of the production than is desired, you should probably go out and find yourself a less murdery partner. Or, your partner might want to go out and find a less murdery you. Still, even the most pleasing of partners will have a tough time getting this performance down perfectly: I dare you to get all A++'s on what o0oLEAFYo0o has on offer. Based on my experience, my first tip is to choose a partner who isn't me. So what tripped me up, you ask? Well, let's just say that some berries are pickier about being picked than others, which is frustrating because you just gotta know that those are the tastiest ones. You'll also have trigger laden puzzles aplenty begging for your attention, and while some playlists are flagged as cooperative for reasons unknown, Team Power is waving that cooperation flag like it's only one Bridge Block bridge away from a safe place to tinkle. I hope you enjoy this week's offering; while your power-team powers through Team Power, my team will be powering up the BattleBlock Theater arcade here at PAX East 2014! 8 (wait, 8?!) BattleBlock Theater cabinets are here this year, not to mention the Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers and Super Soviet Missle Mastar machines! You can never have too much power, especially when BattleBlock Theater things go BOOM! Making it's comeback to the Theater, we are re-releasing BOOM! to those who finish either the solo or co-op Furbottoms Features this week! Don't miss out on getting this prisoner unlock because it's the bomb (har har).
  12. Boom! Zwoosh! Ker-pow! Solo Feature Zaplosion_V6 by Swirly Kalen What did you think a Zaplosion would sound like? Buzzzipew POW!? I actually like that one. As you can see, perseverance was key to Swirly Kalen's success in making an amazing playlist. They had not one! Not two! Not four... or five... But SIX! There were six iterations of this playlist to reach level design bliss. So, let's go ahead and pat Swirly on the back, because they deserve it! In this playlist, there will be plenty of mechanics and sequences that will leave you saying "Wow, that was cool! Now I need a bath," because of how incredibly unique they are. There will be moving duck platforms to traverse deadly spike traps, one time boat sequences to reach that A+ yarn, and frog bombs. Please don't make me talk about the frog bombs. This week's re-release is good ol' Toasty Toast. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a flock of toast catch fire with one swoop from a laser beam. That, my friends, is the essence of Zaplosion. [FEATURED SOLO 21-MAR-2014]
  13. Hey Guys and Gals, A few of us are in Japan for BitSummit (check out our posts on our blog and instagram if you haven't seen it already!) so we are on different time zones with the team back home in San Diego. Just a heads up that we're still updating the BattleBlock Theater Furbottoms Features with a new Arena and re-releasing a prisoner, but it will just be happening a little later today. Thanks for your patience! <3 Megan
  14. *NOTE: This is NOT the end of Furbottom's Features! This is it everyone. I'm pulling the plug. I've always wondered what it looked like outside these white walls. It's going to be so beautiful. We've had a great run, I will surely miss you all. Solo Feature: Game Over by Konster Monster Oh. Umm.... this is awkward. What are you all still doing here? What happened to Game Over? Oh, god! Am I stuck in Creditory!?!? Whelp, might as well make the most of this then. Playing through Konster Monster's Game Over will give you a sense of completeness and fulfillment. You will feel a calmness sweep over you and, for a brief moment, you will be at peace with the world. That's how good this playlist is. Now only if we could get the world's dictators to play it. Hmm.... But, unfortunately, at the exact moment of enlightenment, a buzzsaw will come smashing into your face. Every emotion you have every experienced from completing a game will come flooding into your brain, overloading your synapses until you collapse on the ground in a fit of depression and ecstasy. I just sent chills up my spine. And then giggled... And then cried. But, as you have seen at the end of BattleBlock Theater (and if you haven't, shame on you), there is always something mysterious lurking around the corner. There is always a new adventure waiting to be discovered. So, NO! This is NOT the end! I will now quote a song by a band that is named after half a blue hedgehog: "Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end" Holy hotdog! I forgot to mention, I found this little guy while in Creditory. He must have gotten lost on his way from Honey Huggleton. Stay classy my furry, horned friends. Enjoy!! [Featured SOLO 28-FEB-2014]
  15. When we first revealed The Final Five for BattleBlock Theater, our avid BBT players did not miss a beat. The completionists in them cried in agony for the final slot to be filled and truth to be known. Well, we’re here to tell you today that we’ve been telling you the truth all along. The 6th prisoner is a myth. Meet the Final Unicorn. Born out of myth & legend, only the purest of heart may chance upon an encounter with this majestic creature. And as legend has it, the unicorn usually makes an appearance in a world where belief in magic was in danger of failing altogether. Not sure how this plays into that, but we’ve also been told unicorn meat is quite the delicacy. This most graceful soul can be yours to roam the Theater once you’ve proven your skill within Sir Furbottom’s Features. Make your set of prison friends complete and get The Final Unicorn before it becomes a whisper of the past. Thank you to all of the BattleBlock Theater players who have been with us since the game’s release. And thank you to those who joined us at later dates! Don’t worry, we’re doing encore releases for all of our special unlocks, so you’ll get another chance to grab the star prisoners. Finally, here is our updated Prisoner Chart with all the possible BattleBlock Theater unlocks!
  16. Friends! Foes! Friendoes! Wait, that’s not right… Arena Feature: Frenemies by MisterrQuentin Arena is back this week, so get ready to relinquish your sense of comradery! Yes, you’ll have a teammate. But is he or she really on your side or just out for that elusive MVP badge? There’ll be opponents on the battlefield, but are they rushing to hurt or help your cause (even if it's accidental assistance)? If there's anything I've learned from BattleBlock Theater, it’s that the only person you can count on is yourself. Woah, that was deep. Or depressing. Or deep? Aren't they the same thing? Anyway... If this playlist was a Tom Clancy novel, you’d be Jack Ryan and… um… I don’t know what else, because I’ve never read one of those things. The point being, you’ll be able to utilize that betrayal-jitsu you’ve been honing in co-op campaign and exact your revenge on those poor, poor friends of yours. Muahahahaha! Or, you’ll be triple teamed to death, because you made all of your friends hate you. I’d say it’s a coin flip. Good thing we're re-releasing this handsome auto-mo-buddy out of the prisoner box we call Prisondora this week. You'll need some real hot WHEELS to get away from all that betrayal and tragedy. Just visit the Furbottom's Feature Section of the game to pick him up! No need to complete a playlist, but there is much need for you to be signed in to Xbox LIVE.
  17. Hey, anyone down to do the feature with me? I still need the head because I was waiting for the services to come back up. So anyone wanna do it with me right now? P.S. Having a headset would be nice as well lol
  18. The day has come. Rise of the island of the cats. And on this island you will now find a new form of primate has been unleashed into the theater world to perform deadly acts on stage. The Tiny Monkey. It'll blow your mind. The body of a normal-sized hominid but the head of a tiny monkey creature, you won't want to miss your chance at unlocking this new prisoner as one of your friends in BattleBlock Theater. All you have to do is complete either the solo or co-op playlist in Furbottoms Features! For the next two weeks, go solo in WaffleLand or grab a friend and do co-op in The Adventure. Hurry! The Tiny Monkey will only be around until the next Furbottoms Features goes up on BBT!
  19. Like once they are no longer featured, are they still available for play? (I don't have the game or an Xbox360, but just wanted to know) If this is in the wrong section, please move it to the right 1.
  20. Hi All! Exciting stuff! This Thursday (5/16) from 3-5pm PDT myself, Aaron and Kyle will emerge on our channel to play and discuss this week's CoOp Adventure candidates for the next Furbottom's Feature! During this stream we'll be playing through 3 CoOp Adventure Playlists that we think could be the next Furbottom's Feature and talking about stuff. Stuff we like, stuff we don't like, stuff we're looking for, and probably plenty of random stuff. A must watch if you've ever wanted to be Featured. While we hope everyone can make it and chat with us live, we realize that might not be possible for some. If that's the case for you, feel free to add questions/comments/discussions to this Topic and we'll try to talk about them in the stream! Check out the DevBlog post HERE
  21. Since opening night, players everywhere have embraced the BattleBlock Community Theater as the best place in the whole world to share your thoughts and dreams, so long as your thoughts and dreams looked exactly like BattleBlock Theater levels. Otherwise, you may just want to start a journal blog. But, far from the prying eyes of the Community Theater community, a new and awesome ritual was also being held each week to identify which levels would become the next Furbottom’s Feature (FF). It is a ritual so new and so awesome, that it has no name. …though for awhile it was known as “The Pickening”, but that sounded dumb so it went back to having no name again. Normally, this mysterious process would remain hidden away, deep within The Behemoth’s bowels- but no longer! This Thursday from 3:00pm-5:00pm PDT, three of The Behemoth’s level designers will emerge on our channel to play and discuss this week’s Coop Adventure candidates; three playlists will enter, but only one will become the next Furbottom’s Feature! We call it “Design with the Devs”, and yes, that’s 3 playing 3 at 3, not only because that sounded cool, but also because that’s all the time and level designers we have. With any luck, all of those numbers will add up to you learning more about why we pick what we pick when we pick a playlist to be featured. Whether you choose to chat with your hand flanges or stare with your seeing-eye-bulbs, we hope you enjoy this first opportunity to sit and judge the way we sit and judge you. Hurray! or Facebook Event Share with your friends!
  22. Heeeello all you beautiful playlist creators, theatergoers, and catsmackers! And welcome to the Furbottom's Feature section of the forum! PURPOSE OF THIS FORUM The Behemoth will make a new thread in this forum section every time one of our three Featured sections are updated with a NEW set playlists: Featured Arena -- Get there in-game by playing: Arena > Feature Solo Furbottom's Feature -- Get there in game by playing alone: Furbottom's Feature > Feature Coop Furbottom's Feature -- Get there in-game by playing with a friend online or locally: Furbottom's Feature > Feature Use this forum to keep abreast (teehee -- I said "abreast") of changes. You can also comment on the threads to congratulate your fellow playlist creators on levels well -- er, created! Only The Behemoth can make new threads in this forum, but everyone can comment on existing threads! UPDATE FREQUENCY & THREAD CONTENT The Behemoth will update this forum with a new thread as often as new Features are put up! We will also include the date each playlist is posted to Furbottom's Features. Once the playlist is happily return to the bosom of the regular Community Theater, we will add in the date it was removed from the Features and lock the thread. After a playlist is set back to normal, though, it's still searchable in our Community Theater in-game as a regular playlist -- so feel free to browse old, locked threads for suggestions on fun levels to play! GETTING YOUR PLAYLIST FEATURED We are actively looking for Arena and Story playlists made by YOU to Feature! If you want your playlist Featured, make sure you follow the guidelines outlined in this Dev Blog post: You can help bring your playlist to our attention (and the attention of other players!) by posting about it in our Playlist Promo section of the forums: That's about it -- we hope you enjoy playing the best of the best Community Theater playlists by hopping into Furbottom's Features!
  23. Come one come all, calling all skilled and adventureous entertainers. BattleBlock Theater has been kind enough to host auditions for a new show called "Mindbender". Not only will you need to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, but during your performace you must also use your brain. If you can think on your feet come on down today and show us what your made of. GT: KMKHunter Playlist: Mindbender & MindbenderCoOp1 Mode: Adventure Solo and Co-Op Challenges: Jump timing as well as brain teasers Comments: Welcomed and feedback appreciated 4/16: First round of The Behemoth picks for Solo Adventure!!! 4/21: Co-op version "Mindbender Plus" uploaded. Shortly after due to a few design flaws, fixed and uploaded as "MindbenderPlus1" 4/27: MindbenderPlus1 MIA from the Community Theater 4/29: MindbenderPlus1 back online 4/30: Made The Behemoth favorites list for Co-op!!! 5/16: MindbenderPlus1 featured as the second Playlist in The Pickening on LiveStream Design with the Devs. 5/20: MindbenderPlus2 slight modifications for polish and playability and reuploaded. Shortly after had to fix an oversight and re-uploaded as Mindbender CoOp 5/31 MindbenderCoOp1 uploaded. Level 5 "Cargo" fixed and plays correctly now. Minor breakability points adjusted to further stabilize playability based on extended research in the wild. 5/31 Selected as Furbottom's Feature Co-Op Playlist [31-May-13] It's Friday... Gotta Get Down On Friday!
  24. This coming Friday we’ll be putting up the first user playlists to get featured on either Story (a.k.a. Furbottom’s Features) or Arena! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re making this week into Furbottom Fridays’ Kick Off Week! Read more about the special unlocks this week: