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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everybody ! If I came here today, it's to introduce you to one of my new creation: the KoWorld Part 1. Indeed, I just published my first production on BattleBlock Theather for the greatest misfortune of less courageous... First, here are the informations for you can download it: Chapter Name: KoWorld Part I (it's a i) Creator Gamertag: Drago Nightmare To do this, go to Menu, then local part. Then, in the "the favorite of furbottom" ==> Community Theater ==> search listings and search for "Name", insert the corresponding information and finally: play ! And general informations: Games modes: Adventure and challenge Number of Player: 1P only Number of Level: 15 Average difficulty: Difficult Last two levels difficulty (callbacks): Very difficult The KoWorld is a chapter that I deliberately divided into two parts. From the difficulty in an ascending order, the first part is therefore only an "introduction" of it, hence the absence of the two final levels (cat door). This chapter is, I prefer immediately announced it, quite difficult, and therefore relatively not very accessible. However, anyone showing some perseverance can reach up the 10 level. Here is the constitution of this chapter: [WARNING: All weapons must be unlocked before playing this chapter] - [ First three doors 1-3 ] - Pure enigma and initiations to "Ninja" techniques [Difficulty: Difficult] - [ 4-6 ] - Enigma whose resolution is achieved through the use of "Ninja" techniques [Difficulty: Very Difficult] - [ 7-9 ] - These are exactly the first three doors except that new conditions apply: - No checkpoint - 15 seconds to complete each level for the time medal Finish these levels with times medals corresponds to obtaining ranks A++. - [ Catsdoor] - These two levels are dedicated to the appreciation and communication with the players. They are not really hard but the time is short, so run ! - [ Last three doors (callbacks) ] - These are the real challenges you have to face. For the best and bravest among us. These are exactly the 4-6 doors except that new conditions apply: - No checkpoint - The time limits very difficult to keep Finish these levels corresponds to obtaining ranks A++. This chapter has needed a lot of research, time and work, so even if you have not necessarily yet acquired the necessary skill to finish my chapter, note it as you think it deserves This topic will therefore be used as an intermediary between you and me for anything related to this chapter: you can talk with everybody to solve the enigma, give your opinions and critics, ask me questions or ask me clues, etc ... Thanks for your attention & Special Thanks to my friend Cedou who's show me one Ninja technique, Thanks Bro ! D.N. EDIT: Although this chapter is not made to be done in groups, there is a version in "Arena" section called "KoWorld Part 1". Like that, you be able to show to your friends how to do some tricks instead of try to explain them with words. PS: I hope this post is understandable. Please forgive my bad english, (Im French) PS2: Video Guide Available, keep scrolling down