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Found 2 results

  1. WELCOME TO: THE FANFICTION GAME! Now that I have your attention, I'll explain. The "Players", anybody who posts a comment, will go to and pick out some of the options for the character that they are going to generate. This website has stuff from backstories to looks, although the required things are: A name. An appearance. A backstory. A sidekick. Yeah. That's how much you will need. From that point, you will want to draw out how your new OC looks. After that, find the generator that generates fanfictions on Generate the fanfiction, and throw in some random character(s) from a TV show, or movie, game, etc. Make your fanfiction as "great" and "amazing" as you can! Bee shore thatt their r nu typoes. Good luck!
  2. Chapter 1: The Beggining of the End Mobius 20XX. Dr. Ivo Robotnik, formerly known as Eggman, fell into a giant depression after losing to the five heroes, Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy Rose, Miles Prower, Sticks the Badger and Knuckles the Echidna. After this defeat, he didn't have enough money to pay off his debt to the Gear Shop ('borrowed' all of it's supplies to make his robots) and suffered robot withdrawal. One week later, Robotnik took his life away when he jumped into the infamous Pit of Spikes in the Mystic Cave Zone. A memorial service was held, but none of his relatives arrived. Not even his mother, Momma Robotnik, gave him consent. 10 years later, at Sonic's residence, a mysterious stranger rang the doorbell. Sonic, waking up, stretches and yawns in his bed. He recalls to the night before and how much it meant to him when his lovely wife, Amy Rose, gave him sensual pleasure. Still asleep, barren of clothing and cozy under the bed sheets, Sonic kisses his wife on the forehead and walks to the door, putting on a blue robe to keep the neighbours from being disturbed. Sonic opens the door to find that nobody was there. He stood there, confused, and shortly closed the door. As he turned around, a sharp pain arrived to his neck; green blood-like liquid began to pour out of him. His life flashing before his eyes, Sonic begins to lose consciousness and falls to his knees. Sonic is too weak to call Amy for help, let alone make noise. The stranger, holding the liquid-soaked knife, stands before Sonic, staring intensely at him. It is not a stare of fear, but a stare of desire; he wanted Sonic dead. The blue hedgehog then falls face first onto the floor, now drenched in his green blood, lacking the ability to breathe. Sonic is dead. Amy yawns, waking up slowly. To avoid being caught, the stranger leaps out of the door, quickly securing the knife in his right boot. He escapes without detection. "Good morning, my love-" Amy starts, but before she finishes the sentence with her usual cheeriness added, she gasps to find her lover, Sonic, a green corpse on the ground. Amy quickly rushes to his side. She begins to cry, trying to get him back, but it was too late. He is gone, and Amy can never see him again. The baby hears Amy cry and begins to scream, wailing his arms and unable to stop. That afternoon, Tails hears about the news through his miniature television in his biplane, the Tornado. He stops the live feed, unable to conceptualize this in his mind without bursting into tears. Tails then unbuckles his seatbelt, stands up, closes his eyes, and tilts backward. The weight of his body and the headwinds push him off, and shortly afterward, plummets into the concrete, the road of Station Square. The citizens gather and gasp in horror, as their once well-known hero has taken his life away. News of these heroes' untimely deaths were spread like wildfire. Knuckles, who found out about the news, sighed heavily and shook his head in disbelief. Holding back the tears, he decided to glide to the location of the Master Emerald, Angel Island, and sat on the steps to the altar quietly, alone. Chapter 2: Sonic Generations 15 years have passed since Miles Tails Prower and Sonic the Hedgehog died. Sticks the Badger ended up making a deal with the architects of the town to avoid destroying Sonic and Tails' respective homes, despite being covered in weeds and cobweb, and shortly she became the town mayor, determined to keep the people safe. Knuckles, along with Angel Island, have disappeared, unable to be found. Amy, unable to both protect her child and pay for a home for it, sent the baby away to an orphanage and left. Since this time, the little baby has grown up and became who he prefers to be called: Morgan the Hedgehog. Morgan wasn't very good at making friends, but he knew what was right and wrong. As he struggled to survive in the orphanage with the constant flow of bullies picking on him, Morgan developed depression and got easily mad at people without warning. His best friend, Rustbucket the Pooper Scooper, understood him and when everyone wanted Morgan dead, Rustbucket was there to defend him. They stuck around as the best of friends, until Rustbucket was adopted at 16 years of age, and went to live with his supposed uncle who resided in Mission Street. Morgan felt more alone than ever, with nobody to adopt him and keep him company. To hug him when he was sad, to smile when he made a joke. Today was different, though. The manager gave Morgan his lunch, along with the other kids, and sat down with him. "How is the art coming?" The manager asked. Morgan could tell if someone was being sincere, and this was a moment where he really cared. "It's not doing so well. Hunter spilled water all over the paper and I had to start over." Morgan sighed. "Well, how about if you help me sell some lemonade today with some of the other kids, I'll use some of the money to get more paper for you?" he said. "That would be great, sir." Morgan replied, rolling his eyes. He hated working with the other kids, as his anger got the best of him and nobody wanted to befriend him after Rustbucket's departure. ------------ Some time later, Morgan was alone outside the building, selling lemonade as the manager of the orphanage requested. Out of boredom, he poured the lemonade from pitcher to cup back to pitcher in a loop. After a while of this, a woman in a cloak, unable to have her face seen by others, walked to the stand. "Can I have some lemonade?" she asked. Morgan paused for a moment, confused. "That's funny." Morgan mumbled. "What?" she said, politely. "You just sound... familiar." he said, pouring the lemonade into a cup. "That's going to be a dollar." The woman hands Morgan the money, and he gives the cup to the woman. She drank it, and stood back a moment. "This lemonade is wonderful! Thank you for giving it to me." The woman replies, a bit out of breath. "Um, no problem." Morgan says, not very cheerfully. "Here, I want you to meet me someplace tonight. I want to return the favor." She hands Morgan a ticket, entitled 'Greg's Barbeque Pit; Home of the Largest Ribs' and he takes it. When the woman brings her arm back after handing over the ticket, Morgan spotted a golden bangle around her wrist. As the woman left, Morgan wondered what this is all about. He decided to sneak out later that night and meet the woman, as he might finally have someone to call a mother. Chapter 3 coming soon