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Found 1 result

  1. I have come along way when it comes to level design, I started with the making of Super Hatty Bros. I get a lot of praise for this playlist even though I feel like I shouldn't. Its not me and it took four more playlists after it to finally realize this. Following up with Hatty Bros 2, Hatty Bros 3, Hatty Bros 4, and HattingtonBrosV2. You see everyday I watched the plays go higher and higher eventually hitting more than 1100 plays on Super Hatty Bros and when I didn't get featured of course I was bummed, but now when I look at it I am happy i didn't get featured because it was my first playlist. Now I am working harder than ever making a playlist that I truly love and want to play, nothing short of amazing. The color schemes are beautiful, the obstacles are wonderful and original and not to tote my own horn or anything but this playlist is bomb. At first I was excited that this playlist could get featured but then I remembered that its just a game and I'm letting other people decide if my playlist is good enough to be put in the spotlight, I'm not winning a million dollars or anything like that. I am the one who ultimately decides how I feel about myself and others, not anyone else. If I upload my hard work that I have been working on since August and it doesn't get the praise it deserves I will be a little hurt, yes. But I will not let that bother me because I know the playlist is me, my personality in game form. All I see lately are generic playlists copying each other, this playlist is to breakaway from all that and Its going to be original in some way or another. Its straight forward like me, not every which way being complicated and confusing. Its silly because I was hoping the bomb head would release for my playlist "Zaplosion" when I finished but I realized the only thing I can truly have for sure is a few people playing who actually love the playlist as much as I do. To be honest when I first played Battleblock I was not as excited as those people laughing you see in the games trailer to promote how much fun you'll have. Not to say I didn't have fun at all just to be clear, I just wasn't hysterical with laughter like the trailer shows. My new playlist "Zaplosion" made people laugh and smile, but more intense, people were legitimately having a blast. This made me feel so good, because I like seeing people happy and I feel like this playlist is going to make others happy too. This is not a promotion for my playlist but a reinsuring post to myself and you the reader, that its possible to make a bad playlist and then come back with an amazing playlist. And everyday I wish I could delete my old playlists to start fresh but I feel the old playlists tells you the player how far I have come as a creator. And to me when I really put it in perspective It makes sense that it shouldn't be deleted but looked at and inspired by. With that all said you know how I feel in some way or another and if you read the whole thing I give you props and only hope it helps you if you felt bummed like me for not originally being featured. Good Luck, and thank you for your support. Your friend Swirly Kalen