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Found 54 results

  1. Since the day I had access to the Steam Community Market, I've been getting whatever trading cards I don't have and crafting badges. Because of the process, I've been getting coupons for games I want and don't want. I'm here to offer the ones I don't want. The coupons are for the following games: X3: Reunion - 90% off Gorky 17 - 66% off Enigmatis: The Mists of Ravenwood - 50% off Twin Sector - 50% off God Mode - 25% off If you want any of these, you might want to hurry because my coupons will expire next Sunday. Edit: I also have Killing Floor Guest Pass if anyone wants it. X3 coupon and Guest Pass taken.
  2. EDIT: Tournament is now over! Here are the winners: Watch live: BattleBlock Theater hit One Million leader board entries today! (Huzzah XBLA & Steam community!) Add that with the World Cup excitement and we’ve got a fitting time to hold our first BattleBlock Theater Steam Ball Game Tournament! Anyone 13 or older can register and we’ll be accepting up to 60 registrations before July 9th. All registrants must be available on July 10th between 9AM-5PM for a qualifying audition round (don’t worry, we’ll schedule a slot with you ahead of time!) and available for the entire Tournament period of 3PM-5:30PM on July 16, 2014. The grand prize will be a mystery prize + some awesome BattleBlock Theater merchandise. Mystery prize will be revealed on our live Twitch stream of the Tournament on July 16, 2014 — so even if you don’t join the tournament, make sure you mark your calendars to watch! For those of you who are interested in registering, get all the info on the official BattleBlock Theater Steam Ball Game Tournament page HERE.
  3. Since the features started on the steam version of BBT I have been getting the heads without completing the features, as soon as I turn BBT on I get both new heads, I should be happy about this but I feel like I'm not earning the heads so I do the feature anyways but I'm also sure there are plenty of people who don't.
  4. Well, me and my friend picked up BBT since it was on the summer sale and was really looking forward to playing the coop story, since id seen so much gameplay of it.. But when we started up the coop story mode we encountered a strange problem.. He was hosting the game, but whenever I picked up a gem or yarn, it would dissapear, like I had gotten it, but then not count towards the grading and gift shop pool resulting in almost minimum gems and a C rank... The only time we could get all 7 gems plus the yarn, was when I went out of my way to let him get every single one of the them since he was the host.. It seemed like a very strange issue to me and looked it up, thinking it might be a common problem, but turns out I cant find a solution anywhere.. So please, if anyone could help elaborate on what might be happening to cause this, id greatly appreciate it ;
  5. Hello. I have just bought Castle Crashers both for me and for my girlfriend on Steam. When we were trying to play together, we weren't able to. It always says that the "game is no longer available". We tried disabling firewall, it didn't work. When we try to join someone else's public game, I can do it just fine, but she can't even join public games. Can you help us somehow? It'd be really sad to find out that I've just bought two copies of the game to not be able to play together.
  6. (There isn't a playlist promo topic for BBT Steam yet, so I thought it might.... maybe go here?) Playlist Name: PDA Games Co-op Author: Henryo To celebrate the ten year anniversary of Alien Hominid's first console release, I recreated the first fifteen PDA Games levels (Gamecube version) and brought them to BattleBlock Theater! Reconstructed as accurately as possible, these levels should provide all of the frustration and fun that PDA Games once did. Here's a link to the Steam Workshop page: Enjoy!
  7. As it is our first week of BattleBlock Theater on Steam, we have created a few playlists for the community to enjoy as we take our time enjoying your homemade playlists to feature in the near future. Here's what is available on Furbottom's Features currently: Solo Playlist: WeLoveYou Co-Op Playlist: WeLoveYouBoth Arena Playlist: FightForOurLove Here are a couple screenshots of the Solo playlist in Furbottom's Features: Until we change up the Furbottom's Features Solo or Co-Op playlists, you'll have a chance to unlock Behemoth Chicken prisoner at the completion of all the levels. Good luck playing! We'll keep you updated in these forums when there's an update to the Features!
  8. when I stared BBTon steam i didn't have the castle crashers prisoner unlocked when i own castle crashers can any one please help
  9. So if you didn't see it they just announced that Steam beta testers of BBT will be receiving the FULL GAME for free on day of release. (also release date is May 15th)
  10. Hey Y'all, Just in case you haven't already heard through our blog posts, here are all the activities for Launch Day, May 15th: -10:00AM PDT: Launch of BattleBlock Theater on Steam (Windows and Linux) + Castle Crashers Steam update to include the Can't Stop Crying Pack -10:30AM PDT: Reddit AMA (Link will be posted tomorrow) -3:30PM PDT: Our Twitch Stream with Dan Paladin, Will Stamper, Larry Bolden and me (Megan Lam) Plus there will be plenty of chances on the internet to enter contests! I hope you're just ask excited as I am! EXCITE EXCITE EXCITE
  11. Our team is headed back to Raptr for another helping of Raptr Q&A, but this time with a live streaming event! Dan Paladin (Co-Founder/Art Director), Will Stamper (Narrator for BBT), Larry Bolden (Compliance Specialist), and I, Megan Lam (Community Captain) are taking over the Raptr Twitch channel on Monday, May 12 from 2:30-3:30PM PDT to demo the upcoming Steam version of BattleBlock Theater; we’ll show you what’s new and improved! Then right after the stream, Emil Ayoubkhan (Project Manager) and Ian Moreno (Production Coordinator) will join us to answer all of your BattleBlock Theater or Behemoth-related questions on the Raptr Q&A page. You can start leaving your Qs in the Raptr Q&A page HERE — and if you “Like” the questions you want answered the most, we’ll try to get to those first! Make your questions count as we’re giving away free five Steam copies of BattleBlock Theater, Behemoth swag (Cat guard dog toy + raccoon key chain combo), and 500 Reward Points to the best questions asked (as determined by Raptr staff). Hope to chat with y’all on Monday!
  12. So with the game full game being in early access I was wondering if anyone has gotten Hatty on there steam Castle Crashers yet? I tried launching both and even beating a level in Castle Crashers but I still have yet to unlock him ):
  13. Okay so I was on steam and I got a friend request from some guy and I accepted it he was playing BBT (I told him he wasn't supposed to be playing it because the beta had ended and he replied "Oh") He then invited me to a trade and gave me the Duck Shark Head then ended the trade, which I then looked up to find out its a star head.
  14. On March 4th, 2014, we officially revealed that Hatty, his friends, and the S.S. Friendship would be colliding with the interwebz…and now the official Steam Store page is up--so we're officially official! Check out the new store page --> HERE Join the official BattleBlock Theater Steam Group --> HERE In case you already forgot, New Features of the Steam version: Weapon switching! Players can now switch between a primary and secondary weapon in game! New Cat Guard enemies throughout Story Mode. Steam Workshop integration for sharing user created levels. Steam Inventory integration for trading! This allows users to trade and sell weapons, prisoners, gems and yarn via Steam. X input, Direct Input, and Keyboard/Mouse support. And lastly, the beta registrations close on Friday, March 21st in the morning! So please register now if you haven't already. Here are the minimum specs that we just posted: System Requirements Minimum: OS: Windows XP Processor: 3.3 GHz Memory: 1 GB RAM Graphics: 512 MB DirectX: Version 10 Network: Broadband Internet connection Hard Drive: 2 GB available space
  15. Just got in the beta? Good for you, let it all out here! The only rule I have for this thread, (look at huge edit for more info) ONCE THE BETA STARTS, PLEASE DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT'S IN THE BETA IN THIS TOPIC!!!! It's actually against the rules to say what's in the beta anywhere on the internet or anyone not in the beta, and I don't want to be blamed for leaks. I know because I did the 360 beta. As of right now, I did not get the email yet, but I'm hoping to get it soon. Attention everyone! I JUST GOT CHOSEN! HUGE EDIT: You can put an image or video of the beta in this topic as long as they have a disclaimer that it is from the beta version. However, no reviews of the game are allowed.
  16. Yup. Just as the headline states, we stopped the registrations earlier today! We've reviewed all the registrants and sent out emails to all accepted Beta Testers. Please check your inboxes and spam folders to see if you were selected. Sometimes mass emails do not arrive right away, but all Beta Testers should know by the end of the weekend. Thank you again to everyone who signed up, even if we weren't able to accommodate all registrants. We appreciate your interest in helping us out and look forward to everyone playing the game soon. -Megan, Community Captain
  17. Okay so I signed up for the beta during the first 1-3 hours the video announcing it was posted on youtube and the beta sign up was a bit different than it is now, my main concern being that you can now add your steam nickname and not just account during sign up.My steam name and account name are different so now that this option has been added can i re-submit or am I supposed to hope that I am not skipped over because I can't be found?
  18. I know this has been asked alot but will CC ever be on PC. I played CC one and I'm in love [please] [/please] bring for PC!
  19. We fought to keep our wallets safe, but the Winter Sales are strong, not all of us could over come them, many thousands of dollars were lost throughout every night. All we can do now is try to remember the fallen, and talk about what we happend to get out of this madness.
  20. Alright, so my game has a bug in it, and I don't really know how to fix it. It didn't have this bug for a long time, so I think it showed up pretty recently. This bug is in the Home Castle level, basically level 1. I can make progress and beat up every single Barbarian I see. No problem there. The problem comes when I try to enter the castle shop from there, as in, I can't. I'm certain I beat all the Barbarians before I tried. The door refuses to let me through for some reason or another. This is the first time I've had this bug. Before, I could progress just fine. I don't know when precisely it showed up, but it is here now.
  21. There doesn't seem to be a topic for this, so how about we create one. Trade your steam cards here, post what you can give and what you want (your id would help to) and see if anyone is willing to take your offer. I will try to edit this post with all the offers people are making. Have fun.
  22. Hi! I Bought Castle Crashers (the 4pack) on Steam yesterday, the thing is, i can't join to a particular friend game, either he can join mines, we have all ports fowarded, firewall shuted down, etc, i can join other people games so as he, so im wonderin if there is some "fix" to this, some special ports, or some "fake lan game" trough vpn or something like that i can use. Thx.
  23. We’ve just launched our most updated version of Castle Crashers Steam edition. If you haven’t done so already, please download the update! Here are some of the things that have been improved: Added DirectInput controller support -- We currently supported only XInput controllers which is the newer way to support controllers. The older way is DirectInput, so now many older controllers should work. Added Keyboard or controller local coop support -- Users can now use a keyboard and a controller for two separate players in local co-op. Previously, both the keyboard and the first controller would be assigned to Player 1. Added launch parameters that can be set in the Steam Client prior to launch -- Added launch parameters to set the width, height, whether the application should be windowed or fullscreen, and whether we should disable audio. These can be set in the Steam -> Castle Crashers -> properties -> Set Launch Parameters section. The parameters are case insensitive, and we take the last value set (i.e. if you use "-width 3 -width 50", it will use 50. Or, if you use "-fullscreen -window", it will use a full screen windowed mode). Character select issue when using keyboard controls resolved -- Resolved an issue with character select that would cause the keyboard assignments to change. 'Medic' and 'Conscientious Objector' achievements no longer interfere with each other -- Prior to the update, if a user played the home castle though to barbarian war, and attempted to gain the medic achievement by resurrecting one other player in each level, then they would fail to get the 'Medic' achievement if they attack any enemies in those levels. Added save default ini file -- If the user doesn't change their settings we still create an ini file with the default settings for the game. The game no longer runs faster than the desired gamespeed on slower machines -- Before the update, machines that ran at less than 30fps would attempt to 'catch up' missing game time when they ran above 30fps, resulting in game speed up. We now account for this missing game time, so it does not build up and alter later game speed. Removed plug’n’play audio on Win 32 machines -- Removed the check for new audio devices on Win 32 machines. If you have any questions or experience any issues, please contact us by creating a ticket in our support system:
  24. I've been playing CC with my friends for a good four, five hours after which - when I restarted the game - the Steam overlay stopped showing up. It already sometimes didn't show up, but after quitting and restarting the game, it would be back. I've not changed anything in the game itself nor in the Steam settings that could cause that. I've tried turning off the "Steam community" and back on, deleting the game and re-installing it, restarting Steam, restarting my computer but nothing seems to work! I haven't had this issue with any other games so I believe it must be specific to Castle Crashers. My Mac version: 2008 iMac, OSX 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) I hope you can fix this quickly, because now I can't invite people nor get invited to the multiplayer campaign!