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Found 32 results

  1. More people either need to do this mode in ranked or I'm looking at the completely wrong time. This is my all time favorite mode and I love doing it solo, but when I do get a game the other person either just stands there sending me messages because I'm #1 overall . (which is very annoying because I have to wait for 5 minutes and then they aren't even trying so I don't feel like I deserve the win...) Or they just leave after I do one of the other sets of levels past the first 3 again resulting in a free set of wins but I don't feel like I deserved those if the other player isn't going to at least try :S! So the point of this I guess is that more people should queue up for this thing or I should try looking at better times maybe If you want to do a player match challenge with me you can, I don't mind GamerTag: ImoutoNyan (Same as my name on here)!
  2. Question for all you BBS players out there, and also for the developers I suppose: what's going on with the two stages labeled "DO NOT ENTER/ OUT OF ORDER" above stages 3 & 4? Are they just for the atmosphere, or will this be something that is unlocked in further DLC or through particular achievements? It seems rather odd that one can only stand on top of the stage entrance in the stage 3/4 area; allowing you to jump up to the boarded up doors. Thoughts? Theories? Facts?
  3. I get creative in short bursts, and then when I'm done, I upload it to see how people rate my playlist and how it works with 4 people at once. The problem is, that means all of my playlists are only 3 levels. I have made 5 3-level playlists, and I would like to combine them all into one 15-level playlist. Is there any way to do this?
  4. Does anyone want to attempt to do some of the co-op campaign with me on insane? We'll be continuing from where I left off (which is the last 2 encore's of chapter 2 as of writing this) and we will be doing the levels until we A++ them so that means no continuing to the next 3 levels until the previous ones are all A++'d. I have all night, so if anyone would be interested then just send me a friend request(I won't be on the computer to see your message tonight). My gamer tag is the same as my name! GT: ImoutoNyan *I also do not have a mic available to me right now, so I hope you don't mind the peace and quiet and the sound of that charismatic announcer!
  5. At the end of the level editor video on youtube it says to go check out the wiki? Where is this wiki?
  6. Hey guys, I was just curious, how do all of you guys play Battleblock Theater? and by that I mean like, do you use a non-traditional controller, try to play one handed, eyes closed? Stuff like that! I use my arcade stick, I dunno why. It just feels so much more awesomer-er playing with an arcade stick then the controller for this game!
  7. (I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section or not :S) But, Thanks Behemoth for this amazingly wonderful, fantastic, addicting, fun, frantic game! I absolutely love 2D games and this so far holds a special place in my heart (it kicked Alien Hominid to the side for me). If I could throw more money at you I would, you deserve many appraise for this masterpiece of a game, I just can't put it down! I'm like "Oh, I'll just finish this level... maybe one more! o-oh look... I didn't A++ that one, k well just that.... Oh, someone's on? Time for online!" The gem collecting is addicting, and satisifying! The music is also phenominal (do I hear the Alien Hominid PDA games music? I'm not sure!) To me the game feels simplistic, yet difficult. Difficult yet rewarding. Rewarding yet timeless! P.S Love the artwork, Dan you are awesome! :3