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Found 63 results

  1. So with the game full game being in early access I was wondering if anyone has gotten Hatty on there steam Castle Crashers yet? I tried launching both and even beating a level in Castle Crashers but I still have yet to unlock him ):
  2. Just got in the beta? Good for you, let it all out here! The only rule I have for this thread, (look at huge edit for more info) ONCE THE BETA STARTS, PLEASE DON'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT'S IN THE BETA IN THIS TOPIC!!!! It's actually against the rules to say what's in the beta anywhere on the internet or anyone not in the beta, and I don't want to be blamed for leaks. I know because I did the 360 beta. As of right now, I did not get the email yet, but I'm hoping to get it soon. Attention everyone! I JUST GOT CHOSEN! HUGE EDIT: You can put an image or video of the beta in this topic as long as they have a disclaimer that it is from the beta version. However, no reviews of the game are allowed.
  3. Okay so I signed up for the beta during the first 1-3 hours the video announcing it was posted on youtube and the beta sign up was a bit different than it is now, my main concern being that you can now add your steam nickname and not just account during sign up.My steam name and account name are different so now that this option has been added can i re-submit or am I supposed to hope that I am not skipped over because I can't be found?
  4. As the behemoth has mentioned before,the 6th star head will be a myth.What do you think that means?Could it be Hatty or some kind of mythical animal?Or maybe Hatty will possibly be in the final five and not the myth.Just leave your theories or comments on the myth head below.Also,I know that some of you don't want to hear anymore about a myth head and if that is you than just ignore this entire topic.I guess Hatty Hattington because they decided all the star heads already once they released the full game and I don't think they would know what everyone wanted then,except for the obvious choice Hatty.
  5. Hey guys I would love some information on how to get higher on the global leaderboards pls Stickyfinger prohibited
  6. Hello everyone!! I want to start off by saying that I love Battleblock Theater, a lot, and I am so thankful that The Behemoth made this spectaculiar game! So in a way of thanking The Behemoth for making BBT, I want to draw them a comic! Basically my idea is to draw the comic in the eyes of a prisoner, who is thrown into chaos in the Theater. While completing every stage, he sees Hatty is in trouble, and wants to rescue him! So this comic is about this Prisoner's journey, and how he will use his wits to save Hatty Hattington and all of his friends. I need help though!! I want to come up with names for the main character. Or maybe I should just leave him as Prisoner? And I need everyone's thoughts on the idea! Because I don't want to make this comic if I am not allowed to (because I want to use The Behemoth's art style). And just thoughts in general are great! Thank you everyone for your time! Hatty117 (I hope I can post this! I looked through the forums and didn't see anything on a comic, so I hope I am allowed to post this!)
  7. Who do you think the narrator is? I've heard mixed things, from IDK, to purham, and hatty. Personally I think its just a person. IDK who, but its a person we dont know. Please, let us know who you think it is.
  8. My first two actual good adventure levels, plus a nice game of b-ball, were included in my playlist Kat Khaos. I was excited to let the world see my creations. I should have taken the game's warning to save my levels to another playlist. However, I realized that if I wanted to play my levels, I could just look them up in furbottom's features. When I uploaded my playlist, I wanted to go play it immediately. But when I looked up playlists created by MeltedCow(that was the only filter I had on), the game said that there were no results. I tried to do the search again, but that didn't work. I reloaded the game, but that didn't work either. I checked to see if I had actually uploaded the playlist instead of thinking I did, but I couldn't find my playlist, which means I had clearly uploaded it. Remember that this was about a week ago. So the simple wait-for-it-to-load trick isn't working. Any suggestions people? Those were really nice levels, and I would like to have them back. (Side note: I have decided to make a Kat Khaos 2 playlist, which consists of all multiplayer game modes, there are no adventure levels. The original ball map I made has been recreated from memory.)
  9. So i was playing BBT the other day, i was in a basketball match when the game suddenly freezes, i decided to turn off my Xbox and stop playing, the next day i managed to play BBT but then a message appear saying that the game can't read the save file asking me to reload it in an attempt to fix the problem, it fails again and another message pops up saying if i want to delete my save and start all over again. I've spent the day finding a solution on the web trying some things but nothing changed, the same error message appear every time. So today i realized my save file is irreversibly corrupted and i lost everything in the game. The thing that actually make me sad is that i had all the featured star prisoners, there is a way i can have all the star prisoners again? I really wanted to collected all the prisoners in the game behemoth PLEASE. P.S: sorry for my bad english, i don't speak it.
  10. Ok so after bbt was announced it took like...too long for it to be released. But so we get the cat out of the bag, any announcements or rumors what we can see from the behemoth 5+ years from now?
  11. Welcome, to BattleBlock Theater, Now showing Caturday Night performed live. Each showing is recorded live and available for purchase in the gift shop. Brought to you by the director of rent stage sensation, MindBender! Unfortunately due to a print shop error there is no official script so all performers will be ad libing. Auditioning new performers now. Over the top fun can be had on Caturday Night so long as you keep your wits about you and look for the pieces to the puzzles. Gamertag: KMKHunter Playlist: Caturday Night Type: Solo Adventure Comments: Any and all thoughts appreciated. Weither its "Awesome playlist" or "This one part is eating my soul"! I can and will take feedback into account when/if any revisions take place. Note: My goal for this set was challanging but not difficult. Each trick has its own quirks which can make them hard or easy depending on how you come at it. I tried really hard to make it fair and to make sure there was no random troll deaths. Also tried to make everything skill based without the need for having insane luck to make it through. No walls of lasers or invisible block "surprise got ya" moments here. (Edit to come later for further details)
  12. Anyone who is an artist... or people like me who aren't, upload spoof artwork for Battleblock theater. Remake the A-team, remake the post for men in block...oop, I mean men in black (or do I?) Hey, if you're talented, make your own BBT based movie poster. Crappy preview I have been wanting to do for a while below:
  13. I've been looking for the Winston and Toast heads for a while, but (as expected), nobody wants to trade them. I realized I have an unused 400MSP code lying around, so I figured I might as well use it for something. Under some circumstances, I may sweeten the deal (include gems, more points, etc.), but I'll likely only add more points for Winston. If you're interested, include which head(s) you're offering and your gamertag. There is no obligation for me to scam you, as I would likely be banned for doing so, making obtaining the heads moot. If I do not give you the points (though I promise to), you may report this happening to the proper authorities and (of course), cite this thread as evidence. The code will be given to you via message on Xbox Live, and/or via PM on the Behemoth Community Forums by request..
  14. Hello there again! some people may know me and some do bot, and that's ok. okay, i'll get to the point: I love customizing my iPod (2G) and now I got an android lock system! how epic is that right? pretty cuwl me know. but when I looked into the settings of that tweak I saw that there was a possebility to change the lock apperiance with built-in themes, what came with the download. I love making themes at my own for winterboard and stuff, but I want to go to the next level: customize tweakies With those thoughts I discovered that you can change those dots on the android lock stuff with other... stuff!! So blablabla, what's your point of all this? Good question my friend! I know I know, I suppose I can say that I am a little brighter then you think. Yea I can see that! so you got a new haircut?, it looks grea... oh yea, topic... forgot sorry. where was I? ehm... oh yea, the point! I am asking you guys to come up with 3, yes 3, awesome looking sprites to theme this epic lock system why 3? I'll tell you why: 1: for just the normal looking dot, like a waddle dee just standing, 2: one that is being touched at that moment, like he is... touched, or hurt, like that, 3: one that shows that it is selected, that's where you already touched it and moved over to another, by default it shows green. !!!Requirements!!! Pixel has to contain 2 different sizes: 30x30 pixels and 60x60 pixels. it will be named like: black.png (30x30) and black@x2.png (60x60). that is just one simple requirement right? not that hard I think... Why not doing it myself? good question again! cheez you are on fire today! aw you I make plenty of those but I'll run out of inspiration! so I need you guys to help me with it Why are you guys willing to help me? As reward I will give you the permission to get some chocolate milk (with mini marshmellows!) and let you think: hah, I realy accomplished something today :'). I hope you guys come up with some epic stuff! And I prefer Kirby and BBT!! Because Kirby is awesome to make themes and stuff about and BBT... you know why, else I wouldn't post it here GOOD LUCK!!
  15. Odd, when I went to check my community playlist ratings today I noticed 1 of my playlists appear to be missing. My adjusted set of co-op levels Mindbenderplus1 is no where to be found. Uploaded April 21 around 3:30 pm PST, shortly after Mindbender Plus (which is still there) because there were some bugs that needed adjusting. Not a huge deal because I can upload again from my back-up any time, but I wanted to make sure this wasn't happining to others. Reason for the title level(s) is it seems other co-op playlists are also gone. I'm not 100% sure since I don't remember specific playlist names but I thought there was more than 1 in the co-op the Behemoth favorites heading.
  16. Hello there! I am in the making of a Solo Adventure Playlist: Always Alone. When Im finished then be sure to play and rate it! GT: XxBossDestroyerXx(I got a different GT) PlaylistName: AlwaysAlone Mode: Solo Adventure It will be finished soon!
  17. ~Quirky Intro Music~ Kill me with a grenade, and I'll give you 50 gems! 'Cuz I am The Traveling Gem Salesmen! I will be randomly appearing in games of BattleBlock Theater for a few weekends. The song says it all... GamerTag: A C Cret 555 Note to Mods: Yes, this thread is kinda useless but I just wanted to make it know. Lock this thread and/or give me a warning point if you must.
  18. I want to attempt to speed run this game Solo and Co-op, If anyone is interested in possibly joining me doing speed runs on co-op. You could add me and we could try it out. Preferred that you have a mic!! Will be streaming or putting it on Youtube . If you add me, please send a message so I know who you are. GT:Hateside Sorry, If this in the wrong area not sure where to post this.
  19. Nade Survival, by: ChickenOffender- This playlist is a mix of both king of the hill, muckle, and for one level, ball game. the point of this playlist is to not only fight your opponent and do the objective, but also to stay alive. teleporters will spawn grenades and sometimes fans will propel their speed. there are 3 king of the hill levels which all have a different way to play/survive. the muckle levels on the other hand range from jump rope type games, deflection games, and even ball game. the one level that features ball game is also a mix of muckle. players can choose to survive and attack or simply struggle to get the ball into the net. there are multiple ways that the grenades spawn and will provide alot of fun and frustration for some. if it seems impossible just remember, there is always a way to survive. this isnt a playlist which's levels are crudely made and you cant survive, so dont underestimate it. there is approximately 8 levels for you and your buddies to play. so grab some friends and have some fun. just make sure your not with them in person, things can get a bit rough.
  20. Come one come all, calling all skilled and adventureous entertainers. BattleBlock Theater has been kind enough to host auditions for a new show called "Mindbender". Not only will you need to fly through the air with the greatest of ease, but during your performace you must also use your brain. If you can think on your feet come on down today and show us what your made of. GT: KMKHunter Playlist: Mindbender & MindbenderCoOp1 Mode: Adventure Solo and Co-Op Challenges: Jump timing as well as brain teasers Comments: Welcomed and feedback appreciated 4/16: First round of The Behemoth picks for Solo Adventure!!! 4/21: Co-op version "Mindbender Plus" uploaded. Shortly after due to a few design flaws, fixed and uploaded as "MindbenderPlus1" 4/27: MindbenderPlus1 MIA from the Community Theater 4/29: MindbenderPlus1 back online 4/30: Made The Behemoth favorites list for Co-op!!! 5/16: MindbenderPlus1 featured as the second Playlist in The Pickening on LiveStream Design with the Devs. 5/20: MindbenderPlus2 slight modifications for polish and playability and reuploaded. Shortly after had to fix an oversight and re-uploaded as Mindbender CoOp 5/31 MindbenderCoOp1 uploaded. Level 5 "Cargo" fixed and plays correctly now. Minor breakability points adjusted to further stabilize playability based on extended research in the wild. 5/31 Selected as Furbottom's Feature Co-Op Playlist [31-May-13] It's Friday... Gotta Get Down On Friday!
  21. Playlist Name: The Funhouse v1 Gamertag: Doc Status Playlist Type: Solo Adventure This playlist has been under construction since the day the game was released, and I hope that some of you will enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it. I went back and made changes many times over the course of its creation and I’m finally ready to release it to the public. My goal was to make the levels fair, straightforward, and nice to look at. I tried my best to make things challenging but also fair, as I did not want luck to play a large part in the passing of obstacles. Some Notes: -All levels are possible to beat with A++ on both normal and insane -You do not need weapons/tools to beat any obstacle or get any gem (though they may help) -The encore levels contain just 3 gems each, so make sure not to miss any! I am very eager to hear what the community thinks about my playlist and would love as much feedback as I can get. This is my first attempt at creating something in ANY game so I acknowledge that it may have issues and welcome you to post any criticisms you have with it. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask as I will be checking this topic actively. Thanks all, hope you enjoy!
  22. I've noticed a very annoying glitch where the joining player (during campaign) picks up a rock and It immediately falls on the player causing him to die. I've seen this and had this happen to me and it gets especially annoying on insane. Is there something that can be done to prevent this?
  23. So, yesterday i got paid and went to my local Wal-Mart and i bought a 1,600 Microsoft points card. I was gonna get BBT but is it worth it? I have it right now and just redeemed it, so should i buy BBT?