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Found 1 result

  1. How did you come up with your playlist name, level names, level direction, puzzles, obstacles, and color scheme? Where does your inspiration come from? Thank you for helping everyone out and posting your secrets, I feel sharing is caring and that we can all learn from one another and create better playlists because of it. Here are the questions to answer: 1. Playlist name: I like to combine two different things to make one word. Sometimes I will combine movies, TV shows, video games, books, ect. My playlist called Zaplosion is a combination of the word "zap" and "explosion". Also I really like the Pokémon "Typhlosion" which is another big influence on my name choice, and you can see they combined names to create that one also. 2. Levels names: I used to do "level 1-15" and so on but then I started being more creative. My friend GT fishysock gave me a cool idea, since my title was Zaplosion and it has 9 letters he said to name 1-9 each letter of my playlist name. Because before I had my first level as "Z Z Z Z" so it continues and the rest level 2-14. This was a joke to suggest there was zapping happening in my first level. So in the end I can do level Z, or a continued Z which is what I'm doing. These are juicy secrets people!!! What I'm doing, don't copy be original:) Z Z Z Z A A A A P P P P 3. Level direction: My levels go from left to right which feel smooth and straight to the point and the further you go in the playlist the more complex it gets. I'm trying to make something like "Weloveyou" in a way but that playlist is pretty hard to duplicate. And I much rather stick to my own style and technique. This way I combine everything I know with what I can do to make something unique. 4. Puzzles: I like what CMoNeYno23 said and I quote "Take any object in the game and use it unconventionally. Find out what interactions blocks have between each other". I like to combine things together that nobody has thought of to make cooler things so I like what he said. GT MisterrQuentin and I think very similar too when it comes to puzzles, and his new playlist "Zombie Unicorns" is a neat example of what CMoNeyno23 said. So that is my thought process on puzzles, combine things together that nobody has seen. I usually see a empty space and come up with ways to fill it, but its not always easy so I have to really break it down into sections because I get overwhelmed easily. 5. Obstacles: This is very simple, its the filler of the level. I place objects in the space I have left in order to continue the flow of the level. Its usually something basic like a saw or spike obstacle. But I really try to make sections that are unique. 6. Color Schemes: I really like light blocks on dark blocks to set a path. And my background usually makes my blocks pop. But sometimes I am picky and I stick with a certain look to set the mood of my playlist. I tried changing my color scheme for my first set of levels but I am just set in stone on how it looks in my mind even if someone says different. I am all about the mood of the playlist and the feel of it. That's how I made my first set of levels for my playlist Zaplosion. So if anything, color inspires me to create puzzles and obstacles because I am such a visual person. So I try to make a color scheme that inspires me to say "what should go here?" 7. Inspiration: I play other peoples playlist all the time when I can't think of anything new. I usually get great ideas from seeing a inspiring playlist. Questions: 1. Playlist Name: 2. Level Names: 3. Level Direction: 4. Puzzles: 5. Obstacles: 6. Color Scheme: 7. Inspiration: