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Found 1 result

  1. All right, let's get to business. This thread will be about your online gaming ID. Stuff like gamertags, Wii U IDs, etc. This is going to be a big topic so mods should help me with keeping up with all the posts here. And to make things easier you will need to at least have... let's say for now... 100 posts on the forum (don't worry, i make exceptions for people i find worthy). True213: Gamertag: Apathetic Truth 3DS Friend Code: 2294-5231-8001 Nintendo Network ID: SmashFinale FEL: Gamertag: Socks in a Box SteamID: F-E-L Mangle: Gamertag: Gamefemale 3DS Friend Code: 2320-6681-7010 Nintendo Network ID: Gamefemale SteamID: Plusha LaTrap Pokémon GO: TheDarkGoober Scaler193: Gamertag: FlamingPaperCup Steam ID: FlamingPaperCup j3fr0: PSNID: Sir_J3fr0 Splufay: PSN ID: Splufay Steam ID: Splufay yugo657: Gamertag: kptn_howdy Steam ID: kptn howdy PSNID: kptn_howdy REALM OF THE MAD GOD: hokuyo daikonboy101: PSN ID: Daikonboy 3DS Friend Code: 1220-7285-8257 ThePieGuy: PSNID: Pielad99 Steam: AnarchPieGuy Turkey: PSNID: BackBoneProblem Gamertag: A Rab1d Turkey SteamID: rad1dturkey Zephyr: PSNID: GameCRAZY_0² Dropped Your Pocket: Gamertag: DropdUrPoket PSNID: DropdUrPocket SteamID: Dr Pocket 3DS Friend Code:2191 - 7933 - 7696 KirbyWindWaker: SteamID: KirbyWindWaker 3DS Friend Code: 4253-3491-4930 Nintendo Network ID: KirbyWindWaker Gamertag: KirbyWindWaker PSNID: KirbyWindWaker (getting innovative here i see xD) Tomster1000: SteamID: Tomster1000 Gamertag: xFaKe LeaDeRx Newgrounds Account: Tomster1000 IndustrialKnight: Gamertag: HallowFighter Pokemon White 2 Friend Code: 3311-2412-8076 Pokemon White Friend Code: 2150-7736-2719 SteamID: DustrialKnight Sh4dOw4554551N: Gamertag:Sh4dOw4554551N SteamID: rosden2 Mysterioustuuka: Steam ID: Mysterious Tuuka Roy-G-Biv: Steam ID: Starlogical Cpt Deluxable: Gamertag: Cpt Deluxable Memor: Gamertag: MDMemor SteamID: Memor EvilHat: Gamertag: MGMgrand2010 SWag Bbq: Gamertag: SWaq Bbq Chris: Gamertag:Chris th3 Ninja PSNID: Chris_the_Ninjer SteamID:ChrisTheNinjer 3DS Friend Code: 0946 - 2724 - 5736 Jaredman89: Gamertag: Jaredman89 PSNID: Jaredman89 Nintendo Network ID: Jaredman89 Mr. Hatty: Gamertag: Snuggle Bubbler Steam ID: Snuggle_Bubbler Nintendo Network ID: SnuggleBubbler 3DS Friend Code: 1461 6708 0572 Percyman7312: Gamertag: Soniccs0203 Henryo: Gamertag: RETR0 Rhythms PSNID: Henryo287 SteamID: Henryo REALM OF THE MAD GOD!: Henraho Minecraft:Henryo287 SaltOnToast: SteamID: SaltOnToast PSNID: SaltOnToast Minecraft: SaltOnToast Nintendo Network ID: Salt 3DS Friend Code: 4742-5822-8412 Vinchenzo: Gamertag: Vinchenzo Flux Steam: Loid Node