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Found 12 results

  1. Hey guys! I have an xbox one and i just love this game, but my friends have a PC and we cant play together! So we want CASTLE CRASHERS to have crossplay, maybe even for ps4 !please BEHEMOTH... IF YOU WANT TOO SHARE THIS IDEA AND REPLY... thanks
  2. Made an Xbox Club for Castle Crashers called Castle Crashers Insanity. If you're looking for people to play or do insane mode with feel free to join.
  3. After two very helpful closed betas in September and October, we continued development on Pit People with tons of feedback from the gaming community. It was the first time we had a closed beta for two platforms in the same year! Now, we’re going for our next milestone, which is having our first game ever in Xbox One Game Preview AND Steam Early Access starting January 13, 2017. Pit People will be the first time we do early access and it’ll be the first time we release a digital title on two separate platforms in the same year! After implementing our changes post-beta, holding onto the game in its current state just feels weird. The core gameplay is complete and we’ll be adding content until the full version is released. We feel that Pit People is at a point where we’ll confidently say there’s more than enough fun, content, variety, value and play-time to keep someone happy. We won’t sell something unless it meets these standards, so it definitely seems like it is time! This will also be a good opportunity to monitor the balance in the game and continue getting feedback from the gaming community as we finish up! Feel free to come along with us on this trip (when you dip I dip we dip). Read up on what will be in the Early Access experience and the discount you can get: Pit People Early Access (Full Post)
  4. yugo657


    So I've been playing the Overwatch beta all day yesterday and today. I'm loving it. Anyone else have the chance to play it? What are your thoughts? Game's out: it's freakin' great!
  5. So I've noticed some dramatic changes in CC HD and they mostly pertain to weapon stats. The big ones are: The Black Morning Star is no longer one of the best magic weapons. The Wooden Club no longer does crit damage. The Chainsaw now has a an additional point towards Defense. The Fishing Rod is no longer the worst weapon in the game. The Ice Sword now has a +2 magic buff. The Snakey Mace now has poison element damage instead of crit damage and no longer has a point and instead looks like it does while at rest in the Weapons Frog. The Alien Hominid weapon now does fire element damage. The list goes on for weapon changes but these are some of the big ones as the best Magic weapons are no longer the same and the best Defense Weapon now has many more contenders. Also: When someone is playing as the Blacksmith he no longer appears outside the Weapons Frog. Hitting Start while in the game now creates an artistic hearts and knight head pattern in the background. Addition of Back of Barbarian game mode and removal of All You Can Quaff. Additional matchmaking animation of Blue Knight looking and his eyes getting big when he finds a potential match. New main menu art, layout, and design. Dramatic decrease in Main Menu music volume. (Thank you) Addition of an Insane Mode Store. These are just some of the rough offhand changes I've noticed between the 360 and One versions. I do not know if any of these are already in the Steam version. I'm sure there are more changes and please feel free to post any you find here in this thread.
  6. Your data is transferrable from Castle Crashers on Xbox 360 to Castle Crashers HD on Xbox One. This requires both an XBL connection and an Xbox 360. 1. Start Castle Crashers on the Xbox 360. 2. Go into Player Statistics from the Main Menu. 3. Hit Right Trigger to "Upload Save for Xbox One". 4. Start Castle Crashers HD on the Xbox One. 5. Go to Player Statistics from the Main Menu and hit Right Trigger to "Download Xbox 360 Save Data". This will transfer all character unlocks, weapons, items, animal orbs, levels, game saves, and silver/gold skull progress. Consumables such as gold, potions, bombs, and sandwiches will not transfer.
  7. Codenamed “Game 4,” our in-development game has some new additions since you last saw it on our Raptr Extra Life Charity Stream or since you first saw it at PAX Prime in our first live stream demo of Game 4. We’ve shown you the House with the collection of hairstyles, helmets, and heavy weaponry available for your human heroes. Now we’ve put out a new line of accessories in Game 4! Today, we’ll just give you a taste of what’s to come by showing off one of our units: Cupcakes. If looks could kill, these Cupcakes would be the deadliest unit on the field! (All customizable items are subject to change. Our game is still in development, so we can’t guarantee all choices will make the final cut! Fashion trends are always evolving!) Now you can distinguish your healer by dressing it with a delectable frosting flavor or donning it with a distinctive topping. Here’s Hushpuppy sporting the hottest new trends for the post-apocalyptic galactic tragedy, lemon meringue! (Bonus! Look for the deep sadness in his eyes) The catapult connected to this classy Cupcake is not only chic, it’s practical too. Or maybe that’s impractical? No practical, definitely practical. Up next we have Gluten in the classic vanilla with waffle top look. There’s always a chance Cupcakes won’t heal their target, but that’s ok, because once that scrumptious batter is on the floor then it’s fair game to be picked up by anyone. Finally, Percy here is staying cozy in a raspberry swirl with a fern on top. You work it, Percy! Just like any other accessory in Game 4, these Cupcake specific items could pop up for purchase in the Market (if you already have a cupcake in your team), they could be potentially acquired through loot & rewards, or you could always Recruit a Cupcake in battle if they have the desired gear on their being. Speaking of Recruiting, we’ve alluded to this ability in the game but we haven’t had a chance to show it to you yet. Don’t you worry, my darlings; you’ll be able to see the simplicity of Recruiting in action when we bring Game 4 to PAX East this March! Until then, come back to the blog soon because we’ll be revealing another creatures’ collection of customizables. FASHION SHOW #2! TL;DR *Cupcakes and other creatures are customizable with different loot you find! *More customized character reveals to come!!!!!!!
  8. megan

    Game 4 - Xbox One

    Game 4 teaser You’ve probably seen it out on the interwebs by now, but here’s our Game 4 t-shirt! Game 4 is a working title, like Game 3 was before it later became BattleBlock Theater. We’re developing Game 4 for Xbox One! Woot! You’ll be able to find out more misinformation throughout the year at RTX, San Diego Comic-Con, and PAX Prime! -------------------------------------------- Thoughts on the tee? Speculation?
  9. They did it for Minecraft, why not BBT with major bug fixes. I play this game a lot more than any other I will be bummed out if this isn't on Xbox Live marketplace for next gen. I have heard it wasn't but not sure. I mean this could be ported to Xbox One, right? The Xbox One couldn't be that different at least when it comes to arcade in XBL marketplace.
  10. As everyone knows, both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 are coming out in November. When it's time to choose, gamers tend to look for system features and other goodies offered alongside the controller. At this point in the gaming market, Sony and Microsoft are surpassing limits to overcome one another, especially games. Many of us will be attaining a new console soon, for that matter it's required to acknowledge what game choices you'll have jumbled to you, so here's the line up: Xbox One: Playstation 4: - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - Battlefield 4 - Battlefield 4 - Call of Duty: Ghosts - Blacklight: Retribution - Crimson Dragon - Call of Duty: Ghosts - Dead Rising 3 - DC Universe Online - FIFA 14 - Driveclub - Fighter Within - FIFA 14 - Forza Motorsport 5 - Just Dance 2014 - Just Dance 2014 - Killzone Shadow Fall - Killer Instinct - Knack - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - LEGO Marvel Super Heroes - LocoCycle - Madden NFL 25 - Madden NFL 25 - Minecraft - NBA 2K 14 - NBA 2K 14 - NBA Live 14 - NBA Live 14 - Need for Speed: Rivals - Need for Speed: Rivals - Peggle 2 - The PlayRoom - Powerstar Golf - Resogun - Ryse: Son of Rome - Skylanders: Swap Force - Skylanders: Swap Force - Tiny Brains - Watch Dogs - Warframe - Zoo Tycoon - War Thunder - Zumba Fitness: World Party - Watch Dogs source: IGN So, which one do you prefer? I'm waiting for Titanfall and Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, no final decision for now.
  11. We're about two weeks away guys, Nintendo is gonna finally show all its system sellers, Sony is going to use this Xbox One negativity to its advantage and attempt to raise hype, and Microsoft is going to (atleast attempt to) redeem itself with the core gaming crowd after its TV focused presentation earlier this month! Now, quickly, let's take a look at some E3 rumours and what to expect from the big 3 Xbox One -Microsoft has 15 exclusive IPs on the way for Xbox One, we might see some of these here -Rare is reviving a classic 64 era franchise, could this be the reason for the renewed Killer Instinct Trademark? Finally Banjo-Threeie? Only time will tell -Can Kinect Two justify itself as being an "always-on" peripheral? -Halo 5, it must be coming, will it stand up to the original trilogy and 343's previous Halo effort? -Will we finally see some clarity on used games on Xbox One and finally put these rumours to rest? That's all I've got for Microsoft, let's head to Sony Playstation 4 -Sony is definitely in the best position of the big three, they'll surely show off the actual PS4 hardware for the first time -New Infamous: Second Son details, will it become the PS4's system seller? -Rumour has it that Sumo Digital is working on a LittleBigPlanet 3. These games have a huge following, we might hear something about it now -Sony is looking good to the majority in the PS4 department, but a portion of time will surely be put aside to continue to (attempt to) justify PSmove and PSVita, two major flops so far -Destiny: Beyond Two Souls and The Last of Us will surely have new details, but are there any PS4 games Naughty Dog is cooking up? Insomniac just got done making Fuse, how about them? -The functionality of the PS4 Controller's touchscreen will be shown, along with whether or not it actually innovates -Will wonderbook return? Hopefully not, in my opinion -Any more new IPs to get gamers excited for PS4? If so, expect them at E3 Now, for the Wii U, the one with the biggest plethora of rumours Wii U -Nintendo won't hold a presentation, but they will have several Nintendo Directs, any surprised? -Retro's new game has been in development for a looong time. The most accepted rumour is that we're getting Prime 4 for Wii U. Will we get an apology for Metroid: Other M? -Another Rumour is the addition of GCN games for Wii U virtual console -We'll most likely see more of Mario & Luigi DT and LttP2, but other than that, it's safe to say that 3DS will sit most of E3 out, it needs no help at this point -Zelda HD and Pikmin 3 will most likely be shown for a brief amount of time, with WWHD getting a release date. -New 3D Mario will be a huge point, along with Sonic: Lost World -We know of Sonic: LW and and new M&S, but Sega's partnership has one more game. Mario Kart U is confirmed to be shown, and rumour has it the final game in the partnership is a crossover between Mario Kart and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. -New Super Smash Bros! Expect a new trailer, for the Wii U version at least. Maybe we'll see how 3DS development is coming along, but expect Smash Bros to be a huge point in the direct. -They probably have a few tricks up there sleeve as far as unexpected games. Star Fox? F-Zero? Talk around the water cooler is a new Wave Racer exclusively for Wii U. -This is the year of Luigi, why haven't we seen more Luigi games? So far we know of 3 (New Super Luigi U, Luigi's Mansion 2, and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team), when will we see more? Wouldn't be unexpected to see some more Weegee games That's most of what we know for now, anything ya'll hope for? Expect? Discuss below and etc.