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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everybody! I'm assuming that when you stumbled upon this thread you were expecting a tournament, due to the name? Well, here it is! I have decided to host the Unofficial Dota 2 August Tournaments! Basically what I'm planning to do is on the first Saturday of every August, we will have a Dota 2 Tournament. Prizes will be simple, yet satisfying. I'm going to lay out the basic rules: - It will be just like playing a random round of Dota. - However, you may not ghost. (Getting a friend to spectate while you play, and there fore knowing what the enemy is doing. Your friends can still spectate though!) - Teams will be randomized through a drawing of a hat. - You will join a team and we will have 2 teams. The teams will face off, depending on how many people we have. If we have 10 people, 2 teams. If we have 20 people, 4 teams. - Everybody only gets one John, use it wisely. That's the basics. Now for more on the event itself: - The event will be hosted on the first Saturday of August, the 1st. - The event will start at 12:30 A.M. PST. - There will be a stream hosted via the channel "TheLegitKiwiOfTheFishies" on twitch. - The prizes will be a "badge" that you can put in your signature. When people ask you what it is, you can say that you rekt The Behemoth Forums in Dota 2. Now I have to post the most complicated stuff, so EVERYBODY NEEDS TO READ THIS: To join the tournament, you need: A steam account. A copy of Dota 2 Reborn. A forum account. Also, you need to join before the 1st of August. When you join, I will give you the name of the team you need to join. On the 1st, the teams will then compete against each other. The match will probably take around a hour, so only sign up if you have that time on your hands. I'm expecting to only have 10 people join, so I'm going to say first come first serve. THE MAX AMOUNT OF PLAYERS WILL BE 20. THAT WAY, THERE WILL ONLY BE 3 MATCHES AT MOST. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. That should be the basics.