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Found 5 results

  1. You know what this thread is for Post pictures of your grand collection, discuss Amiibos you're going after, share those Amiibo hunting tips, hoot and holler about amiibo-related announcements, laugh at Brandon who almost bought 2 Marths, 2 Villagers and 2 WFTs at retail price but then cancelled his order, or brag about your recent trip to Walmart which resulted in you finding a Little Mac amiibo stuffed inside a homeless guy's knapsack. Or just discuss amiibos in general. I'll start this off by sharing my collection: 's byootiful Note that I also have Diddy Kong back at home and, as I mentioned in another thread, I have Sonic, Mega Man and Sheik on the way. So that's 5 I own so far, and I feel somewhat proud that I've managed to get at least a few uncommon ones for close to retail price. I'm not sure at this point how many I'm going to get, but I can say that I have no interest at all in the upcoming Super Mario Bros series of amiibos. Smash 4 lyfe bby Now post those collections and be ready to brag. (For reals though keep it fairly humble and polite, the amiibo community is toxic enough)
  2. Would this even be remotely possible? I mean, I would love to play the entire Behemoth collection on my 3DS, always, anytime. Boy would that be nice. Thoughts?
  3. Yes, we already have the Master Online ID List, but this is to catagorize which gamers play what games and whatnot. The purpose of this list is to help like-minded people play games they enjoy. Since the whole 'Friend Code Barrier' prevents this from being easily possible in most cases, this list should ease you woes. Feel free to post your 3DS Friend Code below and I will add it to the list (As well as any relevant games) as soon as I can! Smash 4 A C Cret - 2320-6361-3224 Animal Crossing: New Leaf A C Cret - 2320-6361-3224
  4. I live this game, and I know that I'm not alone with this. But sometimes, playing it alone can just get stale. Thus, this thread was birthed. This thread is for trading and just arranging hang-outs with other members. For general discussion, please use the other Animal Crossing:New Leaf thread. I'm happy to play with anyone if I'm online, and I'm be adding my friend code as soon as I check it (FC - 2320-6361-3224). If you're looking for an item, please use the form below: If you have something to offer, please use the form below: If you want to just hang, just post your IGN and friend code. This is a bit of an experiment, but if it fails, feel free to close it mods. EDIT: Maybe I should get the ball rolling... IGN: Joe ITEM OFFERED: Sloppy Stereo* BELLS WANTED: However much I can get (or another Sloppy piece) FRIEND CODE: 2320-6361-3224 TIME ZONE: PST FREE TIME: Weekdays from 5:00pm-7:00pm, Weekends ~all day *I just randomly had two appear at my Re-Tail on the sane day... So yeeeeaaah...
  5. I know this has been asked alot but will CC ever be on PC. I played CC one and I'm in love [please] [/please] bring for PC!