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Found 1 result

  1. Hello guys! I made this topic because I was inspired by a project of all 151 Pokemon were drawn by 151 different artists! But I wanted to do something similar and of course, it involves the Special/Star Heads. I decided that 64 artists on the forums should try to draw one of 64 special heads! RULES: You can only chose one of 64 special heads. Don't draw them doing inappropriate things (like flipping the bird). Don't draw a head that someone already chose. You must mention which head your'e drawing. You can draw just the head, But you can also draw a body if you want. For a list of Special/Star Heads, Just go here!: Alright then! Let's chose heads! If you chose a head to draw, I will add your name to next to the head you chose so other people don't take it. Pluto - Derekis (Yes, I chose Pluto) Alien​ Fat Kid FBI Agent 1 - MeltedCow FBI Agent 2 - Cat Guard Thief The King - Koen​ Rammy - UnidentifiedFlyingUnicorn​ Giraffey Knight Barbarian - IndustrialKnight Swamp Bro - Dropped Your Pocket Troll Toast - boxes (Those Abs...) Jonny Four Duck Shark Turkey Santa Cyber Monday - Ultanoka Winston Ms. Pump Rose Groundhog Buckle Your Pants - Gamefemale Furbottom Boot Toothbrush Blocketeer Siren Mr. Bobbins -SaltOnToast Snail Wheels Cat Control - Boggle_Playing_Chicken Hooshmand the Wise Snakeface The Final Unicorn Hatzilla - pickles4nickles Boom! - Undead Ninya Mr. Peabody Lava Lamp - TheWingedWaffle524 Gerard I SEE YOU Manbirth Peeps Donut - JadeFlames (He got bitten. ;( ) Scuba Steve Paul Sausage 25% off - Shurvey 50% off - RicePrezPip The Nose Knows Moose Little Feets The Monster The Dad Meebs Stubby Steamroll Victim #1 Steamroll Victim #2 Cecil Triple Threat Tiny Monkey Behemoth Chicken Tiny Cyclops - superBRADY777 LET'S GET STARTED!