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Found 5 results

  1. I win the boss level (in stage 5) with A++ and A. But when I pause the game, the scores change to A and A. When I resume the game the score shows again normally (A++ and A)
  2. Does anyone happen to know what the Famous number at the bottom means? I have 3,332,784 and as far as I know it's the highest of anyone in the game. Oh and you can add Undead Ninya and myself to the A++ club now.
  3. Guys I Have Completed The Game A++ Solo Normal mode and insane mode but co-op A++ normal mode and insane mode(Including Encores)but never even tried it so I was thinking some skilled players could help me on battleblock theater complete the game A++ normal mode and insane mode(Including Encores)co-op so heres My Gamertag:Dragonborn2105
  4. I just had a weird thought, why do we have A++ rather than A+? I kind of strikes me to have a grade that is, above perfect. Do any of you guys have a clue or idea why? If they were to change the A++, what would you guys think would be a good grade for doing perfect or for getting a certain amount of items in a level? (Any letter is allowed). I will start first, for everything you get in a level plus time bonus, you get an S.
  5. I'm not sure how I go about figuring the best time for the A++ ranking. Should I just use my time, or do mine but minus a few seconds. Also how can I tell how long it took for me to beat the level. It seems like there is no timer.