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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, with the League of Ninjas in battleblock theater, I was thinking that we needed our own Castle Crashers clan. Xbox or PS3, it doesn't matter because this is just a group for people who are either good at normal, insane, arena or AYCQuaff. Post your gamertag or PSN and you can tell us your lifetime wins or your level characters. The minimum requirement for the divisions are: 15 white skulls = story normal 1 gold skull (not level skipped) = story insane 50 ranked wins = Arena 40 ranked wins = AYCQuaff Story Mode (Normal): Industrial Knight/Hallow Fighter (XBL) Story Mode (Insane): SWag Bbq (XBL) trickster2599 (PSN) Zephyr (PSN) MmayhemM (PSN) Arena (Ranked): xNarwhalNinjax (XBL) Zephyr (PSN) All you can Quaff (Ranked):
  2. Modern Warfare 2 is a three year old game. It's not its horrible reputation as a glitchy unbalanced mess of a game that I want to discuss today (though I'm not going to object this reputation, not in the least). Infinity Ward has once again provided excellent customer service by removing something that wasvery slightly offensive from the game on behalf of the author of this video, a self proclaimed religious extremist ("Islamist", this time around). So as you see, nothing anyone really needs to care about, we have freedom of speech for a reason and this guy is way more buurt than he should be. BUT WAIT You'd think they'd just leave it there and just ignore this guy, or at best just remove it from the map. Oh, no. They removed the entire freaking map. Well that's one less broken car crash of a map to deal with, 16 to go. So let's see what we need to conclude from this: Infinity ward is terrible Freedom of speech doesn't let you say bad things about muslims Infinity ward is terrible Everyone who bought this game for the map is now poorer (but nobody did, it's horrible) Infinity ward is terrible Extremists are entitled meanies What do you think of these points?