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Found 5 results

  1. I feel like Super Mario Bros. Z has left a big enough impact on the animation world, and has a rich enough history to warrent its own thread. And with the remake of episode 1 just releasing today I don't think there's a better time to start talking about this old, yet amazing series. Episode 1:
  2. Helloz guyz You already may know me cus i saw ur names in last seen in my profile but any who ive been to a fourms like this before eg: the mineimator fourms and supriseingly the whole fourms uses the same pluigns! So i know what every function does! no need for a tour for me! Any way Heres the vid! Hupe u lik it Next up! Battle block theater Buckle ur pants animated! PS: if u lik it And wunt moa Subscribe or even look at it! thats royal enough 4 me! Also Dont remind me to remove bandicam i forgot to turn water mark off from the keygen Ok? kwel L8r aligators!
  3. Let me first start by saying I'm very disappointed that this thread does not already exist. Unforgotten realms is an online web-show created, animated, and voiced by Robert Moran. The plot of the show is to friends playing a dungeons and dragons type game. The show does start off slow but becomes amazing and generally very funny over time. The animation is not the best but does have a certain charm. Over all its a very clever show and think it does deserve a fair chance. It is however on hold (around episode 50) as the creator is making a game based on the show called "Unforgotten Quest" (Although no idea when its coming out as the creator seems to be completely side tracked by his sudden minecraft youtube fame.) You can find the show here:!page=1 by scrolling down a bit and setting all episodes to season 1,2 or 3.
  4. This is something that I made, I hope you enjoy it. Ep1: Ghost Rampage Ep2: "Teamwork.." Ep3: Toss Me a Weapon (For some reason the video wont embed, so you have to go to the link) If you do like it, subscribe. New episodes every Monday!
  5. Lovely people of Behemoth Forums, I need some serious advice! Now I know this place is filled with a bunch of talented people, some younger than me, most older and that's exactly why I came to you for help! If you can, could you please tell me which schools are good for learning the following: 1. Animation, Both 2D and 3D 2. Game Design 3. Business 4. Writing 5. Programming I also put this list in the order I wish to know these things in first, but any school that can teach these would be nice! This could also help me narrow down my searches for a good college, as I'm gonna have to start thinking about this come next school year, but I just wanted to get an early start. I also live in New York, if that matters...Anyway, suggestions on school will be much appreciated!