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Found 1 result

  1. Last night, I was watching a YT video from a friend of mine named slippy5 (on xbox) or slippy318 (on YT), and while he was fighting the catfish he made a point that really made sense. You know how the catfish is the bear's god? The knights killed it. And then they killed his followers. That doesn't seem very nice, they're animals. And then once you get to the Wedding, you kill the groom while his son (I think the cyclops is the son) is in the bathroom. You killed the groom during his wedding. Yes, he did steal the princess, but still that just isn't nice. Then, you kill his son. Twice. You even kill aliens. They could have all been wiped out! (I am not pointing out flaws in the game, CC is tied for my best game ever!) Anyways, I hope it made a little bit of sense, and go check out my friend's channel, he was in the Tournament of Champions!