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Found 5 results

  1. I just finished the insane story after completing normal on solo. I haven't received any achievements. When I was on solo, I got the one for getting a letter grade for every finale on solo normal. But that's it. No silver trophy, no gold trophy and no achievements Can anyone help?
  2. I'm making an arena playlist soon. I need some ideas. Does anybody have any ideas for me?
  3. Dear TheBehemoth! I just wanted to play some battleblock theatre on my brand new PC with my friend. My screen is 16:9 1920x1080p, but when i changed the resolution to it, it just showed a black screen, and dropped out, but the game was still running, and when i go back to it, it happens again. I have an Asus VX248 LCD monitor, i checked the game's cache, and i have Direct X 11. If you could help me fix this issue, i would really appreciate it Sincerely, RedSlime00
  4. I found a weird invincibility glitch. I have some photos.
  5. Hello, so whilst playing Battleblock Theatre yesterday I was joining random story mode games and I played with a random person on xbox live and ounce i quit from the game I went to single player. Ounce i entered single player my gems/yarn were at an incredible ill-legitamit amount (as in millions of each). I'm concerned that my stats in the game were effected by the player and I would like to reset them back to where they were, or at least reset everything all together, can anyone help me figure out a way to do this. Much appreciated, Thank you!