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Found 5 results

  1. I'm having a problem with data saves on Xbox one. Player one saves fine but 2, 3, 4 don't save at all. I've seen the support for switch that says to create new profiles. On Xbox one, creating new non-guest profiles requires creating email addresses and billing info. I really don't want to do that in order to play this with my young kids. Is there any other way to get their progress to save? By the way, just as a point of feedback, the fact that there needs to be support questions asked about how to prevent data loss on systems where people play hundreds of other games with no problems and no need to ask should tell you that you've made some questionable design decisions.
  2. Post your xbox one gamertag here and find people to play with! Have fun!
  3. I think that if there was a steam workshop for CCR then there wouldn't be a constant stream of fans working your shafts trying to get the DLC they so desire. With the Steam Workshop they'd be able to make their own custom characters and DLC themselves, and this way you won't have to worry about anyone being dissappointed because they'll have everything exactly how they want it! People could add their own gamemodes, characters, weapons, pets, levels, you name it. Heck, they could even create their own stories that can be played from an alternate menu or something. I'm willing to bet my life savings that you don't even have half as much fan demand for BattleBlock Theater simply because players can already create their own content. Just do it for Castle Crashers and then you'll have little to no fan demand anymore. Just entertain the thought at least and if this is legitimately impossible for you then please provide any lamentations in the comments so that I can at least understand why you can't do it. Just anything that lets me know you actually considered this.
  4. With the new CCR game being released, there have been several changes made in it, and some players, such as Hazard, have noticed things that the developers confirmed to be false. Regardless of that, Hazard still noticed a change, so let's delve right into what might've caused that. *game theory intro song* So I heard from Hazard that the characters Barbarian, Blacksmith, Necromancer, and Industrialist were improved in the remasterd version of Castle Crashers, and I'm pretty sure he's been posting about it here. Developers, as well as Dan P himself, have said that they merely fixed bugs and didn't even touch Barbarian (IMHO he was already good enough that he didn't need buffs anyway). That automatically rules out Barbarian as a potential buffed character, but as for bugs, Necromancer and Blacksmith could both have easily improved since both of them had problems with their splash attacks in the past. Blacksmith's splash attack would always clump the entire splash into a single hitbox, and then it would constantly glitch out and only hit 1-3 times with no way to manipulate how many times it hits by getting aligned better. Hazard told me that he was buffed to have a normal amount of hits per splash, but obviously this is just a bug fix. (In this case it's the same thing either way). Necromancer's splash attack used to stay out for an extended period of time before receding like sawblades, but the segments would only hit enemies while popping out of the ground, and then they'd immediately become stationary and enemies would just walk right on top of it with no ill effects. Hazard says that now that's fixed and the splash remains active as long as it's still visible, which this would be a bug fix, but now on bosses each segment does 1 hit per second as long as it's out, so in this case it's a buff in addition to a bug fix since it's now improved in an unintended way. Industrialist and Barbarian previously had no problems with their magic ever, and as far as I'm concerned Indy was flawless and Barbarian was only as bad as Skeleton and Cultist (Who have the same splash attack speed). Logically, bug fixes aren't an imperative for these two characters (+Fencer I guess, but since I haven't gotten around to testing any of this myself yet, I'm assuming that if Hazard isn't crazy then Fencer will either be intact or have the same splash as indy with a bomb for his slant projectile, or maybe for both). The simple solution to this supposed change in Barbarian's and Industrialist's magic is that the improved framerate is messing with Hazard's perception. Everything is appearing faster now, so Barbarian would seem to have a faster splash attack, and Industrialist's slew of 28 hits would seem to be condensed down into somewhere more like 14 or 21 if the game is really running twice as fast now, but that wouldn't make sense because the game isn't ACTUALLY running twice as fast, but it's processing the AI and player input at the same speed as before, but the animations are just smoother. Now there IS a scientific explanation for this, but let's save that for later. Let's take a look at some popular fighting games and FPS games to explain this. In games like Super Smash Bros, Mortal Kombat, or Call of Duty, or Halo, or Battlefield, or Team Fortress 2, you name it, all of them always run at 60 FPS. Unless it's some poorly developed flash game, any fighting or FPS game you play will run best at 60 FPS, and that's when you, the player, perform the best. The average human's eyes see at 60 FPS, so playing a game at 60 FPS will feel the most natural for the player. Your brain will naturally work with optimal reaction time to anything happening while the game is playing at 60 FPS. If the game drops frames, or if you're playing on a laggy server or computer, then you're not going to do worse than normal because it's all the lag's fault, but because your brain is having to process your actions and reactions to things at a speed that's not native to it, and won't have nearly as good precision as you would with the normal 60 FPS. With this in mind, it’s possible that it’s not barbarian who improved, but Hazard, with the new change in Framerate, because with the natural 60 FPS providing cadence to his mind, he can focus all of his energy on playing the game well, instead of wasting his focus on accounting for the unnatural 30 FPS before. This would explain almost everything, if not for the fact that Hazard perceived Industrialist as nerfed, rather than better, so we can scratch this idea. Don’t give up hope though; we still have an answer, and this one accounts for the curveball Industrialist threw us. According to modern psychology, the way you focus your attention can, and will, cause your perception to be skewed. Basically, if you have an idea or thought, you naturally focus your attention on finding evidence that supports it. You won’t focus on any discrepancies, and generally won’t find any evidence that discredits your idea. This is called confirmation bias. Usually the main sources of scrutiny are external to you, but in this case, between most of the people on this forum or on wikia either haven’t played CCR yet, or aren’t knowledgeable enough on the matter to form dissenting opinions to Hazard’s observations. Before you dismiss that by saying, “Well it’s not like he’d just believe that for no reason,” you should know that you’re right about that! Another psychological phenomena known as rumination says that the more you anticipate an event occuring, the more likely you are to believe it actually happened even if it never actually did. Think about it. For the longest time, Hazard hated Industrialist and Fencer, and he liked the underrated characters like Skeleton, Beekeeper, and Barbarian. By the time CCR was announced, he probably wondered if some characters would be nerfed or buffed. If he did wonder about this, then by the time CCR came about, regardless of what actually changed, he still would’ve believed that Barbarian was buffed and Industrialist was nerfed because he so desperately wanted that to happen in his mind. And once again, as most of us can’t actually test what he’s saying, we have nothing else to do but believe him, but now we’ve used psychology to solve everything. But THAT’S just a theory; a GAME THEORY!