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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Everyone! I’m here once again to present you with another playlist, but this time it’s different… You’ll need a friend to tackle this set of levels. After 4 weeks of designing and testing I can finally present you with… Playlist name: TogetherWeFail3 Gamertag: LevelDesignGuy “Together We Fail” is, in my honest opinion, the culmination of the best levels I’ve made so far in BattleBlock Theater. Every level will require true co-operation and teamwork between you and your partner. So prepare for your friendships to be tested as you set out to conquer the challenges that await you in “Together We Fail”! *Level Screenshots courtesy of Mr. Quentin. Finally, I’d like to give a shout out to the lovely individuals who helped me test my playlist along the way! Mr. Quentin- Undoubtedly the main contributor to the testing of this playlist. Mr. Quentin tested every trap in these levels at least twice, if not three times, over it’s four week development period… Plus he was a huge help when it came to brainstorming ideas and creating traps. So yeah, thanks man! PS3GuyGuy- First off, I would just like to announce PS3GuyGuy as the worst Co-op partner ever. He’s the ultimate saboteur. Aside from that, PS3GuyGuy was extremely helpful to testing all of my levels, and was always someone to talk to when I was designing. PS3GuyGuy also recently released his own Co-op playlist called “Concession Cat”, I suggest giving it a play! Ryan (Behemoth Staff)- This cool dude played through most of my levels with me on a Behemoth Voyeur stream, which was really awesome. On top of that he gave me some really great feedback and criticism! Lastly, I’d like to give a big thanks to my additional testers BackupSidekick, UndeadNinya, NOSNick04, Hazard, and Oh Butler!