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Found 1 result

  1. Looking for something new and exciting? Well I have news for you! I've created an entirely new Arena Mode! I call it... "Capture The Duck"! CaptureTheDuck GT: LevelDesignGuy Don't be fooled by those ballgame icons that adorn the doors of this arena playlist, this playlist is anything but your typical arena mode. In fact, as such, it plays entirely different to what you've played before. This mode is more comparable to capture the flag. If capture the flag involved herding an easily manipulated ever-wandering duck back to your "goal". Every level spawns the players on their respective side of the level. And in the center of each level is a duck egg. To begin the match, simply hatch the egg. Once the egg is hatched your objective is to herd the duck back to the goal on the side that you spawned on. Doing so will allow the duck to stand on a button, scoring you seven points. The real challenge and fun of this map comes from sabotaging your opponents attempts to herd the duck. This can be done by either by utilizing the hazards and obstacles built into each of the levels, or through clever use of your prisoner's weaponry. Well what are you waiting for? 15 levels of crazy "Capture The Duck" action await you! (Created for the BattleBlock Theater Arena Playlist Creation Contest XBLA Category) Pictures provided by the ever-amazing MisterrQuentin.