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Found 5 results

  1. I have almost no star heads, when I was informed I had already lost much of the time I needed (found out night before it ended) and found out I already missed 2 of them, I didn't get any of the heads sadly. That is why I talk before you wonderful majestic forum blogger people things..... I wish to trade with someone that wants to get rid of their star heads for something very nice. The heads I mostly want are: Winston, and Furbottom, but I also would like donuts, and the chicken. My Current offer for each head is here: 20 golden yarns (each) or 20 gems (each) or another star head (Toast, Castle Crasher, and Alien Hominid) Please add me on xbox and leave a comment below just so I know who the fuzzlebutts you are. Tag: muffalot jr :3
  2. just wondering what they are because ive noticed there are rankings. these are the ones i can think of right at the moment, they may not be in order. - advanced member - chicken lover level 1,2,3 and 4 - elder chicken level whatever - and whatever the heck there is left im kinda confused about this stuff so if anyone knows all the ranks and possibly the order that would be verry nice of you. lastly, megan fox's elephant nose can snort up to 5 groundhogs, while george bush can do the same with his Pinocchio nose and snort 7 elephants with the other nostril.
  3. The most beautiful iPhone case I have ever seen! Just thought I'd show it off, because of how nice it looks. Discuss.
  4. I've been trying to get the chicken for a while now and I've been saving up a ton of gems for it, I had it before you see but I accidentely traded it away (Stupid me xD) Anyway if you did this I'd be 100% happy forever, seriously it was my favourite head and I was so sad when I lost it. I'll just worship you xD Pleasepleasepleaaaaaase! PS Here's a picture for proof that I have 500 gems! (Sorry for the bad quality D:) PPS Had to cut out the image because the file was too big, sorry c: