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Found 3 results

  1. This thread is to show my own custom heads I am drawing Credit to GoodMudkip for starting a thread giving me the idea to make my own Will post them there too! (First draft drawn. Final draft computer edited.) Hedgey The Hedgehog Say hello to this little fellow! His name is Hedgey and is a pretty confident little guy. His favorite weapon is the ball (even though his hair pops the ball every time.) He loves company and will instantly become your backstabbing pal, just don't touch his hair, he doesn't like it when people mess it up.
  2. Hey, i'm Jules and i love to draw Prisoners I hope you like them! Feel free to leave feedback and requests in this Thread I drew all of them myself so feel free to use them! If you want to use them, download the png of the head (it only looks squished on the picture) and paste it into this directory: Steam\SteamApps\common\BattleBlock Theater\GameData\UserFaces Enjoy! Prisoner 1: Guy with headphones Prisoner 2: Rugby-Player Prisoner 3: Kirito from Sword Art Online Prisoner 4: Invader Zim Prisoner 5: Gir from Invader Zim Prisoner 6: Wizard from Magicka
  3. Seeing as castle crashers is pretty much my favorite game I decided To draw my character in the Castle Crashers Universe. And because I'm a wiener I thought up a magic set for myself. Weapon: Slime Sword/Goo Blade (whatever you wanna call it) Attack: +1 Magic: +3 Speed: -3 and Poison Effect Splash Magic: A wave of slime hits and goes farther as magic is increased. Projectile Magic: Throws a Ball of slime at enemies Jump Magic: A large slime forms under and bounces on top of it. Anyways hope you like it... I think I'm slowly improving.