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Found 1 result

  1. Welcome to The Description Game! (TDG) Playing is easy, it's the rules that are complicated. How to play 1. Find the last post author. (If you're the first poster, you can just do me.) 2. Find out if he posted a user name or an adjective. 3. YOU MUST quote the user. 4. If the user posted an adjective: Give a user name from the person that best fits the description. (If we run out of user names, we could use celebrities or something like that.) 5. If the user post a user name: Give one or more NON OFFENSIVE adjective(s) describing the user. Doesn't have to be one word. It could even be some random fact about them, like, "He likes aranjiz." 4. Post it, of course. 5. Continue the cycle. And that's how you play! Rules/Tips (Must be read before playing) 1. Do not describe anyone in an offensive or mean way, such as "This user is a loser", or anything like that. 2. Use adjectives that common to the average human, unless you include a definition. (Not many people are that smart.) 3. Please keep the descriptions short and as less detailed as possible, so we can work other users of them. 4. No inappropriate descriptions. 5. These are games, don't take anything seriously. 6. Don't know much about the user? Check some of his/her more recent posts, or use an obvious description. Remember: The more obvious, the better. Kudos to Revon for inspiring me with his "Leave a positive comment about the above user!" game. This is similar. Example: He likes FNAF. Gamefemale And so on.