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Found 3 results

  1. Because for a while now, I've just been posting random images I drew on MS Paint to some of the people here, I felt like it should be time that I post some of them here on the forums. While some of these have effort put into them, most of my drawings will be quick doodles that I honestly think just look plain stupid or funny. Sometimes both. I don't really draw frequently because there's either a lack of opportunity or lack of interest (by that I mean, it usually has to be something that I can be thoroughly engaged in drawing until I'm finished, otherwise I will probably stop or criticize it to the point where I can't continue working on it.) Without any further delays, here are some of the drawings. Here's my personal favorite so far, I made it for the avatar theme, which was either between MS Paint, John Cena, or Fallout-related things. Since at the time the theme wasn't decided yet, I decided to combine all three. "John Cena Survives Nuclear Fallout" This one has no context. Just experience it. "What has *Fast* Done?" For this one, I was waiting on Morg for something, so I decided to start messing around with the click and drag tool. Morg found this later because I left for something and decided its name without any context. "Stream" This one is my character for the Behemoth RPG 2 that Scaler made, he drew a general idea of what he thought my character would look like, and I decided to try and draw my own version of it. (This one has all the information from the Character sheet that would be put on the RPG, so if you're reading into that thread I recommend you see it there to get the full understanding of it.) "Leonard" I'll probably update this sometime soon. Feel free to give me some feedback or potential ideas that I may or may not use (the worst I'll probably say is "no.")
  2. Welcome To the land of My doodles! Enjoy the badness! First Something Topical: I also Made a character for The Binding Of Isaac Rebirth:
  3. So, I figured I might as well post some of my doodles here as I draw them. Stay tuned for an insight into my quirky art style! I may take requests, but if I do, it will be very selective due to knowledge and complexity. Please, try to keep these to a minimum if you could, thanks!