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Found 1 result

  1. Added by The Behemoth -- We're moving this AWESOME thread over from our Closed Beta Forums to our main Forums. Most of this information should still be accurate, but please be aware this was originally written for our Beta. We hope this helps our burgeoning level creators to get their feet wet!! Thanks to ElTipejoLoco and RJP! for putting this reference together. The Behemoth <3s you! - Lindsay @ The Behemoth ----------------- As is, the Level Editor's built-in manual isn't really comprehensive of what all each function of the editor does. So, for the sake of the game (and for peeps who don't want to experiment), here's a list of features and objects, sort of organized! BEFORE WE BEGIN Remember that uploading a playlist will delete it from your Storage! If you wish to be able to edit a level in the future, keep a spare copy in another playlist! I'll go over how to do this once we get to the actual editor's save option. BEFORE WE BEGIN Diagram: Super Informative Easy-to-Understand Jump and Throw Distances Astound your pals with surgical-precision jump puzzles and hurdles using these to guide your design process! courtesy of RJP! Main Menu Create Level Choosing Create Level will prompt you to pick a Storage option, followed by setting the maximum size of the level. The default size is 30x20, but you can make them as small as 15x10, or as large as 40x30. Load Level Choosing Load Level will prompt you to pick a Storage option, and then list any playlists contained therein. Choose one to bring up the 15 level slots it can contain, and then pick whatever level you wish to load. Press the Left Bumper at any step of this process to view the controls. Playlist Editor Choosing Playlist Editor will prompt you to pick a Storage option, and then list any playlists contained therein. Choose one to bring up the 15 level slots it can contain. Press the Left Bumper at any step of this process to view the controls. Pressing Y will Upload the playlist, removing it from your Storage in the process. You can Reorganize the levels if you have more than one in the selected playlist- select a level with A, and then use either the Directional Pad or the Left Stick to move it to a different slot. Lastly, you can Delete levels from your playlist by pressing the X button when the level is highlighted (not selected). Level Editor GUI How to Play: Level Editor Manual Press the Back button at any point on this screen to view the Manual- which can also be accessed from the Help & Options menu on the title screen. Navigate the pages via either the Right Trigger and Left Trigger, or simply by pressing A to view the Next Page. Pressing the Back button again, B, or A at the last Tip about Level Cloning will Close the manual. Block Palette Press and hold the Right Trigger to open up the Block Palette. Blocks and Decorations Block. Cloud. Can jump up through and stand on 'em. Some Weapon Tools and Objects fall right through. Burning. Harmless on its own. Bounces you off. Ice. Acceleration and momentum are silly on this. Sticky. Can't jump well or move fast on top o' them, but can slide down their sides and jump off a good ways horizontally. Shaggy Horse. Turns horizontally when it meets anything on its path that stops it. Floats left and right. Fake. Enemies and Weapon Tools treat it as real. Prisoners move right through, though. Arrow Sign. Bushes and Pine. Traps Water. Friends and Friend-sized cats die on it. Spikes. Ditto about water. Laser. Fires periodically. Ditto about water. Splodey. Harmless on its own, respawns. Teleporter. Randomly sends you to a different Teleporter on the map when jumped into. Regarding Teleporter Usage/Blockage. Click for details. Conveyor. Things on top o' these are moved to where their belts are facing. Enemies seem to ignore these. Movey. Moves in random, mostly unpredictable directions. Can crush prisoners. Spring Plank. Stand still on it to be launched. Triggered Blocks Monkey Bars. Press and hold RT to climb on 'em. Light Bridge. Creates a bridge of transparent blocks when pressed down. The blocks are harmless, but will be interrupted by obstacles. Moveabley Tube? Can be grabbed from the left or right sides by pressing and holding RT and moved around. When let go, it will remain floating in place. Have no idea if it does anything else. Switch. Activates Triggered Blocks with ! signs on 'em, making them vanish. Color coded. Use the Right Stick to match the color with the Triggered Blocks or Lifts you wish to activate. Triggered Block. Appears while Switch is pressed. Color coded. Use the Right Stick to match the color with the desired Switch. Rocket-powered Lift. Stand on to activate. Runs out of juice after a while. Triggered Lift. Takes off while Switch is pressed. Runs out of juice after a while. Color coded. Use the Right Stick to match the color with the desired Switch. Puzzle. Increases the count displayed on adjacent Puzzle blocks by one when touched. Disappears when all adjacent Puzzle blocks display the same count (represented by lit horizontal bars). A Puzzle block with no other Puzzle blocks adjacent to it will simply disappear when touched. Fan. Blows. Hard enough to lift or push a friend. Its color depends on its facing. When facing left, right, or downwards, the little switch on top of it toggles it on and off. The default setting is On. When facing upwards, has its switch on its underside. Cats Friend Sized. Attack prisoners on sight. Weapon Tool Equipped Friend Sized. Stand in place and attack periodically. Default to melee when prisoners are right next to 'em, though. Toaster. Indefinitely spawns aggressive Toast. Pairs of Toast will sandwich you. Cyclop Robot? Fires homing missiles on sight. Can be deactivated for a short time by explosions, such as those of homing missiles. Is mostly unaffected by block surfaces. Antlered Beast? Wakes up and gives chase when in proximity. Can only be killed by saws. Don't stay even a block adjacent from it! Is affected by the Burning block surfaces (will bounce off them) and can jump a little wider than a Horse can. Flying Patrol Ball? Gives chase when in proximity. Can be downed and destroyed by several airborne spike attacks from prisoners. Attacks with repulsing-energy-balls. Is mostly unaffected by block surfaces Saws. Travel horizontally on whatever surface they're stuck to. Are big enough to trigger Light Bridge, Switch, and Puzzle Block surfaces when placed near them. Turret. Needs to be placed on another block. Fires a slightly arcing horizontal shot from one side, then the other. Things Horse. Place this for Catch The Horse games, or to ride them in other modes. Horses can be called! Cry with LT to beckon your animal friends hither. Horses can be ridden and attack! Use X to attack with the forelegs, and B to attack with the hindlegs. Rock. Can be picked up with RT and thrown with B. You can stand on it, but can't jump while carrying it. Boat. Push and Pull with RT. Has seating for two. Duck. Can choose eggs or signs. Signs tell the duck to do things, like dying when facing right, or picking up prisoners (pretend it's a friend holding RT). Flight Back-attachments. Wings, Copters, and Rockets. Cyclop Birds. Cute, harmless. Warning Signs. Decorative. Block lasers. Essentials Strawberry/Gems. Strawberry/Gem toting Cat. Strawberry/Gem in Fake block. Pumpkin Pie/Yarn. Cage. If you don't place this, the starting position is random. Checkpoint Flag. The color of the block can't be changed from Block Color 1. Exit. Optionals Team Starting Points? Pre-colored Color The World blocks? King of the Hill. Ball Spawn. Basket. Horse Stable Base. Secret Level Block. These look like ordinary blocks in play. The color of the block can't be changed from Block Color 1. Any Prisoner standing on this will take them and all their Friends present to a playlist's Secret Level. Paint whatever type of block you've selected by pressing A. Keep A held down to paint multiple blocks as you move the cursor around with the Left Stick or Directional Pad. Some blocks will change from Block Color 1 and Block Color 2 when 'repainted' with the A button with the same type of block. Erase whatever block your cursor's hovering over by pressing B. Keep B held down to erase multiple blocks as you move the cursor around with the Left Stick or Directional Pad. Zoom In by pressing and holding the X button. Zoom Out by pressing and holding the Y button. Use the Right Stick to either Change A Block's Facing (i.e.- arrow signs, spike blocks, lasers...) or to Cycle Through Different Block Sub-types (i.e.- bushes and pines, switches, ducks...) of certain block types. Pressing and releasing the Right Trigger (without moving the Left Stick / Directional Pad) will 'Eyedropper Clone' whatever your cursor was highlighting so you can paint more of it, save for a few exceptions of the which only one should exist on the map, such as the Cage. If you have two or more controllers on and connected to your Xbox 360, you can have multiple 'block brushes'! Press the Start button on your additional controllers to spawn their cursors. Your additional block brushes can even be affected by their own Mirroring Modes from the Colors & Options Menu. Colors & Options Menu Press and hold the Left Trigger to open up the Colors & Options Menu. Select your mirroring mode. None. Horizontal. A block on the left will create one on the right, and vice-versa. Vertical. A block on the bottom will create one above, and vice-versa. Horizontal and Vertical. A block in one corner will create three more in the others. Set the block style. Smoothy. Bricky. Tetrady. Woodeny. Shaggy/Grassy. Stringy. Blocky. Pedestaly. Rocky. Royaly. Ignores colors. Dark Bricky. Ignores colors. Girdery. Ignores colors. Fancy. Ignores colors. Dark Blocky. Ignores colors. Crumbly. Ignores colors. Royal Fancy. Ignores colors. Maximum Security. Ignores colors. Set block color 1. Choose from 30 colors. Set block color 2. Choose from 30 colors. Set the water color Choose from 30 colors. Set the plant color. Choose from 30 colors. Set the sky color. Choose from 28 gradients. Set the background. Plus Signs over a City. Cumulus nimbus (Clouds). Stars over a Cloud-shaped Hill. Circles over a Bubble-Bath-shaped Hill. Happy Fruits over Cutlery. Plain 'dark rainbows'. Fish and Flowers over More Flowers. Planets, Satellites, and Stars over Whipped Clouds. Ice Cream and Bones over Skulls. Noxious Fums over Viney-Pillar Ruins. Theater Wall. Nada (Zilch, Zip, Nothing... other than the gradient). Set the level mode. Adventure. Color The World. Grab The Gold. Soul Snatcher. King of the Hill. Muckle. Capture The Horse. Challenge. Ball Game. Set the A++ time. (Only for adventure & challenge) 1:15 is the default, but you can choose from 0:15 seconds to 4:30 minutes. Start Menu Press the Start Button to open the Start Menu. You can Cancel out of every single option in 'ere, either via the Cancel option or by pressing the B button. Resume Editor Closes the Start Menu. You can press B or Start again on the menu to do the same. Test Level Lets you start up the level. If it's an Arena game, it will add a bot to help you in testing. Exit the level by either winning or opening up the Start Menu. Load Level The game will prompt you to Save or Discard your changes before it runs you through the loading process. Reset Level Pretend that this is a Create Level button, except it prompts you to Save or Discard your changes beforehand. Edit & Upload Playlist Same thing as outside the GUI. Y to upload playlist + delete from storage, X to delete a level, A to reorganize. Save Level If you have yet to create a playlist, the game will prompt you to create one. Name it, and then name your level. To create a copy of your level in another playlist, choose Create New Playlist or cycle left or right to a different playlist, and save your level. Remember: Keep a spare copy playlist somewhere 'fore you upload! If you want to just clone your level in a single playlist, you must change its name upon saving. Exit Level Editor Prompts you to Save or Discard changes, then boots you out of the Editor and into the title screen. Help & Options Brings up the Help & Options menu. Testing Your Level in Co-Op To test out a cooperative stage without uploading your playlist to the BBCT (BattleBlock Community Theater), just follow these steps, starting on the Title Screen: Choose Local Game if you're going to be playing with a BBT Beta friend who is within arm's reach, or if you have a second controller signed in as a Guest. They will become Prisoner 2, Prisoner 3, and/or Prisoner 4 if they're not signed in with a Gamertag.Juggling multiple controllers is hard. I'd recommend not really playing by yourself as two peeps at all. Kudos to you if you manage it, though. Choose Xbox LIVE Game if you're going to be playing with one or more friends who are far away, on their own Xbox 360s. They'll need to be in the BBT Beta, of course. Choose Host Player Match if you're starting an Xbox LIVE Game. Choose Furbottom's Features. Choose Community Theater. Choose either Normal or Insane Mode. Choose Playlists I Created (third option from left-to-right). Choose the Storage wherein your desired playlist is located. Choose said desired playlist. If you're starting an Xbox LIVE Game: The game will warn you that you can only play in a Private match since you haven't uploaded the playlist. This just means peeps can't Search for your game on their own. That's normal, accept. Customize your Performer(s). You're ready! Invite your friends if you're on Xbox LIVE Game (use the X button as a shortcut to bring up your dashboard's friend list, and then the X button as a shortcut to invite them) and ready up with the A button. Enter the level(s) you wish to test with Y! Your friends might choose to be ridiculous and try to enter other stages. Remember: They're living people! Use Xbox LIVE's party system or the like to communicate with 'em. Or Skype, or Mumble, or whatever floats your boat! It's perfectly possible (and sometimes hilariously fun) to attempt wordless communication and cooperation. Try it out! Peeps that play your Co-Op levels might not always be talkin' to their partners, after all. Creating an Adventure-type Playlist An Adventure-type Playlist consists of the following: 10 Adventure Mode Levels 5 Challenge Mode Levels Divided up as follows: Levels 1-9 constitute the three trios of doors that make up Acts 1 through 3. These should be Adventure Mode levels. Levels 10 and 11 function as the two-level Finale. These should be Challenge Mode levels. Levels 12-14 will make up the Encore levels. These should also be Challenge Mode levels. Level 15 becomes a Secret Level, accessed by players standing on a Secret Block in one (or more) of the previous 14 levels. This should be an Adventure Mode level. If you want your Adventure-type Playlist to have higher chances of becoming Featured in Furbottom's Features, thus turning all contained Strawberries and Pumpkin Pie into Gems and Yarn, follow these suggestions: Make sure to place at least three (3) Strawberries and one (1) Pumpkin Pie in your each level. Neglecting to do so makes it so players cannot obtain an A++ rank. Similarly, test your levels temporarily as Challenge Mode stages (or pay close attention to checkpoints) to adjust the A++ rank time slider accordingly. If your level is prone to randomness, consider increasing the time above the 1:15 default. If your level is very simple, consider lowering the time to keep it challenging. Make sure your Adventure/Challenge level is winnable. If you can't beat the level without dying (as if you were playing on Insane Mode), it might not be Feature-worthy. When uploading your Adventure Playlist, you will be prompted to choose whether it is intended for Solo performances or for multiple performers: If your Playlist is intended for Solo Players, it will only be found under Local Game>Furbottom Features>Community Theater. If your playlist is intended for Co-Op, it can be found in either Local Game or Xbox LIVE Game>Furbottom Features>Community Theater. Hope this helps peeps.