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Found 1 result

  1. This thread is about your experiences with the forums. How did you find out about the forums? What was your first topic? How have you improved as a member? Are you enjoying it so far and so fourth. Here are my experiences. While searching for how to unlock star heads on google I found this website. It was a couple or more days after the Battle Block Theater beta just closed. I started to check the blog every day for new star heads. I knew there was a forums, but I didn't know what it was. I was and still am new to gaming websites, because I'm usually a console gamer and I never play on Steam, go on gaming websites, or other similarities. One day I looked on the forums and found out that it was a place to share thoughts on the game. I checked it once in a while to see what people had to say or for new info on The Behemoth games. Since I started checking the blog every day, and I started going on the forums a lot, I decided to make an account so I can talk on the forums too. It was and still is fun talking to some of the people here, and I was happy that no one disliked me, because I noticed that a lot of people really hate newcomers. It took along time before making my first topic, because I wanted it to be perfect and well thought out. I also wanted it to be a topic where people can share there opinions, not some trading topic or something that didn't make sense. This is what I came up with -> To some people, it may not seem that many people replied, but to me I was happy that those few people took the time to share there thoughts. I was also happy that no one argued. Since then, nothing really exciting happened and now I'm just a regular member. I come on for a little every day to talk on the forums and check the blog. I made this topic because I noticed the lack of topics that share people opinions and thoughts, rather then trading and arguments. I am very interested on how you joined and your experiences.