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Found 5 results

  1. Welcome to the Top Favourite Prisoners Thread! I have dedicated this thread to finding out what the community thinks is the very best prisoner/head out there! This includes both Star/Special heads and your average everyday not-so-special shape heads. Any prisoner can be the best prisoner (Custom prisoners are not allowed)! All it takes is your vote, and here's how it will work: Below, tell me which prisoner is your absolute favourite, and why, whether it be because of it's hilarious looking face or because it reminds you of someone you know, I want to know why that prisoner deserves to be the very best! And if you can't choose just one, you can feel free to choose your top two or three favourites. Just don't choose all of them... Okay? (Some of the non-special heads don't have a name, so if you pick one of them, make sure you leave a link to a picture, or find out what their name is.) Whichever prisoner is voted for the most will get to wear the Crown of the Very Best. So scroll down, and tell me who deserves to wear the crown! Looks like Lava Lamp is the first to 3 votes, so it shall be the first to wear The Crown! Special Prisoner List and Prisoner Populaton Chart: ♛CROWN OF THE VERY BEST♛
  2. What is your favorite track in the whole game? The only rule is it CAN'T be the secret area music because it is seriously TOO GOOD. Edit: There seems to be a second guy in the Secret Area music, is it just stamper or is it someone else?
  3. I like so many of them! My favorites would probably be: Cardinal (Used it for the entirety of my Insane Mode playthrough so I'm kind of attached to it now) Dad N' Me Skull (I have fond memories of playing that game on NG all those years ago) Rectangular Head w/ Orange Cat (Funny) Horrified/Shocked Triangle Head (I'VE SEEN SOME SH*T) I really wish that there was a head like the Bat animal orb from Castle Crashers. Maybe they could make an affordably priced Popular C.C. Animal Orb DLC head pack? Additional heads under the Star category that cannot be traded and don't show up on the head spreadsheet in-game. Could be sold in packs of two to make it cheap to acquire your favorite yet easy to collect them all!
  4. Sorry if this is a dupe, I didn't see any threads like this on the front page. Okay, so this one is simple. Just list off one to ten of your favorite video game characters, and if you'd like, one to ten video game characters you strongly dislike. It can be for personality, abilities, or even just appearance. To keep it simple, I'd like to stick to official characters only that originally come from a video game.Anime/TV show games don't count here. Create-a-characters such as MMO characters don't make a whole lot of sense to put here and won't be familiar to others. To help people out, tell us what series they're from as well if you feel they won't be easily recognized. -------------------- Favorites: Sonic the Hedgehog (go ahead and rage) Cloud Strife [Final Fantasy VII] Snagger Wes [Pokémon Colosseum] Falco Lombardi [star Fox] Ryu Hayabusa [Ninja Gaiden] Bass.EXE [Megaman Battle Network] Roxas [Kingdom Hearts] Ratchet [Ratchet & Clank] King Boo [super Mario] Meta-Knight [Kirby] Least Favorites: Kratos [God of War] Big the Cat [sonic the Hedgehog] Omochao [sonic the Hedgehog] Vaan [Final Fantasy XII] Slippy Toad [star Fox] Krystal [star Fox] Princess Peach [super mario] Tron Bonne [Mega Man Legends]
  5. What is your favorite character in castle crashers?